Trash to Treasure at the Vancouver Recycled Arts Festival!

Who wouldn't want these adorable piggys hanging out in their garden? 

You might know I would be especially attracted to the metal sculptures at the Recycled Arts Festival held in my home town of Vancouver, Washington this past weekend!

Right next to the pigs - this amazing dragon fly!  Denise Bergman, Cedar Creek, Inc. does not have a web site yet - but if you want to e-mail her to find out where she will be showing her work next, please e-mail me.

Metal sculpture was everywhere!  Steve Dietel - Howling Heights Metal Designs - was another of my favorites!  How in the world do artists like Steve look at a pile of junk metal and come up with objects like these?

How does he see a cactus in a pile of rusted horse shoes?  And
this motor scooter - just another example of Steve's endless creativity!

Tualatin, Oregon artist Marta Farris posed for me surrounded by her brilliant and colorful metal art.  I loved her use of strong pure color on her metal creations - especially that red dress made from aluminum screen and paint. 

Marta doesn't have a website yet, but if you e-mail me, I would be happy to send you her e-mail. I am sure you can find her at other crafty events this summer.

I just had to wander into the Family Craft Tent!  Everyone was invited - happy hands of all ages!

Birdhouses made from milk cartons seemed to be one of the favorite activities!

The other favorite - this community sculpture made from trash!  Everyone, big or small, who stopped by the tent was encouraged to add a piece!

Rescued from the landfill!

Our frined Terra told us about her adventures rescuing prefectly good treasures from local transfer stations.  Her enthusiasm for the project was what spurred Diane and I into going to the festival in the first place! (Follow that link to Di's post!)

After two months of collecting, Tossed and Found set up a display tent at the festival and gave out free raffle tickets to anyone who wanted a chance to adopt a treasure.

The crowds at the raffles were huge!

And competition was stiff!  Brand new grill - never used - headed to the land fill!  One lucky person took it home - for free!

Another lucky gal took home a four piece wicker patio set in perfect condition - for free!

After hanging out with all of you recyclers for the past couple years, I was shocked to see how many perfectly good items were simply thrown out.  Wouldn't a donation to Goodwill have been a better option?

Whew!  Finally - a little shade!  Festival attendees take a break and listen to live music in the band pavillion.

Ester Short Park hosts Summer Concerts in the Park.  Noon time concerts start July 8th and evening concerts start July 9th.  Get the full concert schedule here and come join the fun! It's free. 

Food and beverages are available from local vendors or you can bring your own picnic and sprawl out on a blanket and listen to some good music.

And next year - I hope we will see some of you at the festival!

I'm also drawn to metal

I'm also drawn to metal sculpture in the garden. Welding and metalwork are on my list of things to learn for sure!! Thanks for the lovely stroll through this fun fair! I love stuff like this!

I know I'd fit right in at

I know I'd fit right in at this festival (no, I'm not trashy but I love using it :)

i'm going to make a note in

i'm going to make a note in my google calendar to remind me next year to get this event on our calendar - way fun!

Hi Pam- I had the pleasure of

Hi Pam-

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Arts Festival when you came to our family art tent and introduced yourself. I am so excited to see some of our projects on your blog!:) Your pictures turned out so well, and my oldest son was THRILLED to see his birdfeeder- it's the blue one with the colorful sun- right there in the middle.

It looks like you have a lovely blog, and I will enjoy popping in to see what you're up to!


Sounds like my kind of fun-

Sounds like my kind of fun- and I adore the bird houses, too sweet!

Looks like a blast... I bet

Looks like a blast... I bet that is what the crowds were thinking too ;)