Christmas in July Giveaway #1


Just finished! My very own, "Gracie Doll". Designed by Joan Gorman - Nini Makes.

She is here to announce the first of two Christmas in July giveaways taking place this month.


But before I get to the announcement, I just have to let you know that making my little dolly was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Added 7/8/10  Just to be clear - this doll is Joanie's Gracie Doll!

Not only are Joanie's instructions perfect and easy to follow, but she shares so many additional tips that make the whole experience very doable! Tips and tricks for face painting, tools that will make your entire sewing life easier, and a complete how-to for making and attaching hair.

And since I have been having so much fun making projects featured in Joanie's e-book, I decided that I just had to share by adding a second giveaway to my Christmas in July calendar!


"Repurposed Spotty Storage" and the "Gracie doll" are just two of several projects included in Joanie's e-book, Stitch Village. You can read more about the book on the Stitch Village site, about my own Mushroom's here and my review of Joanie's book here.

Joanies Stitch Villige

The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive a copy of one of my favorite e-books - "Stitch Village" by Joan Gorman.

To enter the giveaway drawing, leave a comment on this post and tell me how you plan to celebrate Christmas in July. If you aren't celebrating Christmas in July, tell me which project in the book you want to make first!

This giveaway will close on July 15th at 6:00PM PST. The lucky winner will be announced on July 16th.

And good news - this giveaway is open to everyone in any country! Just be sure to let me know how to reach you!

Good luck, everyone!

I'm not celebrating Christmas

I'm not celebrating Christmas in July, but I intend to start my gift projects. Being this is mid-July already, I guess I better get movin'. :) I would like to make the iPod cases in this book.

Also, ty for the Christmas in July Cake recipe over at CraftyPod.

luvmyspringer at hotmail dot com

I'm not actively making

I'm not actively making anything at the moment but I'd love to make the felted iPod cases as gifts!

Merry Christmas in July!

Merry Christmas in July! Joan's book looks packed with information. I love the ebooks I've gotten, they are so easy to use and your doll is SO cute, this is clearly a great one!

When I see Christmas in July

When I see Christmas in July it reminds me that it is time to get started on my handmade Christmas gifts. I apurchased my first Christmas Craft Magazine last week and am trying to get in the Christmas Craft groove.

how truly enchanting your

how truly enchanting your creations are!!i am currently embroidering ornaments for my grands and hope that every christmas is memorable to them!

My youngest daughter wants to

My youngest daughter wants to have a Christmas in July movie marathon - A Christmas Story, A Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Claus, A Muppet Christmas Carol...

I am often out with the

I am often out with the children gathering natural treasures from the garden, forest and beach to craft with. We have lovely days hunting and picnicing, and then are ready for rainy days when we want "something to do, mum!" At the moment the fir trees are casting lots of cones...they make great little Christmas gnomes. Gill.

The closest thing I'm doing

The closest thing I'm doing to Christmas in July is trying to finish up some (VERY belated) birthday presents for my brother & my boyfriend, so that they can enjoy the use of (respectively) an iPad case and some custom-fit full-length ballet leg warmers.

I'm celebrating Christmas

I'm celebrating Christmas this month by starting on Christmas presents. I vow to be done before Dec. 1 this year! (famous last words, hahaha....) Great giveaway, that little dolly is so cute!

I am celebrating Christmas in

I am celebrating Christmas in July but getting my butt in gear on Christmas gifts. I have a pair of socks on my knitting needles now!

I officially made Christmas

I officially made Christmas in July project. Decided to recycle old Christmas cards and torn out book pages into summer pinwheels. I like it so much I may even make it a tradition.

Added by Pam! Kathy was too shy to include her link but these are really darling and I had to share!


Hi Pam- My family has a

Hi Pam-

My family has a tradition of celebrating Christmas in July always on the 15th- that was Clement Moore's birthday. We have tea and birthday cake as per suggestion of 'Mrs. Sharp's Traditions' by Sarah Ban Breathnach (a fabulous book if you've never read it) and we take turns reciting verse by verse the Night Before Christmas poem. When we started this tradtion my oldest son was only three and my youngest a few months- they still, seven years later, look forward to this. My husband likes to make up verses to the poem and the whole thing ends up pretty hilarious as you can imagine with the three boys trying to top each other. I absolutley love it.

I hope to make dolls like

I hope to make dolls like this with my kids when they get older or get better at drawing. With the heatwave hitting east i was thinking of celebrating in an ice skating rink but as of last winter my kids refuse to put their skates n ice ;) Maybe I will put some christmas lights up.

Christmas in July is always a

Christmas in July is always a remeinder for me to get busy on my projects for others for christmas. Right now I am needle felting a hat, from scratch making the hat out of wool and needle felting the pattern on before sewing it together.
Love the doll you made so cute. the book sounds like a wonderful stimulas for making new and creative things.
I am one of those folks who can never follow a pattern or directions to the letter I always have to insert my own touch.

What a beautiful doll! I'm

What a beautiful doll! I'm inspired!
I'm already thinking ahead to Christmas outfits for my kids...tricky though since my wee one is only 8 months and it's hard to predict his size come December!

Your dolls are adorable just

Your dolls are adorable just like everything you do!!!

I love Christmas in July!! I

I love Christmas in July!! I like to make Advent calendars in July so I am ready when December 1st comes around. Stockings are also fun to stock up on.

Oh Pam! Your dolly is

Oh Pam! Your dolly is exquisite! Her face is so sweet, and I love her red hair. You've done a fantastic job making your Gracie doll and I'm so pleased it was fun for you to make. There's something very magical about giving soft toys a face isn't there? Bringing something to life like Geppetto does - glad you enjoyed it as much as I do.

When I have a chance I will email you, think I found a supply of wood strips for your ornaments!