Winner of Christmas in July Giveaway #1

Joanies Stitch Villige

The winner of Joan Gorman's fabulous e-book "Stitch Village" is:

P1070716 Number three from the bottom - Christephi. (I discounted Joanie's comment because she probably doesn't want to win a copy of her own book!)

My sweetie said to be sure to tell you that his eyes were closed very tight when he selected the winning number!

Christephi writes a delightful blog called Sprouting Flowers. And if you will take a little look at this recent post for making the cutest mother pig in the world with her tiny brood of precious baby piglets, you can see that she will no doubt put Joanie's e-book to good use!


If you didn't win the giveaway, you can still order a copy of Joanie's lovely e-book right here! I have learned so many new tips and trick that have made my crafty so much easier than ever before. I know you will love owning a copy.


Thanks to all of you who entered and shared your plans for making gifts for holiday giving. I hope you will send me pictures.

Be sure to drop back by on July 20th for Christmas in July giveaway #2.