Christmas in July Plum and Cherry Cake


Diane (Sister Diane of  Craftypod fame) has just featured my "Christmas in July Plum Pudding Cake" recipe in her current newsletter. If you are not already signed up to receive her newsletter, sign up on her blog so you won't miss another issue!


Diane put my recipe and the image above on the cutest little recipe card! I just love how it turned out!

And she has made it possible for you to download a copy right here - on my blog! I want you to know - I had nothing at all to do with the technology of making this possible! All by brilliant daughter! She has all the skills in the family!

I hope you will try the recipe because it is delicious and easy! Perfect for luscious summer fruit. And, if you are not a fan of plums and cherries, try nectarines, pears, apricots, blueberries, mangos, or peaches!

Happy Christmas in July!

Pam, I made this cake tonight

Pam, I made this cake tonight with plum and peach slices and it was so good! I have to eat gluten free so I used a GF cake mix. Yummy!

Holy Moly it looks divine...

Holy Moly it looks divine...

Okay, I love Diane like a

Okay, I love Diane like a sister, but there is NO way she has ALL the skills or talent in the family!

This looks like a wonderful cake, and if I weren't already going to bake my first cherry pie ever, I would defintely be trying this out!

This recipe sounds so

This recipe sounds so delicious! Diane's recipe card is so beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing. I'll make it this weekend!

Hi Pam! This cake sounds so

Hi Pam! This cake sounds so good, thank you for sharing the recipe and thanks to Diane for the cute recipe card! I am going to make this while I'm on home on vacation this week!