Christmas in July Giveaway #2


 Since so many of us seem to love collecting ornaments, Christmas In July Giveaway #2 is a collection of ornaments made just for Gingerbread Snowflakes holiday posts these past two seasons.

And to give them a little more "history" they have already been a part of Christmas celebrations at our house.

Added 7/23:  After reading several comments, I am concerned I did not make it clear that the winner will receive one of each of the three ornaments pictured - three ornaments in all plus the wheat kit.

So, without further delay - let's just get right to the good stuff!


Japanese Inspired ornament

I haven't the heart to ask Diane to try to unpack all her holiday ornament boxes to find these, so I promise to make one very, very similar! In fact, if you tell me which style you like best of the three pictured, I will make that style!



Yarn Star

Pick your favorite from this image!



Punched Tin Butterfly

I still have the little guy on the left, made just for this post! So my sweet sample butterfly could soon be all yours now!



Wheat Stars

 I am also including one of my little wheat star kits. The kit includes instructions and materials to make a Wheat Star. And... I am going to send along an additional bundle of wheat stalks for making more. Just tell me if you like the single or double star.


All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave me a comment! As long as the words "Winter Holidays" or "Christmas" appear in the comment I will be happy! Oh and leave me an e-mail address!

Giveaway ends on July 25th at 6:00pm PST. (July 25th! only 5 months until Christmas Day!)

The giveaway is open to everyone! So if you live outside the USA, don't hesitate to enter! I will be happy to ship your ornaments!

Added 7/23:  And it is also open to all my internet buddies!  Don't be shy!  This giveaway is for everyone!

Happy Christmas in July! And good luck to all!

You are amazing! I love

You are amazing!
I love Christmas ornaments, I look for some every time I am in the thrift shop!
Yours are really beautiful. Thanks a lot.

We love handmade ornaments on

We love handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree. We would love to add these to our collection!

Well, I am lately all about

Well, I am lately all about stars. I keep putting them in my doodles and I keep liking the ones I see, and YOURS are awesome. I would use the yarn stars and the wheat stars all year. So, there.

AHHHH! I'm loving your

AHHHH! I'm loving your Christmas in July, but refuse to start shopping or decorating....I have started making some Christmas gifts though :) And I would be happy with any of the Japanse ornaments. They are so pretty I'll probably hang them up before Christmas.


Christmas is my favorite

Christmas is my favorite holiday! No matter where I happen to be I always try to make it Jolly!
What a fantastic giveaway! Thank you very much for letting me participate and for your generosity.
I am also looking forward to participating in the cookie recipe swap :)
Have a great rest of the summer and warm greetings from wet Mexico ~

I just can't wait for

I just can't wait for Christmas holidays.It is my favorite time of the year. I am so hot right now living down here in Mississippi and I just can't wait to get that ole Christmas feeling again.
Have a terrific week and thank you.

I love Christmas ornaments!

I love Christmas ornaments! Even though I put up two large trees and two mini trees every year I still end up putting some of my ornaments in bowls as table decorations. I love Christmas! My kids think I'm nuts!

I'm currently at the stage in

I'm currently at the stage in life where I'm looking ahead to having my own place. Still in college so I still do Christmas with my parents every year, but at the same time would like to start accumulating my own decorations for my first "real" place, where I could do a tree either with a roommate or a significant other.

Love all of your Christmas

Love all of your Christmas ornament tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Hi Pam~ Very cute ornaments.

Hi Pam~

Very cute ornaments. They've got me thinking of christmas and specifically where to put my tree this year. This is one of those questions I always start pondering about six months before the holidays- my husband thinks I'm nuts! ;)
This year will be especially different because due to some renovation stuff we won't be putting it in the same corner we have the past two years. In fact, this year just might be the year we don't have a tree in our living room, but in our diningroom instead. Again, hubby thinks I'm nuts, but the glow of christmas lights while dining sounds very good to me. Thanks for the fun daydreams of jingle bells!
ps. Those stars are fantasic!

I have graduated to two

I have graduated to two Christmas trees, so would love more ornaments. My 'first' tree is filled with all tiny ornaments that I have collected over the last 35 years or so. My second tree came when we inherited our portion of my MIL's old glass ornaments. I even made a skirt for the tree from a skirt she always wore for Christmas. Very retro...wild colored paisley, quilted satin. I just so happen to be crazy about paisley so it was a fun choice and a way to remember her. Thanks for the contest.

I love love love your punched

I love love love your punched tin ornaments- I think that's actually how I discovered your blog. I am also a sucker for wheat stars, they've been a part of my Christmas decoration since I was a child. Too sweet!

I love your Christmas

I love your Christmas ornaments, so talented!
So sweet to share...

What amazing Christmas

What amazing Christmas ornaments - I have a thing for Christmas ornaments - can never have too many. I really wish I could display them all year long!

I love Christmas and the

I love Christmas and the holday season. You can never have enough ornaments.. Creating them is so much fun for the kids. I love the Japanese Inspired ornament! Wow!

No way! What an amazing

No way! What an amazing Christmas giveaway Pam!!!


So I like the one with the felt (of course)and the green and red yarn star is pretty rockin too!

...and you already know I love your punched tin goodies! I still have my lovely bird!

...and the wheat stars are just plain cool!

More HUGS than rugs!