Announcing a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap to Celebrate St. Nicholas Eve, December 5th


I am on a mission! A Winter Holiday Cookie Mission!

On December 5th - St. Nicholas Eve - Gingerbread Snowflakes is going to host a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!


My hope is to host cookie recipes (or special holiday treats) from as many different countries around the world as possible. Google Analytics tells me that I have readers all over the world, so I am hoping many will join in and share a favorite cookie recipe that is a part of their family holiday traditions.


To participate, all you will have to do is to post your cookie recipe on your own blog on December 4th or 5th. You can make a "how-to" post or simply post the recipe with a photo.

There will be a special link system set up on my St. Nicholas Eve post that will allow you to copy and paste your photo and your post URL and through the magic of the internet, your recipe photo and the link will appear on my post!

Readers interested in making any of the goodies can simply click on the link back to the site to get the recipe!


I realize there are tons of recipes available on the big recipe sites! But I have been discovering that it is those lovely family recipes that are the real gems. And I am hoping that sharing our recipes on the swap and then baking some of them for our own families will give all of us an opportunity to share in each other's cultures and holiday celebrations.

If you have spent any time at all with me, you know I am all about that!


There is nothing to do right now! Just, please, start thinking about what recipe you would most like to share, and mark your calendar. I would love it if you would e-mail me and let me know if you will be joining me in December, but it is not necessary.

I will be posting a reminder in late November.

I hope to see each of you right here on December 5th!

Sounds like fun! I can

Sounds like fun! I can always use a new cookie recipe!

What a lovely idea; I've

What a lovely idea; I've always thought it was a pity that St. Nicholas Eve isn't really celebrated here in Ireland. Time to change that!!!

I will invigle a recipe out

I will invigle a recipe out of my Norwegian MIL for you:) Here it is traditional to bake seven different kinds of cookies for Christmas...but she always bakes twenty two kinds! We all eat them up until Easter, and then there are NO MORE until Christmas again.

Yippee! I'm in!

Yippee! I'm in!

This is a great idea! I love

This is a great idea! I love collecting holiday recipes from around the world! My family's special holiday food isn't a cookie and it doesn't reflect our heritage, but it IS delicious!

Also, I hope I'm not too late

Also, I hope I'm not too late to sign up for that giveaway you have in your previous post. I know from experience that you work is amazing, and I want MORE!!

Are you KIDDING? I'm there,

Are you KIDDING? I'm there, baby!! In fact, I think I may have to send you a batch just because you've been good all year.

I love baking cookies. I'm in!

A cookie recipe swap is a

A cookie recipe swap is a terrific idea! I've bookmarked your helpful hints from last season and have used some of them with great success. I can't wait to see what cookie recipes people post. I'll have to think about which family recipe to put on my blog. I'm very happy to see that you will be reminding us in November because I will forget.

Pam, this is such a wonderful

Pam, this is such a wonderful idea....Christmas in July got you thinking!!! Your sugar cookies look so good....
count me in for the swap.

WOW... this is making me

WOW... this is making me hungry already. Thank goodness I have some sweets at home to fill the void.