A Christmas in July gift from my Josee Reblooming Lilac!


Lilacs in July!

And more to come in September!

We ordered a lovely new hybrid lilac bush last summer because it is a re-blooming lilac and because it doesn't mind living in containers.

It actually bloomed twice last summer - first year in the ground! And including the spring bloom in May, I am expecting three blooms this year.

I love the fragrance of lilacs. I can step outside right this minute and stick my nose in one of ten spikes in full bloom.

Known as a "Josee Reblooming Lilac", you can order one here from Henry Fields if you can't find one in your local nursery.

Henry Fields has been around a long, long time - I used to order from them when I was 20 something and just starting my first garden! Great customer service and our Lilac arrived in excellent condition.

So - for you lilac lovers out there - a Christmas in July tip!

You're always teaching me

You're always teaching me something new... I had NO idea there's a re-blooming lilac - how wonderful!

Lucky you! Here in Southern

Lucky you! Here in Southern California, there aren't many lilacs that will tolerate our climate.

WHERE have I been? I totally

WHERE have I been? I totally missed the giveaway results!

This lilac is a marvelous idea. I love lilacs, but I have such a tendency toward headaches from them, that I couldn't keep this nearby and thus, wouldn't see it much. I wonder why they bother me when I LOVE them so much? hmmmm.

Ooooh! Lilacs are my absolute

Ooooh! Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower of all! I'm going to have to get me some of the reblooming kind...eventually. That's simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing!