Merry Marshmallow Men

As promised! Here is a little how-to for those little Marshmallow Men you saw in the Gingerbread house post.


Better Homes and Gardens, December 1960!! I have been hanging on to this clipping all that time! Better Homes and Gardens has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. It was one of two magazines my Mom subscribed to as I was growing up and I just couldn't wait for the holiday issues each year. All those crafty ideas for holiday decorations - I spent hours and hours pouring over those pages. And I look forward to my holiday issues just as much today!

Diane suggested that I include the how-to for the marshmallow men this season. She has never forgotten how adorable they were or how much fun we had making them. We put candles in their hands, and we even made a little reindeer and sleigh! (I wouldn't suggest the reindeer for a long-term display. The peppermint stick legs we gave him melted when they were exposed to the moisture in the cupcakes...I probably don't need to go further with THAT!)

This is a very easy and fun craft for kids (of all ages!) And it is guaranteed to bring holiday cheer because once you pop that little hat on the head, you will find youself smiling and giggling.

I didn't save the instructions when I tore this clipping out all those years ago, so I have sort of made up my own.

For each marshmallow man you will need:

2 large marshmallows

4 mini marshmallows

3 wooden tooth picks

Wrapping paper

Glue (Elmers or Aleene's Tacky are fine)


Sharpies or marking pens


Select one of the large marshmallows and using the scissors, cut about 1/4 off the bottom as shown. You are only trying to make it a little smaller that the other one, which will be the body. Discard (or eat) the small end you cut off.

Break about a half inch off one toothpick, and insert one end into the cut side of the "head". (Add a dab of glue if you like.)

Place the "head" on the other large marshmallow and push the toothpick into the "body" section until  the bottom of the cut marshmallow meets the top of the "body".

Break the other two toothpicks in two, and insert the pieces into the "body" as shown. These will serve as the support for the arms and legs. Place them any way you wish. (Glue if desired.)

Using the Sharpies or markers, make little black dots for eyes, a dot in red for the nose and LIGHTLY shade pink cheeks.

For the hat, draw a triangle with a base that measures 6" and is 3 3/4 inches tall at the mid-point. Draw a gentle curve in the base, Or, you can do what I did and guess at it until you come up with a cone that fits the way you want!

Roll the paper into a cone and secure the sides where they overlap with glue. (I used a paperclip to hold mine while drying.) I also made one and used double sided tape to secure the sides and that worked well, too.

You can glue the hat on if you like. I prefer to leave mine un-glued so I can adjust the angle of the hat to suit my mood!

Here they are! Now I have to find time to make some for ME!!! As you might have guessed, these two are now living with Diane!

Oh My God! My mother and I

Oh My God! My mother and I made these when I was very little. She kept them from year to year, and as they got too old, faded or wrinkly we would replace them. We kept them in a shoebox in the bin with the ornaments from year-to-year. They literally marched all over our house--in the breakfast room, there they were with greenery, in the family room they were on the mantle above the stockings and in the guest bathroom and my bathroom in a display with doll-sized sleds and an angel hair hillside (my favorite!)

Thank you so much for sharing this. I lost my mother a few years back and have been looking for this online ever since! I know she had saved that magazine spread, but I fear it was lost when we sold the house. Beautiful memories! Thank you!

Becky, I can't begin to tell

Becky, I can't begin to tell you how much I love hearing your story and knowing the little marshmallow men were also a part of your Christmases.  I have since made them in felt and they look exactly the same and last much longer.   Maybe you would love making a couple!  I am loving you idea of hiding them all over the house!!

I remember my Mom making

I remember my Mom making these for my birthday one year (december baby). They were entirely edible. She used icing to stick the marshmallows together and for the mouth and maybe the buttons. She used round "sprinkles" for the eyes and maybe buttons. Yeah they dry out and "keep" for another year.

Oh Luana!  Thank you for

Oh Luana!  Thank you for sharing how your mom made these so they would be completely edible.  We never ate "raw" marshmallows at our house so I never gave a thought to making them edible!  Great idea "glueing" them together with frosting! about a flood of about a flood of memories! I was 6 when this very article came out and it is the only magazine my mom subscribed to! She and I made these little guys and I have been a snowman addict ever since then! Thanks for taking me back to the wondrous days of Christmas through the eyes of a 6 year old! Merry Christmas to YOU! ?

Another cute idea from years

Another cute idea from years back all so love was in so cute Thank's again..Cookie17

I look at your blog from time

I look at your blog from time to time, but tonight I saw these darling little marshmallow men and the Dec. 1960 article from BH&G magazine. I was 15 in 1960 . . . my mother, my aunt and I made dozens of these little guys and set them up around the most beautiful Christmas cake!!!! I've made them again several times over the years and was taken back in time when I saw the magazine article! Thanks so much for having this one your blog . . . I need to search for that magazine on google!!!!!

Just "found" your web site.

Just "found" your web site. Love your great ideas and presentation you have incorporated in your site. Very creative. Is it possible for you to email me the photo of the 160 BHG of the "Marshmallow Men Fly In"? I'm going to have my grandchildren make your marshmallow men for a our holiday house. Would love to have them make the BHG one. Thanks and look forward to other ideas from you.

I Love these! Suggest using

I Love these! Suggest using icing for glue, eyes, buttons, etc. then they will be edible!

These are adorable!

These are adorable!

How cute! I'm nearing 20

How cute! I'm nearing 20 years of age and my father and I still do Christmas crafts like this each year. These will go along great with our gumdrop Santa and snowmen! Thanks for the tutorial.

Hi Connie, How about making

Hi Connie,

How about making these little guys from white felt for a more permanent ornament for the tree. I think they would be an adorable addition!

Funny you mentioned this

Funny you mentioned this because I am working on a tutorial for doing exactly that right now!

Absolutely love these too! My

Absolutely love these too! My 2-yr-old son and I were making marshmellow snowmen tonight, but we didn't get to finish before bedtime. I thought I'd look online to find a craft for my PK-3 class tomorrow, and I stumbled upon your wonderful marshmellow men! How lucky! I think i'll finish my son's little men now and make these with my students tomorrow. Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

They are just the cutest! My

They are just the cutest! My question is are they able to be kept past the holidays? can you preserve them?

Connie, I have never tried to

Connie, I have never tried to save these, but judging from the "keeping quality" of the marshmallows my husband keeps in his "snack stash" until they are hard as brick bats, I would say definitely give it a try! They may shrink a little and turn a bit yellowish, but if the ants don't get them, they should eventually dry out.

If you wrap them gently in a

If you wrap them gently in a paper bag and then put them in a zip lock back they will last till next christmas. The paper bag will help draw out any moisture and keep them from wrinkling alot.

Wrapping is not necessary. I

Wrapping is not necessary. I can tell you that when my son was in kinder he made one of these. We put it on the tree and then packed it away with the other ornaments. The next year it was soft and pliable when we re-hung it on the tree. And so the story goes - that has been nearly 30 years. The same marshmallows come out of the box every December and go back in every January. It's one of the most talked about ornaments on our tree - I've managed to keep the dogs from eating it all this time.

Those ARE adorable! If I had

Those ARE adorable! If I had some marshmallows on hand I'd go make them now- though I suspect my cat would probably try to nip off a few arms. Just had to spot you as tomorrow's daily feature.

Pam, you have got to go over

Pam, you have got to go over and check out my blog. We made these for Thanksgiving after the gingerbread houses, and our guest made a James Bond marshmallow man that rivals the original!

Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Oh my! My 4 year-old will

Oh my! My 4 year-old will love making these. I've got to go add marshmallows and tooth picks to the shopping list right now!

Well, once again, Diane was

Well, once again, Diane was correct: we needed this. These guys are great. I think I'm going to have to include this in our gingerbread house fest Thursday. Really cute!

Those are so adorable! I

Those are so adorable! I love the retro feel of them.

These are adorable. I am

These are adorable. I am going to send the link to my daughter for her three girls (12,10 & 7) they love doing these kinds of things. Thanks.

These are beyond cute! And in

These are beyond cute! And in a very sweet and vintage way. I'm beyond impressed that you've held on to that clipping since 1960. WOWZA!!!!! :)