Chasing and Keeping Butterflies - a Simple Dollar Store Solution


I just have to share this cool little Dollar Store solution for a butterfly home.

Although Antonio and Sophia's Mom (Lisa) had no problem finding butterfly nets at the Dollar Store, ready made homes were not available. Did that stop her? Nope!

Clever woman that she is, Lisa bought laundry bags and splatter screens for a dollar each!


And using clothes pins and coat hangers available at home, she constructed a lovely little butterfly house for each child!

Coat hangers formed into circles work great as a frame to keep the bag open.


Clothes pins do a great job of securing the laundry bag to the spatter screen. Just be sure there are no gaps big enough for a butterfly to get through!


Lisa let the children place small dishes with flowers and damp sand and gravel in the bottom and then suspended the little houses between the porch rail and a chair!

If you look closely, you can see several little butterflies sitting in the dish inside Antonio's butterfly house.

Nothing fancy! Just a fun place for kids to enjoy their butterflies.

Sophia even showed me how to remove a clothes pin so I could place my arm in the "house" and let butterflies land on my hand!


Look closely at the top - see the butterfly?

What is really cool is that these little butterfly houses are a reverse re-purpose project! They are getting re-purposed as butterfly houses before they will be used as splatter screens and laundry bags!

And come next summer - they may morph back into butterfly houses!

So clever. Looks like I

So clever. Looks like I already have something to put on next spring's To-Do list. Thanks for sharing.