Past, Present and Future - Update on Knitting my First Pair of Socks


Update on my goal to knit a pair of socks this year!


My introduction to sock knitting! A free on-line class with Mercedes at Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. I just had to make the pink pair (on the bottom left) to go along with the turquoise pair.


Ready to move on to an official sock pattern, I fell in love with these beauties knitted by Kimberly at Lickety Split and what a sweetie, she sent me the pattern!

Double pointed needles! ACK! Hence the books and book marks!

Diane took me to the craft book section of Powells Books for my birthday and told me to pick out any book I wanted! BEST birthday gift ever! Both picking out the book and getting to spend a few hours with Diane surrounded by craft books!

I selected A to Z Knitting: The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advance Knitter. It has already been a huge help. I love the way it is written and formated.

And just in time to mark much needed pages, two of these absolutely beautiful bookmarks arrived in the mail - sent by Chris - Parabolic Muse (new) Prism Train (old).

While I was shopping at SCRAP with Diane, I picked up a couple skeins of sock yarn. Not the prettiest color in the world, but great for my first practice pair!

So here it is - the beginning of my first official sock - the first three rows! Other than the fact that I feel like all my fingers turned into thumbs, it is going well! I have 70 more rows to go before I get to the part written in Greek!


Once I have finished my practice sock, I am finally knitting a gorgeous pair of socks in that fabulous yarn you see right next to the booties! My friend Bonnie - Bonny's Pages - sent it to me a little over a year ago to encourage and entice me into knitting socks!

I guess one could say I am a slow learner! But at least I am headed in the right direction with the help and encouragement and patience of so many lovely people.

And one day soon, I will proudly show off my cranberry socks!

Can"t wait to see your first

Can"t wait to see your first completed socks! Go Pam!

You will copletely love sock

You will copletely love sock knitting - I am proud to say that the gift yarn Kimberly mentioned was from me. Socks are ace...such an amazing sense of achievement, which for some reason I don't always get in knitting other things. Nothing nicer than sitting down with your feet up, a good book, cup of tea, and a pair of lovely, cosy handmade socks on your feet.

My first pair was a little

My first pair was a little pair like yours, too.
When I first read the instruction for knitting socks, it was all greek to me too, but I made it!
This autumn I will try to knit fingered gloves, I think that will be a fiddling work...

Are you knitting with only 4 needles? Here we are using 5.

Wishing you good luck for your socks! :-)

Wow, socks!!! I'm not ready

Wow, socks!!! I'm not ready for the big time. Maybe one day you could teach me. And, um.... how did I not know you had a birthday. When you said you were spending the day with Diane I think you omitted the birthday part.
Please email and tell me when it was, happy belated birthday to you anyway. Warmest wishes and a great big birthday hug too!

Pam, the ShiBui yarn is

Pam, the ShiBui yarn is gorgeous. It will be such a treat to knit with it.

If you're finding the dpns a bit tricky to manage due to the cramped size of the triangle that they create, you could add an additional dpn so you're working with five needles in all. It just gives you a little more breathing room as you're going around and around. That fifth needle doesn't even have to be the same size-it can be one size larger or smaller and it shouldn't effect your gauge.

You've done the hardest part already, joining those needles in a circle and getting started!

I've knit socks with WW yarn

I've knit socks with WW yarn but not itty bitty thin sock yarn. I've crocheted a pair with sock yarn though. I think I would have an easier job if I actually sat and knit the socks for a longer period of time. I tend to start a project, work on it for a few minutes and then set it down. When I pick it back up I have no idea where I left off even if I mark the pattern because I have a tendency to change things a bit. I do like to make little baby and toddler socks so maybe I should pick it back up.

Oh, thank you, my friend!

Oh, thank you, my friend! For the shout out!

Happy Happy!

Cranberry?! This is a PERFECT sock color!!

You are a wonder.


Pam, I, too, was just like

Pam, I, too, was just like you when I thought about knitting socks. All I did was mittens, scarfs, etc.
Then one day in the yarn aisle in ACMoore, a woman told me how easy it was to knit socks! I thought she was nuts...then, I tried it...dpn and real thin yarn...a confident struggle...but in the end the socks were pretty and now I don't know how many I have made since.
Good Luck - you'll be a natural!

YAY! You'll love the sock

YAY! You'll love the sock knitting I know it :), I also got started on them with gifted yarn so it's a good sign. Keep going Pam I'm dying to see the finished pair!

Also, that red/orange/pink yarn is beautiful, what make is it?

Thank you Kimberly!  I

Thank you Kimberly!  I completely forgot to link the red/orange/pink yarn!

Yarn is from Shi Bui Knits.  Bonny picked it out for me in a yarn shop in Canada.  It is 100% superwash merino hand dyed in Peru -  and according to this page it is hardwearing, machine washable and very soft!