Write, Publish and Sell your Crafty E-Book! Don't Miss This Class!


Diane (Sister Diane) Crafty Pod, is launching her brand new on-line class on August 23rd - "Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty E-book".

If you are entertaining ideas of writing a crafty e-book and haven't yet signed up for her class, now is the time - her classes fill up fast!

"Write, Publish, and Sell Your Crafty E-book " will begin with your dreams and help you carry your dream and ideas through the design and production stages, evaluate ways to sell your book on line, determine price,  launch, and then - one of the most important elements for success - market.

You can see the complete list of what will be covered in the three week class right here! Don't miss this one! It's going to be great!


Recently, I had the time and opportunity to take Diane's "Craft Blog Tune-Up" class and I not only had a lot of fun, I learned lots about how to look at my blog and evaluate it's readability, it's appearance and value. And on top of all that - great information about how to better engage with others in the on-line community.

I recommend you get on her waiting list for the next time this class is offered, because almost every blogger out there can benefit from taking the class. You can sign on to any of her class waiting lists here!

I am sharing this just so you know that I am speaking from experience when I say that anyone taking her newest on line class - "Write, Publish, and Sell your Crafty E-book" - will not only enjoy the class experience but also come away with the tools and knowledge to launch into publishing their own crafty e-book!

Sign up here!


One huge benefit of taking Diane's classes - something I didn't expect at all - I met several really lovely, like-minded people who are writing great blogs! It has been fun watching their post styles change as they employed some of Diane's tips and tricks! (We are still working on a few changes on my own blog - keep watching!)

In a couple days I am going to share some of my classmates with you! I think they are people you will enjoy meeting as much as I have!

I just found your blog and I

I just found your blog and I really find it refreshingly nice !! are you in the U. States ?

I took Diane's Blog Tune-Up

I took Diane's Blog Tune-Up class and really enjoyed it. I love the student interaction, too. One thing about anything Diane: the value is tremendous. No slacker, she!

She must have learned that work ethic somewhere...

That is so great that Diane

That is so great that Diane teaches classes now and getting published. I can't wait for your book to come out :)