Let Me Introduce You to Classmates from the Crafty Blog Tune-Up Class.

fleur1 (467 x 600)

Meet the cutest little bear ever. Her name is Fleur!

As promised I am introducing you to some lovely people I recently met while taking Diane's on-line "Blog Tune-Up Class". And I just couldn't resist putting this adorable bear right at the top of the post!

You can read more about Diane's newest class "Write, Publish and Sell Your Crafty Ebook" right here!

Before beginning my introductions, I want to thank each and every one of these lovely ladies for allowing me to use their images to illustrate this post. 

Pam Eyre joined in the class from Australia. Making stuffies like Fleur is only one of her many skills which she shares on her blog Cloth to Creation. Be sure to visit her Chenille gallery, her Mixed Media gallery and her Everything Else gallery. Her Etsy and Madeit stores are full of lovely enticements. Definitely worth a look.


Chronicles of Yarnia is the blog home of Portland's only DIY yarn store, Yarnia, where you can actually design your own custom yarn and watch it being wound on the cone right before your very eyes!

If you don't live in Portland, don't despair because Lindsey,Yarnia's owner, not only has created an on-line shop featuring some of her gorgeous yarns, but she also makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to order their very own custom yarn!


Chrysalia's is new to blogging and her blog Butterfly Jungle is a lovely eclectic mixture of lifey things; and crafty tutorials, like cool terra cotta garden bells and an equally cool story stick; and recipes - S'mores Bars, and Fruit Pizza. If you are interested in butterflies, check out her lovely little review of books about butterflies. Stop by and say hello and welcome her to the crafty blogiverse!


Carina has just written and published two really great e-books, "Stitching Borders and Beyond" and "Small Stitches". Click on the links to read reviews and information about each of these well written and beautiful embroidery ebooks.

And you have just got to visit her at "Polka and Bloom" her Etsy Store and her  Art Fire store where she sells absolutely charming embroidery patterns. Her blog, Carina's Craftblog is a great place to go for inspiration, embroidery and crochet tutorials and free patterns and sewing tips.


If you are into knitting and yarn you will enjoy meeting Holli at Holli Yeoh Knits which is sprinkled with "lifey stuff" and excellent knitting technique tutorials like this one for Picot cast on and this one for Picot bind off.  (That is Picot edging on the adorable sweater above!)

And follow this link to visit her lovely shop where you will find beautiful Holli Yeoh knitting patterns and kits and yarn!


Sophie is French Canadian and writes her blog, Bleu Vanille, in French! But, she provides a lovely translation option right in the sidebar. She loves to knit, crochet, and sew, but her passion is fabrics.

I just love this little cross stitch embroidery notebook cover. The full tutorial is right here.


Love this shot Elizabeth Carls used in a recent blog post "Tips for Shopping at the Farmer's market". Elizabeth, a Ravelry Designer, is very generous in sharing many of her knitting patterns, felted bag and hat patterns, felting how-tos and even recipe cards on her blog "Elizabeth Carls". And she just posted a tutorial for wet felted beads which I can't wait to try!

Check out her shop for more Felted Knit Patterns, and  Knitting Patterns.


There is a lot going on in Gail's blog "Stitching My Story"! She is a long distance runner who is an artist at heart and shares her life and crafty adventuresrecipes and really great quotes - many of which have already found their way into my own personal book of favorites! Take a little time to explore - I think you will enjoy reading.


Shortbread! My most favorite cookie next to sugar cookies! How could I resist begging to use this image?

Crafternoon Tea with GrannyG hails from New Zealand and is another one of those eclectic blogs that is fun to visit because you just never know what will be waiting there! Shortbread, this delicious set of pictures simply labeled "colour" , or images showing the work of an amazing felt artist. And then there is this little piece on kiwi gumboots!


Genevieve is an artist, writer and teacher, writes a blog "Amaryllis Creations", and has an Etsy store by the same name where she sells hand painted and Kumihimo jewelry.

She recently posted a tutorial for making this beaded goldfish embroidery and another tutorial for how to embroider using beads. You might also want to check out this post in which she shares a free bead embroidery book download from Robin Atkins.


I am not sure I understand exactly why, but I was drawn to this quilt pattern immediately! Perhaps it is because it doesn't appear "structured" - but rather whimsical and free - you know, an outside the box kind of thing!.

All these blocks actually came to Doris - Threads of Conversation - through the mail! And if you want to make some of your own - she has posted the tutorial here on the One Block Over blog! I am looking forward to seeing this quilt when it is completed.

Apparently Doris is a fabric collector with a rather large stash! Because she is de-stashing on a regular basis, she has set up an Etsy shop! Go check it out! Lots of "good stuff"! Lots!


Leah is a glass artist who teaches torchworking classes and sells her amazing glass mobiles at the Portland Saturday Market and in her Etsy shop.

Her blog, the Garden of Leah, is a delightful way to explore Portland and Western Oregon. I loved her post about Sweet Corn Soup, and her adventures picking peaches on Sauvie island.

And - get this - right here on her Etsy shop she sells kits so you can make your very own mobiles! The kits include everything you need - glass pieces with wires attached, and other items that are needed like swivels, o-rings and s-hooks. The kits only take about 15 minutes to assemble!


This bead crochet necklace really got my attention! First of all it is crochet - which has always been a huge mystery to me - and it is crochet with beads! And Daphne did a fantastic job!

On her blog Crafty Intrigue, she shares her crafty adventures which include bead crochet, knitting (after an unhappy revelation about her blog posts on google), favorite quotes - love this one!

Daphne is jumping back into blogging after a two year break. Welcome back, Daphne!

With all these links - you know this was a labor of love,  so I really appreciate everyone stopping by and taking the time to get to know these lovely women who share so much crafty goodness.



I know why you were drawn to

I know why you were drawn to that lovely quilt sampler~the designs are like little whirlpools just sucking you IN!

Thank you so much, Pam!

Thank you so much, Pam! You've made us all sound so cool! ;-)

xo, Carina

How sweet of you to link to

How sweet of you to link to all these people! I'm making my list through these links! It's always fun seeing new genious! Do you take all of Diane's classes? I'll be in her next one! YAY!

Yes! Rebecca, I will be in

Yes! Rebecca, I will be in Diane's next class!  I am glad to hear you will be there!

I was weeding my garden today and thinking of you!  Your garden boxes inspired me to build a couple for my perennials!  My sweetie just finished the second one and we are going to spread gravel around the base on Monday!

I so enjoyed putting this post together and sharing a little bit about my  classmates - a very special group of talented and lovely women.  I had a very difficult time keeping things brief and limiting the images to one each!  So much to share!

What a lot of lovely blog

What a lot of lovely blog links! Thank you! And I LOVE Fleur!

Thanks for mentioning my

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I enjoyed the class and learned about some great blogs.

I NEED that shortbread

I NEED that shortbread recipe!!! It looks so good. I've also been looking for a knitting machine. :)

I will echo the praises of an

I will echo the praises of an excellent roundup of all these blogs, and so cool to see links to all of them now in their tuned-up state, and what everyone is working on! Thanks for putting this together :)

These look like some talented

These look like some talented people and lovely links. I wish I could join you on the next one. Hope all is well with you!

What a great round-up! This

What a great round-up! This was such an awesome class and a great group of bloggers. Thanks for pulling this post together.

What a fantastic and generous

What a fantastic and generous write up of our blogs Pam! You've done a really great job of it all with some amazing work on all the links. Thanks so much. x

What a nice shout-out to all

What a nice shout-out to all the classmates. It was so fun to meet so many talented ladies all at once. Seeing each other's creativity really challenged and inspired us. Thanks for bringing us all together in one spot again. Now to go spend some more time on these blogs.

How CUTE! I love the bear! I

How CUTE! I love the bear! I tried to knit bears last year, but I was terrible at it - they all ended up with big holes from the increase and knit together stitches.

What a fabulous review of all

What a fabulous review of all of our blogs! You did a great job pulling it all together Pam.