About Stuff! Wise Words to think About from a Very Wise Friend


I just bet that most people reading this probably have accumulated more "Stuff" than they need.

Whether your "Stuff" brings you joy, frustration, anxiety: or if no matter how crowded your life is getting with all your "Stuff" you just can't seem to turn loose of any of it, here below are links to a series of three articles I found very interesting and right on target!

The series was recently published by Erin on her blog Nagle5 News shortly after helping a friend move. According to Erin, she is married to Superman and besides homeschooling her youngest children, she is committed to simplifying her life and ridding her home of unneeded and unused clutter.

I found everything she had to say very useful and insightful: so, even though I rarely do this,  I am passing her words along to you! Let me know what you think.

Stuff - Part One

Stuff - Part 2

Stuff - Dealing with it All (Part 3)

And, then, when you are in the mood for some yummy home made, hot out of the oven dinner rolls, give this recipe a try! A little off subject, but I couldn't resist sharing!

I am waiting for the weather to cool and I am so baking a batch!

Finally getting my life back

Finally getting my life back into its new/old rhythm after Superman's visit home and I just wanted to say "thanks" again for the compliment of featuring my thoughts on your blog. It was just so kind.


Thanks for posting the

Thanks for posting the links--what great food for thought!