End of Summer Giveaway - Spoonflower Fabric!


You might remember this adorable Spoonflower fabric I used to make a simple sun dress! Allison, the designer of Flea de Corps, has been very generous in allowing me to share the image of her fabric with you!

If you love it as much as I do now is your opportunity to order a yard of Flea de Coprs or any of the other Spoonflower fabrics for free! Or if you have the skills, you can design your own!

Now, most of you who know me, understand that my computer skills are pretty - well - basic! I most likely will not be designing my own fabrics at Spoonflower any time soon! But I love to shop there! And I have the idea that most of you would too! So I contacted Kim at Spoonflower and this little giveaway was hatched!

And just so you know, right now I am planning to order Gnome, Alaska by ceanirminger because I am a big sucker for 'shrooms and gnomes and snow! And I am ordering Stained Glass Rose Window by sammyk because the design and colors just plain make my eyes happy!

If you are new to Spoonflower here are a few links to help introduce you to one of the coolest DIY companies around!

Spoonflower was founded in 2008 by two "internet geeks" who wanted to make it possible for crafty minded people (and their wives) to design and print their very own fabrics.

Visit the Spoonflower flickr pool to view some of the designs created and being used by over 70,000 members of the Spoonflower community!

And I highly recommend you take a minute and sign up right here to receive a weekly news letter that allows YOU to participate in selecting a winner in the fabric of the week contest and links you to the Spoonflower Blog.

Ok Ok Ok!! The giveaway details! I know you are anxious!

The winner of the Spoonflower fabric giveaway will receive one yard of Spoonflower fabric! And the winner can choose to either select a fabric from the Spoonflower shop; or the winner is welcome to design their very own fabric and Spoonflower will print one yard free!

If you are planning to design your own fabric, you will need to become a Spoonflower member. Design and uploading information is here.

If, like me, you want to order your fabric from the shop, you may choose to become a Spoonflower member and simply place your order. Or, if you prefer not to join Spoonflower, I will place the order for you and they will ship it directly to you.

A little note: not all the fabrics shown in the shop are for sale so be sure that the fabric you select has an "add to cart" button!

To enter the contest for one yard of Spoonflower fabric, leave me a comment telling me your favorite fabric in the shop. There are a lot of fabrics in the shop so you may want to take advantage of "browse categories" on the left side bar.

Contest will end two weeks from today on September 3rd. at 6:00 pm PST, and is open to anyone, including international readers.

I can't wait to see your favorites!

Good luck everyone!

Great giveaway! I love

Great giveaway! I love Spoonflower.

One of MY favorites, well, this week at least, is at: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/36475

Hi Pam Thanks for sharing

Hi Pam
Thanks for sharing spoonflower, wow it certainly is great. I loved so many of the fabrics. I veiwed the fabrics several times and still can't pick a favorite. If I win the give away I'll need your help with the fabric selection.

Hi, there! I'm back to catch

Hi, there! I'm back to catch up! But I can't sit and browse long, so don't enter me in the giveaway, but I just wanted to say that I love Spoonflower! I ordered swatches of my own images and their customer service is so lovely. It's great for you and Kim to work on this. Good luck to all!!

I love Spoonflower! So glad

This is my favorite

This is my favorite fabric!!


I've been looking for a fabric to make casserole totes from, but haven't found that perfect fabric till now!!

Thanks for introducing me to spoonflower!! Unfortunately my next paycheck will probably be spent there!

Wow! What an amazing fabric

Wow! What an amazing fabric selection.

I utterly adore the "Acrobats" design--so trippy and retro and 100% delicious!

Good luck to all!

My favorite is this super

My favorite is this super cute cherry pastel fabric!

Okay Pam, so I'm finally

Okay Pam, so I'm finally entering my first ever online competition via a blog!!! Very excited that it's international too! I LOVED the shop - amazing fabrics - wish I could find a similar shop here in Sweden! It was VERY hard to choose just one (there were so many I loved, and I just imagined the kids activities I could set up on them!), but I finally went for 'oiseau du paradis L' which is beautifully colourful and stylish! Here's wishing me luck!!! :)

I ? Spoonflower! I have

I ? Spoonflower! I have PAGES of favorites - but since my son needs some fun things to wear asap, I'd love to try 'underthesea' by helliecopter http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/296917 or 'owls, owls, and more owls' by bubbledog http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/287523

Honestly I don't know how to

Honestly I don't know how to choose just one out of all of these gorgeous fabrics! I will say that I do really like this one:
Thanks for the great giveaway.



Owls! Owls all over the place! Seriously, this is the coolest fabric ever. Ever.

Thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway!

omg wayy too many awesome

omg wayy too many awesome designs to choose from

but antoniamanda- 'green_mushroom' is pretty rad!

I agree with everyone else

I agree with everyone else above that this contest is cruel, Pam. ;)

I must say that I love the fabrics at Spoonflower, but I certainly adore the dolls you can make out of them. :D

Here's a doll pattern one I would love to get: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/260973

Ooooh... this is giving me so many new creatives ideas, now! Oh, no!! :-p

Hi Pam! I just spent way too

Hi Pam! I just spent way too much time browsing through the wonderful fabrics. This one really caught my eye:
but I would enjoy giving a shot at designing my own.

I have five pages of fabric.

I have five pages of fabric. . .and counting!
For the moment let's say this one's my favorite (except for my own, which I mostly made for specific reasons that are dear to my heart):

There are so many great

There are so many great designs to choose from on this site, I LOVE Spoonflower! I really couldn't go past this one by leighr:


It would make such a gorgeous baby dress!

This contest is amazing!

This contest is amazing! I love spoonflower and have an acct there, but haven't finished a design for a contest, yet!!! I would love to have a yard of 'Glass Menagerie' by sammyk! http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/174517
I think this would be a sensational fabric for an apron!!!

I have dreams about the

I have dreams about the spoonflower website. I was unable to truly pin down (pun much!?) my favorite. So I decided that I would pick the pink skull pinstripe by voodoorabbit. I already have the Owl be Darned apron and absolutly adore it. I can picture a lovely sunny dress in this design. Pink and skulls two of my favorite things.

If I won I would love a meter

If I won I would love a meter of 'monsters' fabric by musterartig. It would make a great totebag. I found it really hard to narrow it down to just one! Thanks for the opportunity to try their fabric! Their fabrics are beautiful...but too rich for my budget so winning some would be really great!

I LOVE Spoonflower! And I'd

I LOVE Spoonflower! And I'd be more than happy to get the one-yard-dress twirl fabric, but I'd probably need to buy 3 yards to get enough to make 2 larger dresses for my growing girls. And winter is coming, so a sundress is not so needed right now. So I'll go with the globe design... http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/283957

Oh my goodness - I could

Oh my goodness - I could seriously go into debt shopping there. $18.00 a yard is too rich for my budget, but if you pick me I would love a yard of http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/249842

Those cute robots would make an adorable shirt for my son. I find it really hard to find cute fabric for boys, so this would be prefect.

Oh,geez this is a hard one!

Oh,geez this is a hard one! So many favorites. But I really love the colors and the design of this fabric by lpds1220 > 'bobabutterflies'. http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/168781

Thanks for putting together this contest!

Wow, their fabrics are

Wow, their fabrics are ADORABLE! That has to be the best selection I've come across. :) I love the "My Little Helpers_Dark" fabric with the ladybugs. There are so many cute designs, though!


I've spent a lot of time at

I've spent a lot of time at Spoonflower and even designed a few fabrics, but I have to say the one I'm loving right now is Pattysloniger's summer rose garden.

Clockwork Collage is my

Clockwork Collage is my favorite.

Pam...you are kidding...

Pam...you are kidding... right? a single design?

well if I must, this is my current favorite:

OMG I Love Tractor Factor...I

OMG I Love Tractor Factor...I don't find much cute boyish fabric and I love this one!

I HATE YOU! this is the

I HATE YOU! this is the first time at Spoonflower and all I can say is WOW!!!!!

YOu could spend hours looking at all this fun stuff.

My favorite though: Toile Noir (I love Paris!)

Winter Lace My second favorite

What a great idea! Thanks....

I love Numero Uno. So

I love Numero Uno. So whimsical, and great colors!

Those Gnomes are adorable and

Those Gnomes are adorable and the stained glass is amazing!

I love the Spooky Halloween Fun by Amy Lou Who.


my mother-in-law and i are

my mother-in-law and i are making a sort of "steampunk" quilt. we have a great, crazy circle like pattern and a few materials already picked out. but she lives a state away and its a bit hard for the collaboration.... taking just a bit longer than we thought :) this fabric: steamed pattern 2, is one of our favorites. simple, but still has that steampunk look...

thanks for the contest!


I'm in agreement with the

I'm in agreement with the others who've written that choosing a favorite is a daunting task.

If I *had* to name a single fabric, it would have to be the fruit and veggie madness design by heidikenney of My Paper Crane fame. I just love everything that talented woman does. Thank you for the giveaway!!

It's really hard to pick just

It's really hard to pick just one favorite but I'd have to go with this adorable owl apron! http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/267618

How exciting! I found

How exciting! I found Spoonflower a month ago and entered my 3rd contest this week. I just got my first swatches back and really like how my first design turned out. So my pick would be:
Thank you for the contest.

I didn't think it was

I didn't think it was possible to pick a favorite, but I did. I am in love with the 'Owl Be Darned! Apron Pattern'. Owls and aprons are my newest loves and this fabric is the best of both worlds!!

There's a print with

There's a print with shuttlecocks that had me rethinking the fabric for my wedding dress!

What a fun contest! :) I am

What a fun contest! :) I am currently coveting this print: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/225853 I think it would make such adorable jammies for a new baby!

OMG, I think this is the

OMG, I think this is the hardest Giveaway I have ever entered. To pick my "favorite" from Spoonflower?! I have favorite "categories"...but to narrow it down to one...impossible! But since I can't resist a chance at a yard of free fabirc..here goes 'Alice Vintage Text and Toil' by Ophelia.

Thanks for the chance!

pick a favorite? impossible,

pick a favorite? impossible, there are sooo many.
will be back later with a favorite, but will be so hard to pick just ONE!

How generous! I liked

How generous! I liked two...don't have to decide now, right? Paramecia and oak 90. Thanks for the contest.

I love "Cheater Friday" by

I love "Cheater Friday" by melaniesullivan! It would make such cute quilts for my kids' beds!

This site is incredible- who

This site is incredible- who knew you could design your own fabric- I'm so intrigued!
I really loved "shabby rose"- so romantic and the colors are springy and fun. I could see it as a skirt with my yellow sweater . . .
Thanks for this giveaway!

I LOVE how Spoonflower has

I LOVE how Spoonflower has taken off! I really like this birch tree fabric: