How to Make a Simple Cardboard Base For an Advent Wreath

Celebration of the Advent began as a time that Christians prepared for the coming of Christmas. There were two very familiar symbols to mark this period of time, which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Both are from German tradition, and both are still used today - the Advent Wreath and Advent Calendar.


November 30th is the first Sunday of Advent. Here is the Advent wreath I made to celebrate these Advent Sundays.

HOW I MADE IT: (I like to keep it simple!)

Cut a heavy piece of cardboard a little smaller than your wreath. (I use two pieces of regular cardboard and tape them together.)

Wire the cardboard base onto the wreath: punch two holes in the cardboard, placing them across from each other. Run wire up through the holes and into the wreath and then tie the wire to the wreath frame. (This happens at the edges of the cardboard - you can see a glimpse of the green wire in the photo above.)

This will give your wreath a nice sturdy base, making it easy to move around - and it will provide a good base for your candles.

Now the fun begins - decorating the wreath! Use whatever you have on hand - ornaments, holiday berries, ribbon, fruit, gingerbread men......... and have fun with it. (I decorate mine differently every year.)

I have always used pillar candles in my Advent wreath, but this year I am using what I have on hand. I love these thin pink candles in little glass holders from IKEA. The white candle is for Christmas Day. I think I will like this new arrangement because I can easily replace the burned candles with new ones.

Pinon pine cones (from my parent's property in Santa Fe) completely hide the candle bases and fill in the center. They are easily removed when I am ready to replace the candles.

See how easy that is? Now, I'll light one new candle each Sunday through Christmas. It's such a fun tradition.

Tomorrow - my advent calendar.

This brings back memories for

This brings back memories for me! I was brought up Catholic, and when I was a kid Advent was a very special time of year in the church. We had a little prayer booklet with a small blessing that you could say everyday as you lit one of the candles. I *LOVED* doing this as a young girl. This is definitely a tradition that I want to bring back into my home, but I haven't gotten around to it yet - maybe next year!

It is beautiful Pam! I am

It is beautiful Pam! I am glad you told me that the white candle was for Christmas day because I just saw an advent wreath with that center candle and wondered what it was for. Seems this is the first time I noticed it.

You always explain everything so well.