Spoonflower Giveaway Winner


(Above fabric - Flea de Corps designed by Allison )

Our Spoonflower contest winner is # 36 - SASHA!

I used the Random Number Generator, but I haven't a clue how to only print out the generator without the whole page!  So you will have to trust me on this! (Added a little later - HA!  I think I have it figured out!  To late - but not for next time - and there are lots of those coming up!)

Sasha is a blog pal of mine in Sweden that I have introduced you to previously because I am fascinated with all the creative ways she comes up with to entertain and play with her children. I also love joining her family (handsome sweetheart and three lovely children (soon to be four) on many of their excursions to museums, parks and learning centers in Sweden.

You can visit too,  right here! Hurry over because she is in the middle of showing her kids something called masking tape painting! It is the first in a series of water color painting techniques she is teaching them.

The gorgeous, colorful Spoonflower fabric Sasha chose, designed by Nadja Petremand is her favorite because it is - in her words - "beautifully colorful and stylish"! It certainly makes MY eyes happy! You can check out other designs by Nadja on the Spoonflower site right here.

And checking out Sasha's choice led me to Nadja's blog (Dans Mon Bocal) which you absolutely must visit! Her blog is beautifully designed and she has a whole side bar just pack to the limits with "coloriage gratuit" (free colorings) and other wonderful free downloads. I love this set of dolls for an advent calendar and these beautiful free holiday tag downloads. OMG and recipes! I am doomed. I may just sit here parked on her living room sofa and never leave!

And her blog content! Well you just have to visit. So much inspiration!

This was supposed to be a 5 minute post!  Ha!  I got sidetracked at Nadja's house and here I am an hour later!

I can't find a translator bar on her site - that could be my fault. But I used the translator on my Google Reader! Yay for Google Reader! Google Reader Rocks!

Congratulations Sasha! And thank you for introducing me to Nadja! And thank you to Kim and Steve at Spoonflower for making this giveaway possible!

Thanks Sandie and Robin! Now

Thanks Sandie and Robin! Now I just have to decide which wonderful fabric to choose - but there are SO MANY!! :)

Congrats! What a great piece

Congrats! What a great piece of fabric you chose!

Congratulations Sasha! OK,

Congratulations Sasha! OK, off to find new blog friends to visit :)