Perfect Christmas Socks Begin at Yarnia


Ok! OK! OK! My daughter definitely beat me to the punch on this one! Her video post about our visit to Yarnia to pick out a custom designed yarn for her Christmas socks went live yesterday!

Anyway, I still think I should get to tell MY side of the story! Right?


Yarnia is the most magical yarn shop I have ever visited. Whether you knit, crochet or weave, the minute you walk through the door, you know you have entered yarn heaven.

It took every single ounce of discipline I could muster to keep from buying one of those cones of green on the far right for my next pair of socks. But I was there on a mission - to enjoy watching my daughter pick out the yarn for her Christmas socks.

Yup! I am knitting her socks for Christmas! And once they are done, I have a perfect excuse to return in January and score that green yarn.!


Of course that cone of purple on the left is trying hard to get my attention too!

P1080301 Like I said - yarn heaven!


Clear up to the ceiling!

Did you know you don't have to live in Portland to create your very own custom yarn? Check out this page on the Yarnia site! Following a few simple instructions, you can select the colors of yarns you want to blend, fiber content, weight and quantity. Lindsey (brilliant owner of Yarnia) will make it up and ship it to you.

Or you can order one of her already blended yarns from her on-line shop.

Right now she is pretty much shipping within the USA and Canada. But she is looking into the possibility of making world wide ordering and shipping available so don't hesitate to inquire.

P1080305 Ok - back to the story!

While waiting for Diane to arrive, I watched as a lovely young lady carefully selected four yarns she thought would work together for a sweater she is planning to crochet.

Lindsay has created a cozy little corner complete with comfy chairs and a vase full of knitting needles and crochet hooks so visitors can try out their selection and see how it works up.

Her selection turned out exactly as planned.




Once Diane arrived we went through the same process!


And a little test swatch. This worked for Diane, but once Lindsay realized I was knitting socks, she suggested using only two yarns to give the fingerling weight we were seeking. And since we didn't know any better and had selected all bamboo for it's soft feel, Lindsay suggested replacing one of the yarns with a 100% wool yarn so the final yarn would have more "give".

She really knows her stuff! And she is always willing to help.

And she teaches!  Check out the class schedule!


And now the magic begins! Right here in this little corner of Yarnia!


Ha! I actually did catch some of the yarn in motion!

This is the coolest bit of machinery! Lindsay had it specially made for her just for blending yarns.

Learn more about Lindsay and how she started her business.


Lindsay with Diane's Christmas Sock yarn! Sorry this is a bit soft, but she just doesn't hold still! It seems me taking pictures of her inspires giggles. And then Diane joins in and my photos are doomed!


See! Happened in this one too! Neither one of them would hold still!

Lindsey is winding the gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, yarn that Diane will be using next in her granny square project. Notice the yarns feeding into the machine from the little hooks just under the window. Brilliant use of space.


In addition to the blending machine and the shelves and shelves of breath taking yarn, there were several other things about Yarnia that caught my eye.

Like this owl yoke sweater on display!


And this thoughtful chart Lindsey put together for fiber care.


And this card filing system designed so that a sample of the yarn combination you selected can be saved and later matched if you need more.


However, it is unlikely that will happen! Needing more that is!

Lindsey has math skills! Her fingers fly as she plugs in equations, and weights, and fiber content. As if by magic, she can figure out just how much extra special blended yarn you will need.


Now - here is a cool idea for a most excellent Christmas gift for anyone on your list who knits, crochets or weaves.

Order a cone of custom blended yarn - about 400 yards is perfect for a pair of socks. Once it is wound, it looks for all the world like a Christmas tree! Crochet or make a little star for the top and voila - a gift - and a holiday decoration!

And now, I am leaving you with a picture I snapped from way across the room (in dim light) of my sweet daughter and my grand child, Pushkin, who wouldn't even let me pet him on Thursday.


Oh - just one more!


Can you believe it? Diane is trying to talk me into giving her socks to her before Christmas!

I am so excited to see these

I am so excited to see these magical socks!

I love those pictures of

I love those pictures of Diane, did she darken her hair... I also love the name Pushkin even though I have never read anything of his...

Why oh why don't shops like

Why oh why don't shops like this exist in the UK - maybe I should open one?! Pam I love that you are already planning your next two sets of socks - so addictive!xx

Yes, Kimberly!  Addictive is

Yes, Kimberly!  Addictive is right!  I can't look at a ball of yarn anymore without trying to convert it into socks in my mind! :-)

And I have you to thank for it!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me decipher the greek, for sending me the pattern in the first place,  and for helping me get back on the right foot when I went astray and finally realized I was knitting my sock wrong side out! 

I am happily working my gusset now on my beautiful Shibui roppongi sock!  And, thanks to you, I finally figured out how to pick up those stitches along the flap!  xoxo

Oh how fun! Wow, it's a

Oh how fun! Wow, it's a wonderland! And I love the photos of Diane and Pushkin. They're so pretty!

Wow!!! what lovely photos and

what lovely photos and I'm so envious of anyone who lives near that shop! What an amazing concept and the owner sounds so incredible.

I'll just be drooling in my corner over here ;-)

How yummy are those yarns?

How yummy are those yarns? What a wonderful place! Thank you for sharing it, Pam. It was fun reading your account of your day and seeing your photos and then watching Diane's video! Can't wait to see how beautiful Diane's socks turn out. This makes me want to knit up all the sock yarn in my stash so I can order some from Yarnia! Beautiful photos of your daughter and grandkitty too. :)

My mom is a sock knitter - I

My mom is a sock knitter - I bet she'd love that shop! Most of the yarn shops here in Atlanta are either closing or scaling way back - sigh. Dang economy. And Pushkin is gorgeous!

Wonderful photos! Pam, thanks

Wonderful photos!

Pam, thanks for sharing this fun yarn experience and the beautiful photos. I wish I lived near ya'll!

You are a girl after my own heart, that green is gorgeous, and of course, so is that purple! :D

I love the photos of Diane and Pushkin too! Our furry grandchildren can be that way sometimes- I have a grandpuppy named Foxy (she's a Fox Terrier).

Happy Knitting,

Oh my. It was a long time

Oh my. It was a long time since I felt so inclined to pick up my knitting needles and knit something. Your photos creates a knitting itch! :-) And the portrait of Diane and Pushkin is adorable! My mom calls herself cat-grandmother too. So sweet.

Hi Pam! I would go crazy in a

Hi Pam!

I would go crazy in a store like that!! I don't think we have anything that wonderful in Idaho! I would love to know how to knit - I crochet, but knitting is so pretty. I knew how once, when I was 12, but can't seem to get the hang of it now. Please post pictures of the socks, I would love to see how they turn out with that lovely yarn...:0) I am planning on making a granny square afghan at some point in my life, I just have to find the perfect pattern and the perfect yarn!

Oh, precious kitty - I love cats, can't have them because my kids are all allergic, but I do love them. I snuggle with any that will let me!


That is my idea of Fantasy

That is my idea of Fantasy Land. Though I can only crochet that's a shop that might get me to give knitting a more serious go so I could sample more of what Lindsey had to offer. I love everything about her shop, especially the name, brilliant!

P.S. the owl sweater pattern is from a very talented woman in Scotland who has a wonderful blog called Needled. Here's the link to her patterns

Thank you so, so much,

Thank you so, so much, Joanie, for the link to Neelded!   I had no idea where the pattern came from but I am certain had I asked, Lindsey would have told me!

You are crocheting these days so give the shop a try. 

I saw the pattern the woman who created the green/pink yarn was planning to crochet - a totally complicated and lacy sweater.  I am sure it will be just beautiful. But I got instant brain freeze just thinking about making it! :-)


Oh my, aren't Diane's feet

Oh my, aren't Diane's feet going to feel so special with those new socks on Pam? Fabulous post! I so enjoyed reading it and getting to see into Lindsey's wonderland store! How cool that it's situated so close to you and Diane. All that yarn looks sooo delicious and I'm not even a knitter or crocheter. Thanks heaps. Have a great weekend. x