Testing! Testing! Plaid Folk Art Acrylic! And a Fab Giveaway!


True Confession! Except for a little watercolor atc that I made for Chris last year, I have not touched paint since I was in college. Well - there was that youthful love affair with Casein paint when I was 12, but other than that, paint and I have never exactly bonded.

So, when Amy (Mod Podge Rocks) invited me to test and review a couple Plaid products, it occurred to me that the Folk Art Acrylic Paint would be a good product to try since I am basically a rank beginner - paint wise!

In addition to that, I have a little project that I have been putting off for quite a while because it requires that I paint! I am thoroughly intimidated by paint!

And that means - I don't need no stinking paint challenges!


Well - guess what! Folk Art Acrylic didn't present one single stinking paint challenge!

And - I am in love with paint again! At least I am in love with Folk Art Acrylic! Seriously! I am!

Look at that lovely bit of paint! It is light and creamy and yet it totally holds it's shape! Which means - it stays exactly where I put it - no running or sagging or wandering off into pores and scratches on the project surface!


As I applied it to the gourd surfaces it felt almost as if I were brushing on silk! And as you can see, once the paint is applied, it can be smoothed so that the brush marks all but disappear.

I left a few brush strokes in the bottom half of this section so you could see the difference!


For the most part, the Folk Art Acrylic did a beautiful job of covering the mottled surface, as you can see; but when I got to the really dark stains, it was obvious a second coat would be needed.


I took this so you could see just how well the paint covered the relatively clean surface on the top half of the gourd and how the dark staining challenged the paint on the bottom surface.


A second coat completely covered the surface stains beautifully. I let the first coat of paint dry for an hour before applying the second coat.


With my lack of experience, there are bound to be some mishaps! Like accidentally getting wet paint on my fingers and then touching my gourd!

I have not pre-treated the gourds with an acrylic sealer, so the surface is porous and the paint will be absorbed rather quickly. However, I am happy to report that as long as I didn't let the paint totally dry, I was able to remove it with a damp towel.


OK - now the part of this I have been sweating! The small stuff!

The fluid and "stay put" nature of the Folk Art Acrylic makes this product a winner for detail work. Especially in the hands of a newbie like me! I mean - why do you think I have been putting this project off for so long? The thought of painting all these little flower petals - thats why!

But I am finding this part of the project to be much easier than expected. MUCH! And fun, too! Imagine that!


I really came to appreciate just how lovely this paint is to work with when painting the little eyes.

Needing a bit of brown, I turned to a little sampler packet of paints I had picked up to make the eyes for my "Gracie Doll". These paints, while acrylic, were NOT Folk Art.


What a struggle. And as you can see - not a very straight line at all.

I planned on also using a lovely pink color in the kit for the little mouth and cheeks. But after the challenges endured while applying the eye lashes, I decided to simply use the Skintone color I had ordered! Much better! The little mouth glided right on.


The only problem - the color isn't good for the mouth and cheeks. So I mixed in a bit of the Apple Red.


Perfect! Just wait until you see her!


Once Folk Art Acrylic is dry, it seems to be pretty stable. I found that I could draw designs right onto the surface of the paint.


And erase them too! Without disturbing my lovely painted surface!


And "do-overs" are totally possible! The paint picks right up with a dampened q-tip so the design can be re-applied.


So - with all this success - using my Folk Art acrylics, I got brave!

This gourd is 2"! I tried painting an open work apron! Like I said - brave!

I used the Skintone again as the only white I have is in that little kit - and I am not going there again!

The surface of this little Jewelry gourd is very smooth and non-porous. The Skintone color is pale. And there is no way to work evenly around those tiny little openings in the "lace".


Two coats were necessary. Even while still wet, the apron looked much better with the second coat.


Now about that Giveaway!

Plaid will send the lucky winner of this giveaway SIX 2 ounce bottles of Folk Art Acrylic Paint in the colors of your choice. See all the yummy colors you have to choose from right here!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and tell me how you plan to use your paint if you win! Sorry, because these bottles contain liquid, we can not offer this giveaway to international readers.

Entries must be posted no later than 6:00 PM PST October 1st.

And be sure to check out the full "tutorial" for making Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls) out of gourds.

Happy 90 days til Christmas everyone!

Oh wow, wow, wow! TOOOOO

Oh wow, wow, wow! TOOOOO CUTE. I will be sitting right here, by my keyboard waiting for the tut!

I'm not entering as I live in

I'm not entering as I live in the uk but I just wanted to say that these look gorgeous and I can't wait to see the tutorial!

Great post Pam! Your dolls

Great post Pam! Your dolls are so cute, well done. I'm not entering the giveaway coz' you know I'm very international, just wanted to ask if you read Carin's blog? If not, check out todays post, I think it will make you smile:


Hanna!  You made my day

Hanna!  You made my day sending this link to Carina's Danish Christmas in September!  Thank you so, so much!  I am leaving the post on my screen all day just so I can be reminded that I have kindred spirits! 

What a lovely way to wake-up this morning!  A Christmas Tree!