Something Special for Your Children, Grandchildren and Your Inner Child


I love this little book! "All the Seasons of the Year" written by Deborah Lee Rose, illustrated by Kay Chorao and published by Abrams Books for Young Readers.

Children's books have come a long way since the golden afternoons spent reading to my children at nap time. Afternoons spent with Dr. Seuss, "Where the Wild Things Are", every fairy tale and nursery rhyme ever written, and our family favorite - "Old Black Witch".

Whenever I am in a book store these days, I take the opportunity to wander into the children's book area to soak up the enchantment to be found there. Children's books today are simply gorgeous! The illustrations and colors - fabulous and inviting.


Just look at this sample of the beautiful illustrations found on every single page of "All the Seasons of the Year"! What child would not be drawn in and enchanted?

I love especially that the story is written in rhyme. I truly believe that a childs attention and interest are most completely captured and held by rhyme. I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that rhyme also facilitates learning.

Author Deborah Lee Rose is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and when she is not writing children's books she is a science writer for U.C. Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. Not only has the New York Public Library included her books in their 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, but she has won the NAPPA Gold Award. Abrams  has published several of her childrens books - read about them here!

"All the Seasons of the Year" is a lovely, poetic reminder to children that they are loved, each and every season of the year.  But the sweet verses also remind both parent and child alike of all that we cherish each season - crashing into a pile of crispy leaves, splashing and cavorting about in a favorite swimming hole, or waking to winter's first sparkling snowfall.

While reading, two words that come to mind - actually more like "feel" -  love and contentment.


Artist and illustrator Kay Chorao is also an award winning author of over 100 children's books, one of them, D is for Drums also published by Abrams. It is no wonder, then, that she so perfectly illustrates the story with charming, appealing images. My eyes never tire of looking at them and I find some little previously unnoticed detail every time I open the book.


Can you tell I am smitten?

Now, if only I had my daughter's linguistic skills!

Professor Marion Diamond, UC Berkeley, author of Magic Trees of the Mind does have linguistic skills.  In her words - "The loving warmth of expression entices one to cuddle up... the rich, varied, brightest of colors accompanied by love-filled verses satisfy one's mind with overbrimming joys of delight, a most welcome experience in our overladen, busy world".

These two talented, brilliant women - the author and the illustrator - make me glad that I am, still to this very day, a child at heart.


And now, I want to introduce another brilliant woman! Bethany of The  Paper Pony!

Advent isn't really all that far off and this super creative and innovative "Advent Calendar" (Bethany shows it off above) will take some advance planning!

"All the Seasons of the Year" would be a perfect book to add to your special Advent collection! If you can't find it at a local bookstore, it can be ordered through Amazon.

I am hoping Bethany's lovely idea catches on and becomes a family tradition in homes all across the world.

If you love the idea as much as I do - pass it along!

thank you for the link to

thank you for the link to Bethany's advent calendar! I was planning something similar, but I love her idea of wrapping them!

The illustrations in the book are beautiful! thank you for sharing it also!

Thank you for this wonderful

Thank you for this wonderful book. I have always loved children's books and I think it is because my Dad has a soft spot for them! He would read to us all the time. He's one of those people that you never find without 1-3 books in his hand! Every year on Earth Day all his kids and grandkids go over to his house and he reads "The Selfish Giant" to us by candlelight. This was something we did growing up. Reading is BIG in my home! I just finished a class on Children's Literature and am now taking an Education Essentials class on reading. So your suggestion came at a perfect time for me. I did not find it at my library, but maybe at Phoenix's library! My Dad is just starting to take all of the grandkids to the big library in Phoenix. So, I'm sure I can slip my request in with them! Thanks, again!

I love her advent idea !

I love her advent idea ! I'll def be passing this along to my friends!

HUGS Pam! I hope you have a terrific week!

Oh my God Pam this is like

Oh my God Pam this is like the best idea ever. I can't wait to go to goodwill and start finding holiday books for Aaron our grandson. I have some of his fathers children books in the attic so I will mix them along with the others.He and his father have special time before he goes to bed.I think this will make a great Christmas memory Thank you

You made my day with this

You made my day with this comment, Denise! Bethany's idea is one of the best i have heard of all year!  I am so glad you are going to share it with your family.