Earth Loom Revisited!


Fall update on my garden Earth Loom!

Just finished tucking in a few flowers from a "dead head" tour of the garden! They will dry out, of course, but they will stay pretty and colorful for at least ten days in this chilly and damp weather.

A little fall color from my peony and big leaf maple. And more to come!

Terri, Saori Salt Springs and Weaving a Life, recently shared her completed Earth Loom and it's afterlife! There are some great Earth Loom links included in this post so take a minute to visit the links and get inspired to share an Earth Loom with your kids next summer!

Or better yet - start one right now and let them weave in fall leaves, wheat, Indian Corn, oats, dried seed heads, pine cones, berry branches, rose hips, what ever they find on their autumn adventures!

What an absolutely fantastic

What an absolutely fantastic creation! ~chris

I love love love this!!!! I

I love love love this!!!! I want it in my garden!!!! It's fantastic!

Wow-- that is amazing! I've

Wow-- that is amazing! I've never heard of an Earth loom before.

I bet you could do a gorgeous

I bet you could do a gorgeous edible version of this for animals, especially around Christmas with colorful seeds and berries. And I'm so sorry I haven't commented in a while - life got so hectic, and it looks like it's going to stay that way for at least a little while longer!

Sarah!  What a brilliant

Sarah!  What a brilliant idea!  I love it.  Now I just need to do two things.  Figure out what edible plants to use and figure out how to keep the squirrels away long enough to weave!

I think this would be a great

I think this would be a great project for the kids/grandkids.

Hi Pam, I am trying this

Hi Pam, I am trying this again with the right email (the other one is okay now but I don't use it).

I just spent an enjoyable time going through all the posts that I missed. You are a marvel with your crafts, your photography and your wonderful photos! Wish I had more time to try these things, they are all so interesting.

Pam, this is absolutely

Pam, this is absolutely amazing. wow.