A Ghostly Tale and a Giveaway!


Spooky! Spooky! Spooky!

My little spook is actually two spooks - one spook made using gauze stiffened with Plaid Stiffy and another spook made using cotton broadcloth and Plaid GloAway Glow-in-the-Dark Gel.

When the GloAway spook is tucked inside the gauze spook you get a ghostly, three dimensional, semi transparent ghost! When the lights are turned out!

The tutorial here. Today - a little about what I learned working with these two really cool Plaid products - and , of course, the giveaway announcement!


When the opportunity came along for me to review a couple Plaid products, I thought immediately about the little gauze ghosts I have been making for at least 25 years.  Actually not so little - most of my ghosts are between 12" and 16" tall!

I have always made my ghosts using diluted white glue. It is a messy process and I absolutely hate the feel of the glue on my hands - not to mention cleaning up the mess!

Here was the perfect opportunity to find out if there is a better way!

I poured some undiluted Stiffy into a bowl and added my first ghost - er - piece of gauze. The Stiffy instantly vanished into the fabric!


My first reaction, having been used to the slushy, runny glue experience was "oops" this may not turn out so great! But I went ahead with the process anyway, draping the gauze over the "ghost form" and arranging the gauze in soft fluffy piles around the base.

As I played with the Siffy saturated fabric, I began falling in love with this amazing product!

When I made ghosts - and I made many - with the diluted white glue, I couldn't work fast enough - all I wanted to do was get that glue off my hands! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

But this time I found myself happily enjoying the experience of arranging the folds and piles, pulling this way and then that. The Stiffy did not feel unpleasant on my hands at all.

The instructions on the Stiffy bottle suggest allowing the fabric to dry out about 45 minutes before shaping, but I decided to use it in exactly the same way as I would if it were glue and arranged the fabric immediately.


It seems to me that the Stiffy ghost dried a little more quickly than those I made with glue, but it still took all of 12 hours to dry out the body and then another day to thoroughly dry the piles at the base.

P1080640 Past experience had taught me that to create a really sturdy ghost, I needed to use two layers of glue soaked gauze. (One layer of gauze tended to sag in time. Not that that is a bad thing - a little disfigurement in a ghost isn't a bad thing! But sturdy - NOT!)

Somewhere on the Plaid site, I found the suggestion that fabric layers be done one at a time. But again, I wanted to stay as close as possible to the way I was used to making ghosts, so I dunked two layers of gauze into the Stiffy and then draped them onto my form.

The drying time was a little longer, but I got exactly the result I was after! Once dry the double gauze fabric became very firm, and nearly opaque. Equal in stiffness to my glue ghosts - using much less product.

The stiffness of the fabric is very important to me because I keep my ghosts for years and years, packing them away after Halloween and bringing them out again the following October.


The ghost on the left - a single layer of gauze. The ghost on the right - a double layer. I am not sure how well the little guy on the left will last - time will tell. But the ghost on the right is going to be around a long time!


A close-up of the glue ghost - he's been haunting me for ten years at least and beginning to yellow with age - mostly in the piles at the base where the glue literally pooled during the drying process.

That is another thing I noticed about Stiffy - it stayed put! LOVED that!

And I am thinking, don't know for sure but am thinking, that since Stiffy is designed specifically for use with fabrics, it won't turn yellow.

Oh - and when dry, Stiffy had not nearly permanently bonded to the ghost form! It released easily.


I took a fairly close shot of the glue version and the Stiffy ghost. I don't know if it is of value - but for what it is worth - the one above is my old glue ghost.


Stiffy ghost!


The whole family! "Vintage" members are the two on the right!

Now! I bet you are wondering about the GloAway Glow-in-the-dark Gel! Ha! That was loads of fun too!

I didn't want to just paint the surface of my ghost with GloAway. I wanted to see if I could make it seem as if it were glowing from within.

To do that, I cut a circle of broad cloth and painted it with GloAway Gel.

This stuff is so cool! It is sort of like pudding in consistency and it glides so smoothly and easily onto the fabric surface. It cleans up very easily! And the best part of all - the brush glows in the dark. I just HAD to see if it would - you know how it is!


Dry time was unexpectedly long - about 12 hours before all the inside folds dried completely. The outside surface - a couple hours or so. But I was surprised and pleased to find that the GloAway did not stiffen or alter the fabric in any way. It was just as pliable and drapey as it was before application - and as you will see when you read the tutorial, that is important!

GloAway is recommended for kids as it is non-toxic and they can use stencils to paint glow-in-the-dark "tattoos" on their skin or designs on their clothes on on their toys or the windows! Everything washes right out. My only concern would be the time it takes to dry.  But, the dry time may be because I applied it too thickly-  don't know.  But I am thinking kids would also tend to apply it thickly.

And since I was informed that I should be very honest, I will also mention that I LOVE my ghost, but I wish Plaid could figure out how to extend the glow time. The gel only glows about 15 minutes. It recharges very quickly - only a minute is needed. But - longer glow time would be even better!


And now - drum roll please -

the GIVEAWAY! Compliments of our Queen of Mod Podge - Amy at Mod Podge Rocks and Plaid Enterprises!

One 8 oz bottle of Plaid Stiffy and one 4 oz bottle of Plaid GloAway Glo-in-the-dark Gel. (YOUR bottle of Stiffy, however, will be full of product!)

To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me how YOU would use your bottles of Stiffy and GloAway!

Giveaway ends at 6:00 PST, October 20th, 2010.

I am sorry, but because the product is a liquid, we can not ship international.

Tutorial for making Ghostly Trick-or-Treaters and Spooky GloGhosts to follow soon!

I would totally make some of

I would totally make some of your ghosts! They're wonderful! I would probably make some miniature ones to hang from the chandelier too :D

I recently heard about making

I recently heard about making "sculptures" using wire, cloth and a very expensive product that sounds almost the same as Stiffy...also, the expensive product is unavailable in stores in Canada, and I wanted to make something with a product that is readily available, so I found the Plaid Stiffy product in Walmart yesterday and am going to try my hand at making garden sculptures. I read online that if I paint the finished sculpture with varnish, it may be able to be used outdoors, providing there are no extremes in the weather. The Stiffy liquid is well priced, but I had not heard of the Glo in the dark stuff until just now. I want to make as many of these "sculptures" as possible during the winter months to give away to family and friends for gifts.

I would make stiffy ghosts!!

I would make stiffy ghosts!! They'd be the perfect first project and I love Halloween!

if we get it in time- i would

if we get it in time- i would use it in some decoration form for my kids b-day party and i would use the glo for halloween.
tcogbill at live dot com

I just love the idea of using

I just love the idea of using the Glo-Away under the gauze. I do some woodcrafting with a scrollsaw and thought of combining the Glo-Away and gauze on the wood some how. It would take some planning, but think that the effect would be awesome.
Love your Ghosts!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are Bootiful!!!!!!

One word comes to mind when I

One word comes to mind when I look at your idea packed blog ... "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!!! According to Wikipedia this word roughly means "Atoning for educability through delicate beauty." Your amazing creativity has captured the meaning of this word! I hope the winner of the prize package, be it myself or another lucky crafter, will reward themselves with a craft day to play and learn and create as much magic as 24 hours can hold.

I love Halloween, so I would

I love Halloween, so I would try using the products for ghosts-- I especially love the ones with hats on. Would be fun to do with my Art students in school as well.

Love your ghost and I'm going

Love your ghost and I'm going to try them if I win. If they look half as good as yours I'll be happy.

Love your Ghosties! I would

Love your Ghosties! I would like to try the Stiffy fabric stiffener on Angel bodies and wings for Christmas.
Glo-away would be perfect for Christmas ornaments,and
ribbon painting,every season needs a little Glo-away.

Halloween is my favorite

Halloween is my favorite holiday-I woud love to try & make some ghosts for us & would love to make some skulls, spiders & other fun stuff with the glowaway!
Thank you for the opportunity!

Those are adorable! I'd love

Those are adorable! I'd love to make some of my own.

I love this little ghost....

I love this little ghost.... I was thinking maybe making some little ones and put them on a wreath....for the front door.....and them make some more to hang in our trees....put a black light on them....how spooky plus decorated .... thank you for the chance.....

I use to make these cuties by

I use to make these cuties by using tomatoe cages with a styrofoam ball on top and they drape the gauze over. Love the products.

I would make a similar

I would make a similar project with cheesecloth except I would make miniatures to hang from an embroidery hoop mobile along with some black, orange, and white pompoms- assuming it would work of course.

Oh! How exciting! I love

Oh! How exciting!

I love contests. I love trying new things/products. Even though it is not a "new product" it would be new to me, because I have never used it.
I would LOVE to try to make your ghosts. I think I may also try to make a skull, as I am in the brainstorming stage of decorating my son's bedroom, and he likes skulls, blood and other such dark things... how thrilled would he be to walk in and see a glow in the dark skull that I MADE!? ha ha

These ghosts are so cool. I

These ghosts are so cool. I would paint our pump,ins with the glow in the dark paint so they would glow at night! The stiffy, well I think I'd like to make some ghosts like yours!

Oh my goodness!!! Those

Oh my goodness!!! Those ghosts are sooooo stinking cute!!! I would totally have to make some ghosts if I won! I LOVE those!!!!

I've made the ghosts like

I've made the ghosts like this before with Stiffy but never used the Glo-Away before. Just have to try this!!

I have not made stand up

I have not made stand up ghosts in years! That is what I would do with this as it sounds so much less "messy" than the old method and making them GLO sound really "scary" for the kiddos. What a wonderful project to get the kids involved in too!

I would make the ghosts. I

I would make the ghosts. I don't have enough ghost decorations and I love anything that glows in the dark. I'm also up for trying a new craft and product.

I luv the ghosties! Some bats

I luv the ghosties! Some bats hanging around would be ghouly too!

I've seen some cute witches

I've seen some cute witches that would be fun to try with these products. And I think they would make a neat tree top angel, as well.

luv this tutorial. i have a

luv this tutorial. i have a tree out front so i think i would make little ghosts with the stiffy and glo away and hang them from the tree so they can blow in the wind---ohhhhh spooky. :)

I have used stiffy for many

I have used stiffy for many years and have made woodland santa's some of mine are over 17 years old. And still can stand up to any ceramic one. As I was pulling out my halloween decorations I found an old witch head and have vowed that I would make her a stiffy dress this season, not sure if it will be done for halloween though. I might even make her ghostly friend or two. As for the glo away I think she would look good standing in front of a big glowing moon.

What a fune project and

What a fune project and Halloween project! I'd love to try to make some of these ghosts. I think my 3 yr old would love them! I'd also like to try the glow in the dark gel on a t-shirt for Halloween. Thanks!

I was wondering how it would

I was wondering how it would be to place the ghosts over some white Christmas light strands?

I have to say I think I'd

I have to say I think I'd probably start by trying your project- I'd love to have some 3d ghosts to display next Halloween!

I love your ghosts. I would

I love your ghosts. I would have to make one with the Stiffy and GloAway!

I would make angels w/the

I would make angels w/the Stiffy & some I would giveaGlo away aura.
Would love to try it.

Wow, I'm thinking that would

Wow, I'm thinking that would make fabulous wings for a skeleton creation that has been forming in my head. I have these skeleton plastic cups I bought at the dollar store. I want to either paint them or cover them with some epoxy sculpt then put that on a barbie body & finish embellishing with more Aves. With gauze, wire & some ghostly glow, wouldn't that be a perfect Halloween scare???


I don't know if ghosts should

I don't know if ghosts should be called adorable but yours are. They have that scary element of Halloween without being grotesque.

My son would go crazy for the glow gel. I can see him painting tattoos all over his body. It would be nice if it didn't wash away though. Then he could make some glow t-shirts that could be washed.

Does your mind ever take a rest? You are always coming up with fun craft projects for us.

Never mind the giveaway- i am

Never mind the giveaway- i am in love with those ghosts!
Chick, they are fantastic. Thanks a lot for this boospiration!

I LOVE your ghosts - and I

I LOVE your ghosts - and I would use the Stiffy and GloAway to try to make a couple little ghosts myself.

I really think, that I would

I really think, that I would be rather scared if I met one of those glowing in the dark ghost.
I do not know if they are realistic, who know how ghosts look, but they are very convincing!