Happy Halloween


Diane and Mike! Pure "vintage" Halloween!

Costumes were always simple and inexpensive. Diane is wearing a little dress/apron I made her and Mike his very Raggedy Andy cords and shirt. All that was needed - a couple of yarn wigs and a little work with eyebrow pencil!

(Mike hated the wig and nearly destroyed it before we plopped it on his head and grabbed this shot! Diane, of course, was MUCH better behaved.

I am wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

I had a couple more posts planned for this week, but I have decided to take a short blogging break so I can spend the time I would spend writing posts catching up with what all of you are doing!

And prepare for a busy November and December! Winter Holidays are right around the corner!

Awesome Photo... Thanks for

Awesome Photo... Thanks for sharing... They look so cute.

How cute is this?? I love

How cute is this?? I love these two!

Hi Pam! What a fun post - I

Hi Pam!

What a fun post - I love to reminisce - What adorable pictures! Hope you had a fun Halloween!

Thank you for your comment on my blog - It's so easy to get caught up in trying to keep caught up!! Always fun to see you there. I always love your blog too, but I sometimes have a hard time leaving a message, I'm not sure why? It's probably my computer... :0( Anyway, have a wonderful day!!


how great! My mom made our

how great! My mom made our costumes when I was growing up. I especially remember kindergarten, I was a mouse and my twin Laura was a panda bear.

I wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog the other day, I would just love to talk knitting more with you of course and I look forward to reading about your holiday ideas, I am so looking forward to Christmas!

He-he-he, oh my goodness! My

He-he-he, oh my goodness! My sister is *PETRIFIED* of Raggedy Ann and Andy - this picture would scare the crap out of her!!! (P.S. I don't think it's scary at all - Diane looks extra adorable).

OMG My mom has almost an

OMG My mom has almost an identical picture of me dressed as Raggedy Ann, when I was a kid!! Looks like we had pretty much the same drapes as well. Spooky!! Love the diaper poking out of Mike's costume... way too cute! Have a Happy Halloween!

I love the idea of Raggedy

I love the idea of Raggedy Ann and Andy! So cute! I LOVE Diane's dress/apron. Perfect fun length for that age! Great job (even if it was a year or two ago that you made those costumes!).
Enjoy your time off of new posts!

I came back this morning to

I came back this morning to see the Springerle post and get to the links to plan my cookie for this weekend, and I see this incredible photo. Just Incredible! Cute and nostalgic and funny and memorable. I love that shy Diane face. And Mike's diaper. And the cool way you made their Halloween perfect.

I LOVE it Pam!! They really

I LOVE it Pam!! They really do look fabulous! I'm surprised Mike sat still long enough for you to put his face on! ;o))))))
A very Happy Halloween to you too! Enjoy!!! xxx

That's the cutest Halloween

That's the cutest Halloween picture I've ever seen!!! I love the costumes, their faces are priceless. Poor tortured Mike, I see a pack of candy in each of his hands, distraction so you could steal a very quick picture - fantastic!

Such cuties!

Such cuties!

LOL! Do they hate you for

LOL! Do they hate you for sharing this?
They look adorable!