Winter Holidays Begin with a Happy 2nd Blogging Anniversary Giveaway!


Goodbye Halloween!


Hello Winter Holidays!


And Happy 2nd Blogging Anniversary to me!


And happy Gingerbread Snowflakes second anniversary to YOU! To celebrate, you are invited to leave a comment and enter the giveaway drawing for a Chocolate House Kit like the one Diane and I put together here! The kit includes pre-formed  chocolate walls, roof, chimney, door and shutters, a base and "glue" (magic chocolate)! The pink modeling chocolate is not included, but you can decorate your house with your favorite candies or make your own modeling chocolate - recipe here from House on the Hill.  Peggy sells the modeling chocolate in multicolored packs here.

Diane and I have made lots of gingerbread houses together, but I think we had the most fun assembling our chocolate house using a Chocolate Craft Kit.

It is the time of year to think about extra special holiday projects and activities, and I encourage anyone living in the Portland area to consider visiting the Chocolate Craft Studio. Peggy will have all kinds of fun chocolate holiday projects for your family to enjoy as you sit in her cozy studio surrounded by the delicious scent of chocolate!

You don't live in Portland? Don't despair! Peggy will ship a kit right to your front door. So, if you don't win the giveaway, you can still order a chocolate house kit and surprise your family with a very special day making a chocolate house!

The giveaway will end on Saturday, November 6th at 6:00 PST. I am sorry but I can't extend the giveaway to international readers. Too much risk the chocolate could be damaged or melted in transit.

But I have another giveaway next week that will include international readers.


Now, won't you all join me as I begin my annual celebration of the Winter Holidays!

Happy Anniversary! Come to

Happy Anniversary!
Come to visit me.. I have got something for you :)

I've done gingerbread houses,

I've done gingerbread houses, but never thought about doing a chocolate house. I love it! Happy blogiversary!

Happy second anniversary,

Happy second anniversary, Pam! Hope that your blogging energy continues many more years!


Happy Anniversary... Or Happy

Happy Anniversary... Or Happy 2bd Birthday !!!

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

You made a very pretty house!

You made a very pretty house! With new family members, it is time for some new traditions!

Happy blog-aversary to you!

Happy blog-aversary to you! That is probably the only gingerbread house from a kit that I've seen that I would be excited to put together- all the other ones I've seen around are so . . . predictable. It looks so old-fashion and homey!

Happy Blogiversary!!!!! I

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

I love the chocolate house! I always make a gingerbread house with the kids, they love it. I super love love love winter holiday creations - baking, sewing, making gifts, and decorating.

What kind of cookies are those in the last picture? We always make farmhouse cookies during the holidays, they are by far my favorite cookies to decorate.

What an adorable chocolate

What an adorable chocolate hut!

rosemills (at) bex (dot) net

Happy Anniversary. Bring on

Happy Anniversary. Bring on the winter holidays! Love your blog and all the great ideas.

I am a reader from Portugal

I am a reader from Portugal and I have found you by "accident" when looking for recycling ideas. Our festivities are differently celebrated but that is very nice as it brings the multicultural feellings to our points of view. I wish you a happy blogiversay and please keep just the way you are. (note: I have used some of your ideais and translated them to the european - portuguese - way of being).

Happy Blog Anniversary to

Happy Blog Anniversary to you! I loved all the blog posts on your chocolate day last year! It looked like so much fun! By the way, I also just read Diane's sweet post about you and your blog. She was totally right on all of it! Go figure that your daughter knows you best! ;) I love the relationship you and your daughter have! Reminds me of my Mom and I!
Love you and can't wait to get more inspiration from you and your beautiful blog!


We all love what you bring us

We all love what you bring us Pam, many more happy blog years to come.
You're a star!

Ooh, I'd love that

Ooh, I'd love that kit--either to make with my brother or with my boyfriend & his kid, depending on how long it will keep.

My brother and I don't live in the same city any more. :(

Happy blogiversary!! Just

Happy blogiversary!! Just gets better and better!

Happy blogiversery! To many

Happy blogiversery! To many more! (champagne glass clink)

Two years already? Wowza!

Two years already? Wowza! Happy blogiversary!

I am so excited for the holidays, I can hardly contain myself!!!

Happy Blogiversary!! Those

Happy Blogiversary!! Those two years just flew by.

My kids have always loved making any type of gingerbread houses. Now with only one kid in the house he could make and decorate anyway he wanted :)