Make a Beautiful Mini Quilt - by Christmas!


Here is a really easy gift idea! Make a beautiful handmade mini quilt using a "cheater quilt" design fabric from Spoonflower!

Do what I did! Make a cup of hot cocoa and then browse the 500+ pages of fabric designs on Spoonflower! (Actually I found plenty of appealing choices within the first 12 pages.) Picking your favorites will likely be the hardest part of making your mini quilt gifts!

You will find fabric designs that will work up beautifully into a small decorative quilt with almost no effort on your part because the designer has done most of the work for you!

All you have to do is add a bit of filling, a backing and then stitch the sandwich together following the lines on the fabrics. Add a border and you are done!

The contents of my package? Well - first I want to show you (in the photo above) just how beautifully Spoonflower wraps your fabric before shipment.


And here they are! My soon to be mini quilts!


I just adore this Russian Doll pattern for a "cheater quilt" by designer Nadja Petremand. How much easier can making a quilt be? And this design is so festive, colorful and following all those straight lines - piece of cake! It is small enough that it could even be stitched by hand if no machine is available.

Check out more of Nadja's designs and follow her blog. Very talented lady.

The other fabric I ordered is Gnome, Alaska by ceanirminger. I don't have a picture for you but please go visit the link and see how cut it is! I just love the gnomes and houses and shrooms and plan to quilt this one by following the hill and valley lines. And, if you are feeling especially ambitious, hand quilt around the shroom houses and maybe even add a bit of embellishment!

Stained Glass Rose Window would also work up nicely as a holiday quilt!

Although the site side bar has several categories, I find it best to just start clicking through the designs in the main shop.

Some other mini quilt options - Christmas hearts, or Hearts and Stars, or this sweet floral cheater quilt, or this delightful animal children's quilt for that special little one to snuggle up in!

There is still plenty of time to order your fabric and whip up a hand made cheater mini quilt - or two or three - before Christmas!

oh, no! I wish you hadn't

oh, no! I wish you hadn't shared these links, because I've just added even more to my list-of-things-to-do! I think I'm going to have to start making a list-of-things-to-do for next year, otherwise I'll never get anything done!

Spoonflower has so many

Spoonflower has so many wonderful fabrics. Love your choices. The Russian dolls are adorable but I think the gnomes are my favorite. Cheater quilts are great for this busy time of year.

Those are really sweet

Those are really sweet patterns Pam. A very good idea for Christmas gifts. Hmmm, maybe some overdue baby gifts I'm behind on making too! I'm sure yours will turn out extra special.