How to Get This 6 Page Woven Tree Tutorial for Free


I have had so much fun making these little woven paper tree ornaments that I have created a PDF tutorial. The tutorial is available free to any one who orders one of the e-books listed in the Craftypod Store here and here before December 31.

Crafty Business Ebooks include "Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People"; "Social Media for Your Crafty Business": and "Creating a Blog Audience": An Unconventional Marketing Guide".

Crafty EBooks include "(Not So) Sweets:Easy, Decadent Low Sugar and No Sugar Desserts"; "Weaving Un-loomed"; "Card, Paper, Ribbon" by Kristin Roach. And it looks like you are going to get another chance to order that fantastic collection of holiday ornaments by some of the crafty blogosphere's super stars - "Crafty Tree Trimmings"!

Order any one of these Ebooks to get the Woven Paper Tree Ornament tutorial. The little trees are so much fun to make, easy using a trick I learned in Diane's Ebook, and not only work as ornaments but also as gift tags and holiday cards.


Now a little about two of my favorite Ebooks!


Now that holidays traditionally celebrated with decadent desserts are just around the corner, anyone on a sugar restricted diet will appreciate the sweet and yummy sugar free options that fill the pages of "(Not so) Sweets".

Just so you know, the recipes are not designed for people on a weight loss diet - rather they are designed for people who must or choose to restrict their sugar intake. The winter holidays can be one of the most difficult times of year for these folks because there are delicious temptations everywhere they turn. And all too often sugar free or sugar reduced desserts are designed to appeal to dieters. Every possible calorie is removed. Not the case with the desserts in "(Not So) Sweets".


Treats included - Cream Puffs, Chocolate Mousse, and Linzer Cookies, Panna Cotta, Frosted Bourbon Brownies, Cheese Blintz and Oatmeal Cookies filled with nuts and bits of dried fruit or chocolate. And unlike so many sugar reduced treats, these desserts taste just like the full sugar originals.

"(Not So) Sweets" is a great resource for those of you who want to surprise loved ones who must restrict their sugar consumption with a few treats they can enjoy this holiday season.

Or you could print it out, make a pretty book cover, and you have a perfect gift for someone who cooks for family members who must reduce their sugar intake.


Diane has published several Crafty Business Ebooks, but her first crafty Ebook,"Weaving Un-loomed", is still my favorite! I have made some version of every project in the book so I can speak with authority - this book is not only clearly and beautifully written, it also teaches you basic weaving skills that allow you to move beyond the book and create your very own woven projects.


Projects in the book include place mats, cushions, a tote, woven applique and jewelry. And as I said, I have made something using every technique included in the book!

Diane created a project for a tote using burlap and ribbon, I used burlap and wheat to create a table runner. She used woven applique to create hearts on a denim jacket and I used the same technique to make little woven yarn hearts for my Valentine tree. She created pendants and bracelets using paper and I modified her technique to create the little woven paper trees shown in this post.

My point is this, don't look at "Weaving Un-loomed" as a collection of projects and judge it's usefulness on the basis of whether or not you are interested in making the particular projects. Consider the projects as learning tools - because they are! My projects don't look anything al all like Diane's!

And one more note: you all know from experience just how picture heavy our tutorials can be and these Ebooks are no different - lots of pictures to accompany the text.



Ebooks make great gifts so why not go to the Crafty Pod Shop and place an order for your favorites and get your free 6 page Woven Tree Tutorial in time to make some woven trees for your holiday tree!

Love the trees! Would love

Love the trees! Would love to learn something new and win the woven tree. I could teach my sons how to make the trees. Great give-aways!

I love the trees! Thanks for

I love the trees! Thanks for the giveaway.

Thank you for this incredible

Thank you for this incredible giveaway, please count me in. :) I recently discovered your blog thanks to the Crafty Pod, you really are a very inspirational family. :)

What a fabulous idea these

What a fabulous idea these trees are! They are gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway -- I would LOVE to have any one of these hanging on my tree during the holiday season...

I am so loving that last tree

I am so loving that last tree made out of printed paper. LOVE IT.
And thanks for the giveaway!

The giveaway is really

The giveaway is really lovely! Thank you very much for it.
Your ornaments are really nice, too.

I wish you a very nice weekend.
Best regards,

What a wonderful giveaway

What a wonderful giveaway Pam! How generous you are.
How craftily diverse are you?? :))
I've seen Diane's weaving book on her blog and often wondered what it would be like, and you've helped there. It sounds like a lot of fun to be had.
Your little book sounds very tasty indeed! Especially for this time of year.
Loving your sweet little trees. How clever! xoxo

Those e-books look awesome!

Those e-books look awesome! What a great giveaway! Thank you!

Those ornaments are so cute

Those ornaments are so cute and decadent desserts without the sugar hit...I could so use that! Thanks for the opportunity to win these great items!

What a delicious giveaway. I

What a delicious giveaway. I am off to inspect the eBooks.

The woven trees are

The woven trees are beautiful. I love the blue and white one! Please enter me into the drawing. Your blog is wonderful and I've found so many neat ideas here.

I loved the trees, they are a

I loved the trees, they are a beautiful craft and I believe they would became gorgeous with magazine paper. The recipes with less sugar would became very handy here as in Portugal our traditional Christmas bakery has very high quantities of sugar and lots and lots of calories.

I follow Diane on Twitter,

I follow Diane on Twitter, and love her podcast. I would love to enter your giveaway. My husband is diabetic, and struggles with self-discipline at the holidays. I would love to be able to treat him a little, without the guilt.

Your woven trees are

Your woven trees are adorable! I love having handmade ornaments on the tree. At least 90% of the ornaments on our tree are handmade. I just love the look.

Off to look at the Crafty Tree Trimmings e-book....

Wouldn't that woven tree be

Wouldn't that woven tree be fun done with Christmas text printed in green and red! We love weaving here :) Gill.

Those are some wonderful

Those are some wonderful weaving projects. That looks like a great book.

What a lovely giveaway - the

What a lovely giveaway - the Ebooks are such a wonderful invention, you get the book right away and don´t have to wait for the postman to bring it!
Your woven paper tree ornaments are so beautiful as they hang on the Christmas tree..
Thanks for a nice and creative blog.

Eeeeek! those ornaments are

Eeeeek! those ornaments are the COOLEST! I am smitten!