St. Nicholas Day has arrived!

Did Sinterklaas visit you last night? Did you put carrots and a little hay in your shoe for his horse, and did you find gold coin candy in your shoe this morning? I hope so!


What could be more appropriate on the day that celebrates the man who inspired all future versions of St. Nicholas than to unpack and display my Santa collection? I have many, many Santas - most have been gifts from friends and family over the past 25 years. Santa artists Eddie Walker and Jim Shore are well represented among my mini-Santas. (Is it just me or does Jim Shore actually look like Santa Claus?)

As charming as these are, most of them are probably familiar and are available in shops and stores everywhere. Today, I am going to share a few of my very favorite, one of a kind treasures. Each one is hand-crafted, and I think you will agree, they are all just beautiful.

Santa in his workshop. A gift several years ago from my brother Richard (who provided the inspiration), and his wife Kristina (who provided the artistic skill). She made the work table, sled, rocking horse, Santa and most of the toys on the shelves. The snowmen, the teddy and the lovely little gift box are gifts from my sister Leslie. Les is such an accomplished gift-wrapper that I always carefully re-wrap her gifts (without the contents of course) and put them out for display!

Just look at the objects on the work table...

...And the toys filling the shelves...

And the details she stitched into the "elf boots", Santa's sleeve and Santa's britches.

Father Christmas... my personal favorite of all versions of St. Nicholas. These are gifts from Diane and I keep them out on display all year so that I can see them every day! (I put them in a glass case when the holidays are over.) Diane has never been too happy with the faces, as they were her first attempt at making a face from Sculpey. But I just adore each of them and I will NEVER let her replace them. I'm just saying....

A closer look at the figure in the middle of the mini collection pictured at the top of this post. It's created from driftwood by sculpture artist Tina Belt. I love her driftwood sculptures, and have given her Father Christmas figures to several family members.

I have included a few pictures below of some of her other driftwood creations, because she has told me that her website is no longer available and I want to be sure you see some of her other driftwood creations! She is taking a short hiatus right now and will resume working soon with plans to be on MySpace. You can e-mail her in the meantime.


Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Next week, we will be preparing for the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe and for a visit from Santa Lucia, with craft tutorials and foods and customs! See you then. I am going to take a little break - this has been an intense week!

Wow! This is the coolest

Wow! This is the coolest site - you are so creative. Thanks for all of the time you put into this so the rest of us could get ideas for future decorating.

Also - those are the CUTEST children I've ever seen.

How lovely. I love those

How lovely. I love those Santas. I have one Santa my brother gave to me, and he broke. I love that guy! The workshop is just too cool, and before you told me those two Sculpey Santas were even sculpey, I thought the faces were really good. I like the one on the left, especially. How can Diane not like them? She's a perfectionist, that's clear. I got her zine a few days ago, and it really is very well done, with no 'bleeding', well written, lots of juicy stuff packed into one place. The images are great, too. A real pro, with a bit of a bitters addiction. Or, should I not tell her mother such a thing?

Can one 'sort of' be addicted? I'm 'sort of' addicted to chocolate and vodka.

Thanks for sharing these Santas, Pam. And thanks for visiting my blog!

The Santa that your brother

The Santa that your brother and his wife made is crazy awesome! What a kind gift!

I'm really enjoying reading all of your posts :)

WOW OH WOW, these are

WOW OH WOW, these are unbelievabley gorgeous!!! Such detail. WOW, I am speechless.