Light up Your Thanksgiving Table with Mini Pumpkins! Another Joint Post!


Hopefully many of you still have a few of those little mini pumpkins still scattered about the house, left over from harvest and Halloween celebrations because Rebecca, one of the trio of sisters who write Roots and Wings Co, and I have some pretty cool ways to use them to light up your Thanksgiving table!


I don't even want to think about how many of these have been tossed out to make room for my Christmas decorations before I got the idea that they would make fabulous little tea light holders to set my Thanksgiving table aglow!

Rebecca and I are always talking about "stuff"! We share many of the same interests and ideas and crafts - Danish crafts in particular. I don't even remember how we came up with the idea of re-using all those little decorative pumpkins and turning them into candles, but once we did, neither one of us could wait for harvest season to get here so we could start playing around with our ideas!

We ended up with completely different carvings - mine are very simple and easy. Rebecca, on the other hand, has created some really lovely little works of art which she is sharing along with pumpkins her children carved! You must go see them - right now!

I totally envy her skills and if I still lived in Phoenix, I would put her to work every November carving mini pumpkins for my Thanksgiving table! Well maybe not - after getting the e-mail message below, I think it would be much more fun to join her! We must be soulmates!

"Anyways, it was really fun carving these with my kids.  Truth be told we were carving our Halloween pumpkins, the week before Thanksgiving, while we listened to Christmas music.  I thought that was pretty funny and so like me! ;)  I love all the holidays and merging them is fun. "


I chose to use these little pumpkins because I just love their shape - they remind me of miniature Cinderella carriage pumpkins. Rebecca chose to use the little round pumpkins which actually may be a better choice if you are wanting to get really creative with your carving tools!


There is always that messy part - removing the gooey insides! YUCK.

But the good news is - the pain is over before you know it! There just isn't all that much yucky stuff to remove and it seems to me that it is much easier to remove than it is when cleaning larger pumpkins and other winter squashes.

So, dive in! Cut a circle out of the top that is larger than your tea light and remove the seeds and pulp.


Make sure to scrape a nice flat surface on the bottom area where the tea light will sit. And before carving, make sure that there is plenty of open space above the tea light.


My simple but effective carving tool - great for pumpkin and gourd carving!

You can draw your design right onto the surface of the pumpkin if you like or just free-hand it like I did. Free hand works great for simple designs but more complicated designs might need some preliminary planning.

So - here they are! My little Thanksgiving tea light holders all aglow!



You don't even have to bother with carving. If you prefer, leave them just as they are. They still work beautifully as little flickering bowls of light.


This is my favorite. I let the contours of the pumpkin guide my carving.


Don't you love how this little pumpkin candle spreads rays of light on the tablecloth.

Go gather up those little leftover pumpkins - or pick some up at a local market if they still have some available - and make a little magic for your Thanksgiving celebration.

And if you haven't done so already, go visit Rebecca!

can you preserve them from

can you preserve them from year to year?

April, I have leaves I

April, I have leaves I preserved using Mod Podge 6 years ago.  I keep my loose ones in a plastic box between sheets of wax paper when not being used.  I do not know how long they will last if kept out year after year.  

What a great idea to involve

What a great idea to involve the children with while the adults are busy watching after Thanksgiving football games. Wonderful family idea.

Very cute. I'm going o have

Very cute. I'm going o have to file away this idea for next year.

Those little pumpkins are

Those little pumpkins are adorable! I like that you can try out a few different ideas on the little pumpkins without getting bored with one big pumpkin.

Aww. aren't they sweet? I

Aww. aren't they sweet? I love the light they give off, fall concentrated in a ray.

Cinderella carriages?! Oh,

Cinderella carriages?! Oh, wow. WHAT an idea this gives me. I am always thinking about the dollhouse I'm going to make, and there is no reason at all that I couldn't make an automobile out of one of these!

They don't rot, do they...?

I love this idea. And it is

I love this idea. And it is even one I can probably do...with the kids, of course. :)

Pam, It was so much fun doing

It was so much fun doing this with you! Thanks for the great idea! I am so thankful to have you as my friend!

I love the pumpkin with the rays of light! Beautiful!