Join Robin and Me in the Great 2010 Stocking Giveaway

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The minute I heard about the 2010 Stocking Giveaway over at RSISLAND CRAFTS I wrote Robin and told her to sign me up as a participant!

What could be more fun than filling a stocking with goodies and holding a giveaway? Filling a stocking with goodies and holding a giveaway along with a bunch of other bloggers all at the same time - that's what!

This is not a swap - it is a giveaway and it doesn't begin until December 1st. which is plenty of time to make or pick up a stocking and fill it with goodies so you can post it on your own blog.

I hope some of you will join us! Actually, I hope many of you will join us! All you have to do is read the details here and send Robin a note and let her know you are in! Or simply add a comment at the bottom of the post letting her know you are joining us.

On December 1st. she will install a Mr. Linky so that all the participating blogs will be linked and anyone who wishes can make the rounds and put their name in the hat!

I have already started making a couple ornaments for my stocking! I just think this is such a fun idea.

Robin and I are shipping international - I don't know about the other participants. But if you live outside the USA and don't mind shipping international, won't you join in also? Stockings - as long as they are not filled with coal, can be quite light weight and easy to ship! Think about it! Write Robin! Say YES!

Now - I am headed back to ornament making!

I think this sounds like an

I think this sounds like an amazing giveaway! I think most parcel cutoffs for international destinations have passed, and postage to the USA has increased as of yesterday (due to extra screening after a recent incident), but I'm willing to have a go and put something together! thanks for the great idea!

Thank you for posting about

Thank you for posting about the Stocking Give away! I went out today and bought some goodies for my stocking :) It's almost December and Christmas is just around the corner.

Ends up I'm coming home for

Ends up I'm coming home for Christmas so my pre-Christamas preparation time is being cut short. If not I would be very into joining this fun giveaway.
And lucky the recipient who receives a stocking from you sweet Pam!