My Third Annual Podcast with Diane at Craftypod!


I interrupt my holiday crafting to announce that Diane has just posted our third annual Craftypod holiday podcast!

I hope you will make yourself a cup of tea or cocoa, pile a plate high with cookies, snuggle into your favorite chair, put your feet up and listen as we share a few memories and giggles while talking about keeping a more organized and sane Christmas!

Was so happy to find your

Was so happy to find your traditional 'cast with your great daughter. She has inspired so much that I have done in the last year. I used to think scrapbook was something invented by companies to sell products, now I keep a cookbook scrapbook with my photos and little story snips. My friend Marilyn and I have manged one Crafternoon when I worked on that and we are planning another. Also I've been doing my first podcast, just finished my October draft and working on two more more draft months before I go live next year. All because of Diane and Lori van Monan of Sew Forth Now.

Anyway.... I"m looking forward to finding those HANNUKAH ornaments you mentioned out here. Thank you for all you do and congratulations on having a wonderful, inspiring daughter to whom you obviously passed a lot of creative juices.

Btw those Danish hearts look mightyyyyy tempting....

Woot! I was actually just

Woot! I was actually just wondering if you two were going to make one, together, this year!
Happy, happy, joy, joy! :-)
(Am currently catching up with the blogosphere! eheh!)

I can't wait to listen to

I can't wait to listen to this. I think I will wait until I have a cup of something piping hot in my hands and a minute to put my feet up while I listen!

I'm hooking up to iTunes as

I'm hooking up to iTunes as soon as I finish typing this to download the podcast. It will be my listening pleasure on the iPod while I do chores tomorrow. I just love to hear your voice - it's almost like having you right across the road in that farmhouse I told you about!
Happy Monday :)