Easy and Fanciful Scrappy Trees Using Yarnia Cones and Yarn Leftovers


Look at this little tree (the center one) that popped out of my Yarnia scrap bag last night!

I am just crazy about it! Well - I am!!

I had no idea when I started playing with my "practice" trees (using yarn from my own stash) just where my muse was going to take me! Once I got the technique figured out, I dove into the little bag of yarn scraps I picked up the day I met Diane at Yarnia, selected a few bits and pieces that seemed to work together and let my muse take me where she wished!

I can not wait to get my hands on more cones (which you can order from Yarnia) so I can see what else is hiding in that bag!


Yarnia is quickly becoming my favorite yarn shop for so many reasons (read about those here) but especially because I can create my very own yarn!


On this machine!

And so can you! Yarnia has just launched the coolest addition to their site called "Custom Yarn 2.0".


And this is what it looks like! You can drag your yarn choices into the little boxes at the bottom and as you do, that cool little "scale" on the bottom right moves showing you not only the "weight" (fingerling, worsted, bulky, etc) of the yarn you have built, but also the total cost - instantly!

It is very cool and fun to play with and there are side bar buttons to help you with questions, a fiber guide, yarn weight guide - even a drop down chart under "What if i don't know how much yarn I need?" that gives you a guide to help you!

Can you tell I am excited! I am excited because this page gives everyone the opportunity to create their own yarn - no matter where they live!

And wouldn't a cone of custom yarn be just about the most perfect gift for anyone on your gift list that crochets or knits? If you don't want to make the choices for them, give them a gift certificate so they can build their own yarn.


Of course, Yarnia has an enticing selection of beautiful yarns all ready made up and waiting for a new home. I have my eye on that lovely green on the far right!


Now, about those quick and easy little scrapy yarn trees!

You will need yarn scraps and a cone. Mod Podge is optional but helpful. (White glue or Aileen's Tacky glue will also work.)


Start at the top. I dropped my yarn end into the little hole at the top and started winding by making a little spiral on the very top and then winding down the side.


I think, besides the colors, what makes the Yarnia tree work for me is that I changed the yarn frequently. It is easy to do, too!

Cut the yarn you are winding, leaving a "tail" about 2" long. Lay the "tail" on the cone surface as shown.

Place the new yarn as shown so that the two "tails" make an X.


Begin winding the new color, keeping the yarns very close together as you go around the cone. I am right handed and I held the cone in my left hand and wound in a clockwise direction with my right hand. For some reason, my work looked much better when I wound in a clockwise direction.

Play with your own cone and yarn until you find what works best for you.


Once you have almost completed the color you are winding, trim the "tails" and continue winding a couple more rows.


If you are using Mod Podge, brush on a thin coat before adding the new color.


Once you reach the bottom edge, place a little extra glue or Mod Podge right on the bottom edge, hold the yarn firmly in the glue, cut the yarn leaving about a 2" "tail", and tape it to the inside of the cone!


I couldn't resist buying one of the little bags of scraps at Yarnia, but since any of you who knit or crochet probably have your own stash of bits and pieces, making a bunch of these little trees would be the perfect way to use them up and create beautiful little gifts in no time at all!


The bag I brought home held a lovely selection of weights, fibers, and colors - everything from a very fine, sparkly pale blue/metallic to a five strand multi colored wool that I twisted tightly as I wound so that every inch looked different from the last.


The variety in texture, sheen, weight and color = a whimsical and fanciful little tree.

Go check out the new Custom Yarn 2.0, and before you leave the site, be sure to order a few cones and some bags of bits and pieces and go play!

Pam, Love your recent post

Pam, Love your recent post using cones from yarn. I want to send you some photos of what I have done with cones that were bought with thread on them - never got to use
all the thread so I found a new use for them. Please send me an e-mail and I will be happy for send them along to you. nancy

Wonderful idea! I had my eye

Wonderful idea! I had my eye on that green yarn too. I think that the Custom Yarn 2.0 is an amazing idea. I like that you can see how much it is going to cost before you commit to the yarn.

Pam I really like your tree

Pam I really like your tree ideas, they are so cute and so much can be done , however simplicity is the best..Have a Happy Thanksgiving , Izzy R from New Jersey ...

These are so much fun! My

These are so much fun! My Mom has a huge stash of yarn that I may need to peruse to come up with something like this! Thanks.

These are super-cute! Also, I

These are super-cute! Also, I didn't realize you and Diane (LOVE her podcast) are both in PDX! It's a good place, isn't it. I have to admit, I haven't made it to Yarnia. I need to check it out - maybe after I have fewer projects planned. I don't need more inspiration at the moment.