St. Nicholas Eve Cookie Recipe Swap: A Reminder and How It Will Work!


It is almost time for the St. Nicholas Eve Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap!

On December 5th - St. Nicholas Eve - Gingerbread Snowflakes is hosting a Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap by means of a linking system called inlinkz.


My hope is to share cookie recipes (or special holiday treats) from many countries around the world. Google Analytics tells me that I have readers all over the world, so I am hoping many will join in and share a favorite recipe that is a part of their family holiday traditions.


Participation is easy! To begin, simply post your favorite recipe on your own blog. It is completely your choice whether you post a "how-to" or simply the recipe with a photo.

There will be a special little Inlinkz button at the bottom of my post on December 5th that will allow you to copy and paste the URL, type in the name of the recipe and then select an image from you very own post that you want to appear with the recipe! Through the magic of the internet and Inlinkz your recipe photo and the link to your own site will appear right on the post on my blog!

I learned all about this cool linking system from Creative Jewish Mom and I have used it to post some of my own tutorials to her site for Craft Schooling Sunday! Go visit Sara!  She is making wonderful Hanukkah decorations right now! And while you are visiting, why not add one of your own recent tutorials to Craft Schooling Sunday!


Once the recipes are posted, any reader who wishes, can link to the recipe of their choice. They will have the opportunity to add a new recipe to their holiday celebrations and the author of the recipe will get some new visitors to their blog!

So not only will this be a recipe swap, it will be a chance to meet new bloggers!

I have met several lovely ladies through my blog who do not actually have blogs of their own. But they wanted to participate and share a recipe! So - if you fall into that category, I invite you to send me an e-mail with your recipe and I will place it on my blog so others can have access to it.

My friend Gill (who won the E-book and woven tree giveaway) has already sent me a favorite family recipe from Norway - Sandkaker. Her MIL makes over 20 varieties of cookies, in addition to sweet donuts and 30 Kransekaker! As Gill puts it - "there are cookies until Easter and then no more until the next November."


I realize there are tons of recipes available on the big recipe sites! But I believe that it is the family recipes that are the real gems.

And I am hoping that sharing our recipes on the swap and then baking a few new cookies for our own families will give all of us an opportunity to share in each other's cultures and holiday celebrations.

If you have spent any time at all with me, you know I am all about that!

There is nothing you need to do right now! Just, please, mark your calendar for December 5th and start thinking about what recipe you would like most to share. Of course you can share more than one if you wish!

Inlinkz will be activated for this swap beginning December 5th through the end of December, so if you are unable to participate on the 5th, you can add your recipe any time during the month by going to the little cookie button Diane will install on my sidebar! The cookie button will take you right to the post so you can add a recipe.

And of course anyone wishing to see the recipes will find it easier to use the cookie button too!


I will post one more reminder on December 3rd. The Post and Inlinkz will be activated at 3:01 pm PST on December 4th because that is 12:01 am December 5th in the Netherlands and the beginning of St. Nicholas Eve!

Being the ultimate cookie monster that I am, I can hardly wait for COOKIES!


Pam, this makes me happy! I

Pam, this makes me happy!
I definitely will be here. I have a special cookie with variations, even. And it's a personal family-of-two recipe that we bake every year and it's very special to us.

Thanks for all your hard work. I can't wait to see the other recipes! I'm going to a baking date on the 19th and will probably find many recipes through this swap.

We made ours today! I will

We made ours today! I will send a link soon! Have not yet put on blog! xxx

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!  I can't

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!  I can't wait!  Thank you so much for joining me!


And congratulations on you beautiful brand new baby boy.  Welcome Ted.

This is wonderful! I recently

This is wonderful! I recently made contact with the Dutch side of my family and I've decided to start celebrating St. Nicholas Eve. I had no idea what to cook, but now I remember lots of biscuit recipes that my Mum and I used to make together when I was a kid.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's.
Thank you Pam!
xx Katie.

I am hoping for a really good

I am hoping for a really good Dutch cookie recipe.  Right now I am using cookies from German roots as stand ins! 

I hope you will find lits of inspiration here.

I'm so glad you posted this

I'm so glad you posted this today. I was talking to my son about it yesterday and I couldn't remember what the date was.

I have plenty of ink and paper in the printer and I'm ready to find some new recipes to try.

Me too Robin!  my printer is

Me too Robin!  my printer is ready and waiting.  I can't begin to tell you how excited i am!  I love COOKIES!