Advent Calendar Emergency! Instant Fixes!


It is the eleventh hour so to speak for those of you who are still thinking about an Advent Calendar! Tomorrow is December 1st! But it is still not too late!

Here are a few ideas for instant Advent Calendars!


Grab 24 books from your child's library, wrap them in colorful paper and pile them into a basket just like Bethany does every year! She featured her brilliant idea for an advent "calendar"  on her blog, Paper Pony, and I think it is an idea worthy of becoming a national tradition - an international tradition - during the holidays.

If only I had Opra's powers - I would declare Bethany's idea a holiday tradition!

Bethany uses books on hand, but you could also begin collecting special books that are read only at this time of year. My brother and his wife had a special stash of holiday books they would place under their tree the first of December. Every evening during the holiday season, they would light some candles and cuddle up together and read to each other.


A beautiful online Advent Calendar awaits you on Yule Jol in Iceland. The whole site is so well done, but my favorite parts are the Advent Calendar which begins on December 1st and the Jolasveinarnir or Yuletide Lads who begin showing up on December 12th.

Without giving anything away, any one who appreciates vintage illustrations will love this Advent Calendar. And, there is always a treat waiting too! This calendar will be especially fun for children 10 to 100!


And don't forget the magnetic Advent Calendar that Fanie and I (but mostly Fanie) created this year! All you have to do is print it out on printable magnetic paper, cut out, and stick on the fridge or a magnetic board.

Too late to go to the office supply? Download on heavy paper and attach to a bulletin board with push pins!.


What I love about Fanie's ornaments, is that she offers them colored and uncolored which means that if you download the uncolored version, your kids can color an ornament every day as part of the Advent Celebration.

So there you are! Three of my most favorite quick, easy and painless ways to enjoy the Advent season! Now you have no excuses! Have fun!

Thanks so much for this post!

Thanks so much for this post! I thought about making your advent calendar earlier but I didn't have the supplies so I put it off. When I saw this post, I immediately printed the tree and ornaments on card stock. My youngest is 18 months old, so rather than push pins I'm planning to use Scotch Magic Removable Tape - it's the same adhesive as a post-it note in a regular tape dispenser. Thanks for the reminder, and the kick in the pants!