Yaaaay! December Has Arrived ! Time For The 2010 STOCKING GIVEAWAY

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Yay! The 2010 Stocking Giveaway has officially begun! I have been so excited about this particular giveaway I thought December would never get here!

I will tell you all about my own stocking and a little about it's contents in a minute! But first, be sure to pop over to Robin's post on Rsislandercrafts to get a list of all the participating blogs! Every participating blogger is giving away a stocking with goodies tucked inside! On December 8th, each blogger will select a winner for their own stocking from the comments left on their own post. So, if you enter more than one giveaway, you have a better chance of winning a stocking!

Robin is giving away three stockings!


And here is my stocking to be given away to the lucky winner!

The contest begins on December 1st and ends on my own blog at 6:00 PST on December 8th. Winner will be announced shortly there after!

International entries are welcome on my giveaway as well as Robin's.  Check with the other's for international status.

Enter by leaving me a comment on this post! Tell me the best surprise you ever found tucked inside your Christmas stocking!

I can't begin to tell you how excited I have been about making and stuffing and giving away this stocking!

The pink plush stocking is embellished with a Kanzashi which is only pinned on so that you can remove it if you wish and either add a pin back and make it into a pin or add a yarn tie and use it as an ornament. Or - just leave it on the stocking!

You can see three items peeking out of the top! Yes - that is a Matryoshka! And a Yarn Star.

Hiding inside are treats with which to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day, Las Posadas, "Angle Day" (my own little celebration on Dec. 10th), 2 craft kits to assemble, and other secret stuff!

Go visit Robin so you can visit the other giveaways and ... good luck everyone!

Lovely stocking!! What a fun

Lovely stocking!! What a fun giveaway!! The best suprise I every had in my stocking was a charm bracelet!

Well they weren't actually in

Well they weren't actually in my stocking but ten years ago I received two cows!!! real ones!

My sister and I once bought

My sister and I once bought very specific keychains to sneak in our parents stockings. She went out on her own and picked up a little tea ball keychain for me. So thoughtful and an awesome surprise to find. She is sneaky!

The best surprise in my

The best surprise in my stocking?
Last year my mom stuck in a little pewter teapot and cup from france- they are just the neatest!

- Love the stocking you made!