Rising Star and Solstice Lunar Eclipse!

Moon 3

The RISING STAR first!

This fantastic embroidered moonscape was created and stitched by Rachel Hobsen (Average Jane Crafter) -- CRAFT contributor, blog writer, embroidery guru extraordinaire, and moonstruck woman who still want's to set foot on the moon!

And she has entered her embroidery in the Nasa/Etsy 2010 Space Craft Contest and needs YOUR VOTE to help her most excellent moonscape embroidery have the chance to fly on the next Space Shuttle! Literally!

Rachel has long been known for her embroidery skills and teaches classes regularly in her home town of Austin, Texas.

Moon Detail 2

But taking an embroidery class called Sumptous Surfaces with Sharon B of Pin Tangle, has completely shifted her orbit and she has taken a giant leap into a whole new universe of embroidery!

Read more about Rachel's voyage, her inspiration and the creation of her moonscape. And take a minute to watch her little Vimeo!

Rachel has even provided great information to help you follow in her footsteps here and here.

Won't you please take a minute right now, register with Etsy and VOTE for Rachel's High Tech Hand Embroidery of the Moon!


Lunar eclipse 3 March 2007

Photo taken by Dazzie D


Yes!  If you live in North America you should be able to see it!  You can read more right here about the total lunar eclipse on December 21rst!!

Now would you all please keep your fingers crossed that we will have clear skies on December 21st. so all of us up here in the rainy, cloudy Pacific Northwest can actually see the eclipes!

Lunar eclipses on the Winter Solstice don't happen every year!

oh, my heaventy sakes. THIS

oh, my heaventy sakes. THIS just makes me swoon. I'm kicking myself for not getting here in time to vote. She's amazing! I'm going to go tell her after I read 12 more of your fabulous posts.

p.s. I was kicking myself and actually missed. It's been an odd year.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, sweet Pam! I am so appreciative of your support and everyone's kind words. The Moon is so inspiring, and what wonderful news of the Lunar Eclipse! Here's hoping it's clear skies for all of us!


Beautiful! I know how many

Beautiful! I know how many hours go into a piece of art like that. I voted :)

Such beautiful work Rachel

Such beautiful work Rachel does! She must be quite proud of it.
I even have my toes crossed for you Pam! x

Fingers crossed for a

Fingers crossed for a magical-celestial Solstice!