2010 Stocking Giveaway - The Winner Is.....


Number 16! geek+nerd!

Please send me your address and the stocking will be on it's way!

Thank you to all participants - whether on this blog or one of the others. So many great comments and memories shared.

And again, thank you Robin for hosting this giveaway in the first place. Making and filling the stocking I am giving away was a delightful way to begin the holidays! I hope we get to do it again next year!

YAYYY! I am so excited about

YAYYY! I am so excited about this :)

Yay! congrats geek+nerd!

Yay! congrats geek+nerd! Lucky you!
Thanks again for a lovely giveaway Pam. x

Congratulations Geek+Nerd!

Congratulations Geek+Nerd! Looks like there might be some good stuff down in the heel :)

Thanks for joining me in this blog tour Pam. I've had lots of fun!