Craftypod Online Class Gift Certificate Giveaway - The winner is...


Number 7 - Chris! Congratulations Chris!

I will send Diane your name and e-mail and she will contact you directly to set up your seat in the class of your choice!

Thank you to each one of you who entered the giveaway. I enjoyed hearing which classes appealed and especially - since I am a proud mother - loved hearing your lovely comments about Diane's classes and teaching skills.

In fact, I sent many of them over to her because I thought they would give her a lift and she wrote back with a little something for every person who left a comment. I will be contacting each of you personally soon as I need to give you a secret code!! :-).

Just so you have it handy -the upcoming 2011 class schedule!

I hope to see some of you in class in the new year!

WHAT? Me? Chris? Me,

WHAT? Me? Chris? Me, Chris?

It's a different Chris, isn't it?

Okay, I'll pay then. That'll show Pushkin!!

Dang! But congratulations to

Dang! But congratulations to Chris.
I'm putting the certificate on my Christmas wishlist now. =)
xx Katie.