Foraging with Style


My friend Joanie, who writes Nini Makes has done it again! I am hooked on another one of her Ebooks! She has created a beautiful Forager Bag designed to be carried on those lovely walks along the beach or in the forest or even around town - anywhere one might be inclined to pick up little treasures to take home.


You know the kinds of things I am talking about! Sea shells, drift wood, sea glass, bits of moss, lovely chanterelles, beautiful little stones, pine cones too beautiful to resist, fall leaves for pressing, even a lovely little fern - roots and all!


Most of my blogging friends are the kind of people who find delight in these things and bring them home often - or carry home treasures collected by their children. Me? I rarely take a walk that I don't return with something wonderful stuffed into a pocket!

But so many of these treasures carry with them a certain amount of - well - dirt! How do we get them home without getting soil or dust in our pockets? We make Joanie's brilliant, sturdy, beautiful Forager Bag for transporting them - that's how!


You can find the beautifully illustrated pattern and instruction here in a special edition Pattern Ebooklet Joanie has recently added to her shop at Stitch Village.

Read a little more about the Forager Bag here in Joanie's recent blog post and a professional review here on Craftypod.


I have the pattern! And I have enough canvas and denim to make two if not three bags! I think they will make wonderful gifts. And by making three bags I get to embroider a different motif on each one - because as you might guess - I can not make up my mind. Do I embroider the gold finch? The shroom? The shell?

Joanie has provided embroidery patterns for all three - and an oak leaf - as part of the Ebooklet. How is a woman (me), who loves every pattern Joanie designs, supposed to make up her mind?


Joanie's Ebooklet is beautifully illustrated and designed, the directions clear and easy to follow, and the pattern is very easy to make - even for beginners.


And because her Ebooklet is so beautiful, it occurred to me that when you make a Forager Bag as a gift for a friend who sews, you might want to include a gift copy of the Ebooklet so they can make bags for their friends! Diane shares some beautiful ideas for making Ebooks into beautiful gift books in her Craftypod series. This is my favorite!

It is my goal to start my first Forager Bag this month so it is ready for early spring walks along Salmon Creek! I will keep you posted on my progress.

OMG, that birdie! I love it!

OMG, that birdie! I love it! I used to read Nini Makes, and I don't know what happened! Thanks for the revisit. I'm going to check out what she's been up to.

I can't afford a nickel right now (well, I mean, just saving for things), but that ebooklet looks yummy.

I love the gold finch - just

I love the gold finch - just beautiful.

Made me think about the book

Made me think about the book by Tracy Chevalier, "Remarkable Creatures", about fossil hunting, Mary Anning and Elisabeth Philpot. Read it?

What an adorable bag! I love

What an adorable bag! I love sturdy denim bags for carrying all kinds of goodies.

Bags + embroidery = two great

Bags + embroidery = two great things we all need! I love the embroidered bird too, though right now I have to try to embroider some owls, I've been wanting to make some for a while now. :-)

My goodness Pam that was

My goodness Pam that was quick. Thanks so much for the lovely words and your beautiful photos too. You'rea gem!