Getting a Head Start on Holiday Gifts with a Swedish Tomte


I know! I KNOW! Christmas is officially over!

But... it is not a minute too soon to start making gifts for next year. After all Christmas is only 342 days away, and believe me that is not as much time as you think for making holiday gifts!

My first 2011 holiday gift project - ornaments and small decorations starting with this whimsical little Tomke or Nisse.

tomte outside

Image by Kathryn of the Pickled Herring

What could be cuter and more fun to make than the little Tomke featured on the Pickled Herring as part of the Scandinavian Christmas Series.

I promise you will find a big smile on your face the very minute you pop on the hat. And find yourself in giggles once the nose is in place.


Not only are Kathryn's little Tomke adorable and clever and surprisingly simple to make, but you can adapt them in so many ways to what you have on hand or how you want them to look.

I added bits of white yarns to the beard and because I had no little wooden beads available, I dusted a tiny pompom with rouge for the nose.

And the hats can be made in lots of colors. If I get ambitious, I may even add a bit of embroidery to one or two!


Since Kathryn's Tomke can be made in an assembly line fashion, I am all set to cut yarn, cut and sew hats (I do mine by hand), and prepare roving while I watch the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, or my favorite weekly shows on TV.

Then it is just a matter of taking an afternoon or evening to glue everything in place and the first gifts for Christmas 2011 are done!

That is so adorable! You're

That is so adorable! You're right, I'm smiling at yours each time I look at it.

I am making one of these with

I am making one of these with paper! Yes! I am going to use my painted paper towels, gel medium them together (gel-medium being a verb) to make a fabricky like substance, and then make Tomkes. AND, they are going to get a flower power VW Van to go with them. So, there.


maybe this isn't in the Holiday ornaments type of mode...

Holy smokes! I think you are

Holy smokes! I think you are going to be prepared earlier than anyone else on the planet! And to think my aunt, who finishes her holiday shopping in September, stresses me out!!!

Pam, Adorable! I tried to


Adorable! I tried to wear myself out on Christmas this year (started listening to my Xmas Pandora station in late October) but I don't think I quite got there, so this was fun to see a little post-Xmas post.


Wow you are on the ball! They

Wow you are on the ball! They are such sweet little guys! I love them. I would love to chat more about wood carving, it has been so fun to learn to do something that is not "fibery." Good luck with your projects!

He is so cute, I love the

He is so cute, I love the nose peeking out of the hat. I think he could easily be adapted as an Irish Gnome or Leprechaun (sp?) in March just in case you really can not wait to showcase him for another 360 some days.

Yours look absolutely

Yours look absolutely fantastic, Pam! :) Thanks for linking up to the Scandinavian Christmas series, it was so much fun, I'm already looking forward to next year!

I love the look of the thicker yarn in the beard, great idea!

It's never too early to start

It's never too early to start on next year's Christmas gifts and decorations! I love to get a headstart on the holidays and I've always got my decorations up and gifts all wrapped by the end of November. There are tons of great ideas out there and I don't see a problem with indulging in holiday crafting nearly a year in advance!