I Am Dabbler

Paint Jar 2

Image by Kyle du Ford

I have decided to embrace my inner Dabbler! Being a Dabbler is OK.

Weaving Roving Rug

Image by mrdubyah

When I was growing up, being labeled as a Dabbler held a certain negative connotation - someone who was a jack of all trades and master of none so to speak. Being able to do and enjoy many things was somehow viewed as less desirable than being a master - the best of the best - at one thing.

Being a master - a life long focus on one thing - just never worked for me - still doesn't!


Certainly my "crafty life" would be much simpler if I were traveling in just one direction. As a dabbler, I am often traveling in ten directions - sometimes more!


Truthfully, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed - do I want to spend time on that lovely winter white weaving that has been sitting half finished for three months; or practice, practice, practice making a wheat straw swirl; or cut out and sew the lovely Forager Bag; make more Danish paper cut ornaments and that terribly complicated but oh so beautiful tree; or start the first holiday quilt block for a holiday quilt that I have been brainstorming for the past two years.

Craft Supplies Stash Image by Barb Watson

My book marks are stuffed full - more projects book marked than I could ever possibly make. (Diane nearly fainted when she saw my virtual "stash" in bookmarks!)

And there are the "physical" stashes - being a dabbler means I must find space for all manner of stashes - fabric, wheat, tin, yarn for weaving, knitting and embroidery, paints, glitter and glue, paper, beads and wire.


So what is it that makes being a Dabbler so worthwhile?

Learning new skills and then using those skills in creative expression!

P1080377 So - now you know why Gingerbread Snowflakes is not just about weaving, or knitting, or tin work, or paper making... or even Christmas (which is how it started).

It is an eclectic celebration! A celebration of the creative spirit as it finds it own expression in art, craft, cooking, homemaking and in cultural celebrations and traditions.


And the crafty goals of a confirmed Dabbler for this coming year?

Finish my winter white weaving

make a shoulder bag from a Saori weaving

complete my Spoonflower holiday mini-quilts

make Forager Bags

learn to make wheat straw twists

knit another pair of socks and finish my blue knitted hat

and perhaps learn how to carve simple objects like mushrooms and gnomes.

As usual I have bitten off more than I can chew! But why not?

I think many of us are

I think many of us are dabblers. We dabble in something for a while until something new catches our eyes. I too am a dabbler.

This is just like me! I love

This is just like me! I love to make and do a hundred different things and the best part is when I can merge and overlap them - that's when things get really creative!

You'll never be bored, that's for sure. There's nothing more fun than learning something new and the excitement of creating.

Hi Pam, :-D Well, this post

Hi Pam, :-D

Well, this post come right on time as I was having the same thoughts, lately. Except that, for me, I'm really trying to focus on particular things and to use what I already have (Either in supplies or skills). But I SO hear you on this one!

It's funny you used the word "ecclectic" as I've almost used in my blog header template instead of "multitasking". :-p

So, let's just embrace this part of us for the new year, in a positive light. :-) (And by reading your post's comments, it seems there are -many- us! :-p)


Love this posting! I'm a

Love this posting! I'm a dabbler, too.

Thank you for this post! I

Thank you for this post!

I have followed your blog for a while now and I love the eclectic mix of ideas and crafts. Like you I have bookmarks a plenty of things to try and I so recognise Sheri's comment about projects migrating round the house. Thank goodness for a partner who supports my creative spirit :)I'd never thought of myself as a dabbler, but it fits me so well too.

I love trying different projects in different mediums. I get lost in the flow of creating and making, it makes me happy. Being creative is part of my identity I'm never going to be master of one craft, but that's ok, what I do is good enough. I'm happy with the label of creative or a dabbler rather than a master scrapbooker, jewellery maker, cross stitcher etc. And yes if I'm honest I like getting positive feedback from friends and family when I've made something and given handmade presents.


That Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none thing, with its negative imprications kept me back for a long time, stuck in things that no longer seemed compelling, thinking "if I just stick with ______ for a while, maybe I'll become a famous master and have galleries begging for my work, museums paying a fortune for just one piece." Oh, la, la, la... and would that make me happy? Who knows, I never got there... somehow my nature is to explore, learn, experiment, play and move along a wiggle-room path. Finally, I'm letting go of the self-criticism and enjoying the journey much more! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common on this one!

hello dabbler soul mate!) the

hello dabbler soul mate!)
the cross pollination of ideas is what makes my creative interests so unique to me, in fact i don't often give up on anything and i usually do end up trying new things. others view me as creative in so many ways and think it's just astounding that i might view all these interests as complicated and difficult to manage at times. honestly though, despite it sometimes making life a little unclear i generally love going in a million different creative directions.

I am a dabbler too and love

I am a dabbler too and love it...usually. I do different crafts depending on how I feel. I love to knit, crochet and hand sew while waiting at doctor's offices or during break time at work but I also love to sit down and quilt on my days off. I don't think there is anything wrong with being a jack of all trades. That's the way I grew up. My Father and Grandfather could fix most anything and always called themselves a jack of all trades and I loved it.

I'm totally a dabbler

I'm totally a dabbler too!

Sometimes I think I should just focus on one thing... but then I either realize how much less fun I'd have if I wasn't always on some new crafty adventure. Or my husband tells me he thinks it's great that I'm always trying to learn new things. That support makes me feel better about some of the less traveled roads (aka half finished projects and random supplies) in my studio.

I understand you so well! If

I understand you so well!
If one see the lifes possibilitys like a big buffet, It would be crazy just to eat one of the dishes.
Sometime it is so much fun to try something new, to explore and to try things out. There is so much in a life that is serious, because of that it is so to have fun too.
I hope that you will continue to find new ways to have fun.

Hey, I like the way you make

Hey, I like the way you make me feel good about being a dabbler myself. I needed that, thanks! x

I really enjoyed your post.

I really enjoyed your post. :) I love to try new techniques, new recipes, read many books at the same time... and I also enjoy trying to apply new ideas in different ways or directions, (I always try to find new ways of making miniatures for example).
It is true that I get frustrated when I donÂ’t get better at something and come to the conclusion that I have to focus on this one thing for awhile many times; but then another interesting project comes along an IÂ’m on the happy dabblerÂ’s path again!

Dabbler, dibber in old times

Dabbler, dibber in old times it was called Renaissance Man, someone that wants to continue to learn and grow. If not for renaissance we would all still be in dark ages.

Hurray for the dabblers! I

Hurray for the dabblers! I too tell myself I should focus on one thing but I need several irons in the fire. I like that once you have a decent craft "supply" you can do almost anything on inspiration. Keeps me challenged! Dabble On everyone!

I can so relate with the rest

I can so relate with the rest of you! For years I have felt like a "jack of all trades, master of none". I never really thought that was such a good thing. But now I can be proud of my dabbling! :)

I do wish I had a larger craft area though, I find my projects creeping into other corners of my home, which isn't so great!

Thanks for the inspiration, Pam.

Go DABBLERS! (Shouldn't there be an organization for us? Dabblers United or something?) :)

Oh Pam I am SO with you on

Oh Pam I am SO with you on this, I wish I could stick to just one thing but I never could, not in craft, not in life. Hurrah for dabblers!

Thanks for this! I too like

Thanks for this! I too like to dabble and have been thinking I should stick to just one or two things. But I love dabbling! So I think I'll stick to it. :)

Love the knitted socks!

And my paint jar looks almost

And my paint jar looks almost exactly like that first image! What color to use? Do I have time to clean the jar? no. On to the next brush!!

Oh, Pam, do I hear you on

Oh, Pam, do I hear you on this one! I am so eager to do so many things that I finally just stopped making bookmarks! I realized that I will always have a font of goals at the ready any time I am not at my job, walking the dog, cleaning, surfing blogs, going to social occasions, doing errands, or sleeping! After the hundredth thing on the list, how can anyone keep track? I still haven't made a woven paper heart! And remember our sun-printing? I haven't done another of those yet! But I will, you betcha.

Once someone who was a little tipsy called me a 'dilletante'. I took that as a snide remark to reflect how many things I'm interested in at a given moment. Kinda like a dabbler! But here's what I've discovered about you and me and others like us: We aren't complacent! We have a passion for creating and learning! With the passion for that, there's no way we won't see a million things we want to do! We love living and learning and challenging ourselves, and we aren't shy about trying. And if that's dabbling, I think it's the best thing in the world to be! We will be forever young, because we see every bright bobble in front of us as an opportunity to grab!!

Cheers To Craft Geeks!!

Pam for a dabbler you finish

Pam for a dabbler you finish a whole lot of projects!!! I say make what you feel like making on the day. We never know what tomorrow will bring so do what you enjoy now, even if it feels like you have no focus.
Of course I would say this as you know I'm a dabbler too!
Happy Thursday to you friend :)

Pam, I'm so with you on this

Pam, I'm so with you on this one! I'm a dabbler, too. Trying new things is so much fun! And I really like to read about all the different crafts you are making. I'm looking forward to your attempts at carving. That is such a great idea!

Keep it up!

I think it is an honor to be

I think it is an honor to be dubbed a dabbler! You dabble well, my friend.

Oh my goodness, I sure know

Oh my goodness, I sure know what you mean! My computer screen is covered with "sticky" notes of lists of things to make! And my "stashes" threaten to take over my house. I try to keep them organized in labeled bins - but that's just another project, argh! Sorting, binning, finding pretty labels to use (which just leads to more projects when I find the graphics and scrapbooking websites with all the cool labels). It's a vicious cyle, I tell ya'!