Saying Thank You x 4


Wow! I am totally blown away with all the lovely comments I have received on the previous Dabbler post!

A huge, warm thank you to every one who stopped by and left me a word or two of encouragement!

In my concern that the post might be too personal, I nearly talked myself out of writing it several times. But I am very glad now that I went ahead with it because I am finding that I am in the very good company of many other dabblers!

And again - thank you.


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There is a lot of buzz going on about the subject of all the free content we are all sharing on our blogs. And it's impact on the blogosphere in general - it's makers and it's consumers.

From what I can see,  bloggers providing free content are at a crossroads where they must either reevaluate their expectations regarding the potential for making sustainable income or join together in finding ways to make providing free content sustainable.

We all have benefited from the efforts of others to share what they know and now it is time we work together to try to find ways to sustain this incredible resource. Your input and thoughts are needed.

If you have been missing this conversation, here are a few links that are well worth reading. Read and join the conversation, won't you?

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The Non-Monetary Benefits (and Consequences) of Free  Craftypod

Can the Online Cummunity be Sustainable by

Why e-Classes are Worth It - Part 1 by  Things Bright

Why e-Classes are Worth it - Part 2 by Things Bright

I am sure by the time I write this, there will be lots more.  The point is, read, think and participate in the discussions.


 February - Valentine month is almost here!

I am not going to make any Valentine tutorials.

Instead - as a result of some of the discussions I have been following about "free" and how we can best show appreciation to those who have provided inspiration that has enhanced our crafty life - I have decided to devote most of the month of February to saying THANK YOU.

So you can expect lots of links to lovely people who have, in one way or many ways, enriched my life during the past 2+ years.

One of the things that came out of the "free" discussions is that so few readers take the time to comment. Some are concerned their comment will not be "good enough".

To be blunt about it - just say thank you! A simple thank you can mean so much to someone who has just invested 8 hours or more of their time in making a tutorial that you find inspiring enough to bookmark or make or share.

I hope you will join me in February because you will get the chance to meet some really great people!


I am headed off to class now! Craftypod's Craft Blog Tune-up Class! There is still time to grab a seat if you want some expert help in making your blog everything it can be!

And, in a few weeks, I will be introducing you to my classmates! Kinda like I did after the last class!

I especially enjoy the Crafty Blog Tune-up Class because it is structured so that you can get to know your classmates as they work to make a few simple changes that will greatly improve the quality of their blog. It is really fun to watch the changes taking place. Very inspiring! I highly recommend it! Hope you will join us!

As part of my own efforts for class, I am asking for YOUR help!



As most of you know, I started this blog to celebrate Christmas. That was Diane's great big, fat, very effective hook to get me started blogging. I would only have to blog two months a year she said! About Christmas she said. Two months a year!

Ha! She knew I would love it! And so the blog has taken on a new life and direction for ten months of the year. Being a Dabbler provides lots to write about that is for sure!

But I want some feedback as I launch into my third year. So would you please take a minute or two to answer these two questions in comments below.

1. Name two things you really like most about Gingerbread Snowflakes!

2. Name two things I can improve or do more of (or less of), or name something you would like to see me add that is not already a part of the blog.

I would so appreciate your input and thoughts. Trying to evaluate my own blog is like looking in the mirror. I am looking back at myself. I need your eyes!


Hi Pam, :-) You have so many

Hi Pam, :-)

You have so many great comments here that I don't really know where to start, but I still want to add my little ideas, as well.

Like it's already been said, I love how you share other traditions from all around the world. This fascinates me as it makes me feel like a little girl that keep learning new things.

I also agree that you should take a break sometime. ;-) I know it will probably be hard for you to do so but it will only make us appreciate your posts even more! So good for you for taking the decision to not make any Valentine's day tutorials. I really love your idea of sharing links and pictures from the other blogs. Link Love is always good. :-)

One thing I really loved this year was the "cookies from all around the world" holiday recipes. I wanted to participate but the first time I made it, the recipe didn't work! I needed to get another one and, unfortunately, didn't have time to make it. :-/ So, I'd really love if you could come back with this idea, next year.
Oh, and I would have loved to be able to buy an ebook of all the recipes that were sent. So, maybe this could be an idea for next year. And, since it's a collaboration project, maybe the proceeds could go to a non-profit you like?

And thank you for mentionning my post about Free. You remind me I need to write another one about it and comment the other bloggers posts about it. :-)

Take care! xox!

I really like the mix of

I really like the mix of tradition and innovation I always find here. I learn new things- traditions from far away or just a new way to look at a material that might seem familiar too me already. I also enjoy reading why certain materials drew you in and your thought process for a project. I think, one of the best things about reading blogs is not really how you've done what you've done but why.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Dear Pam As so many others I

Dear Pam

As so many others I droped out in your blog due to a google search and really? ... I did not let go of it. The things I would like to see in your blog? the ones you post! Some are more of interest to me than others as Your reality is completly diferent from mine as being an european but I love all.
All the best

Pam, what is there to say

Pam, what is there to say about your blog. You're such a quick study that by year three you already do everything the best bloggers do and more! I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe give yourself a day off here and there - you offer up so much I don't want you to burn out. You're a big giver. One of the most generous people I know and that's why we all love you and your blog. You give information, inspiration, encouragement, and most of all, your time.
Don't go changing, we love you just the way you are.

PS. looooove the yearbook picture :)

I really enjoy your ideas

I really enjoy your ideas about other holidays and some of the older traditions that you bring a new perspective too.

Before Christmas I had a lovely evening looking through your archives, remembering projects I meant to try and working on them with the children. Your efforts are appreciated. EM

Thank you for such a

Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

My answers to your questions:

1. Only two things? *smile* I was drawn to your blog because it has a lot of holiday themes, and I am all about holidays. I especially love Christmas, and I adore that you include traditions from different countries, especially Scandinavian traditions, as I have a Swedish background myself, and love to see how others incorporate Scandinavian flavor into their celebrations.

Second thing - you have fantastic pictures to go with your tutorials and ideas. It is very easy to follow along with what you are doing.

2. I adore your blog (and many others) but I rarely post comments because I am not sure what to say. When you ask questions like you did today, I am more likely to interact, which delights me. Maybe there are others out there like me who need some help with what to say. Heehee.

Hi Pam, I read your blog a

Hi Pam,

I read your blog a couple of times each week, but I rarely comment. I do not have my own blog, so I didn't realize how important the comments were. I will try to comment more.

The two things that I like best about Gingerbread Snowflakes is that it isn't just about Christmas, but so many other holidays in the world. That is how I found your blog, searching for information about other holidays (probably Sinterklaas) to teach my daughter. Second, I love your enthusiasm and style. I always look forward to what you will post next.

As far as what else I would like to see or not see, I think that is up to you. I know that if you are writing about what you like than I will find it interesting.

Thanks. Joann

I read a lot of crafty blogs.

I read a lot of crafty blogs. Like, and embarrassingly large number of crafty blogs. But yours is different. It isn't filled up with posts full of recycled cookie cutter crafts (not referring to recycling old cookie cutters to make crafts, I think that would be awesome. I am referring to the million blog posts and "tutorials" that focus on how to make the exact same product/same idea. Though well intentioned the writers may be, it is a lot of the same.) I like your blog because it seems that you are writing about things that you genuinely love, about crafts that have some sort of meaning to you, and about ideas and traditions that are important. I don't feel like you are writing your posts for the purpose of getting more traffic. I love that you reuse so many different things in your projects. I love that you are truly focusing on beautiful handmade objects. Not something that you will find coming out of a factory in China in a few years. And I love that. Also, I looked forward to your cookie recipe exchange for a full year! I am not sure how I found your blog, but I love it. And everytime I clean out my google reader due to the ridiculous number of subscriptions, I always keep yours around. Thank you for doing what you do. But, as much as I love the projects that you post, more than that I keep reading because you are a reminder of what it means to truly take joy in your craft. And that is something I never want to lose focus of.


First of all, Thank you! I

First of all, Thank you! I love your blog & I always read it.. I don't always comment though. I'll have to be better at it, even if it's just a short message.

It's been fun following your blog and seeing you do so much more than just Christmas.

To answer your questions, - I love the details and how-to's you give. And, I find that you often have projects and ideas that are really unique.

I can't really say what I'd want more of, or what needs improving. You have a lot to share and I've never been disappointed.

Thank you, thank you!

Pam - Everything I have to

Pam -

Everything I have to say seems to have already been said, but I'll say it anyway. :) I know I'm a newbie to your blog, and I'm loving it!

1. One of the things I love most about your blog is the variety! It must be the dabbler in all of us that appreciate the different and unique projects your find. I also really enjoy your cultural posts, explaining the history of something (like St. Lucia!) you're crafting.

2. I would love to see more personal posts like the dabbler one, it was nice to get a glimpse into the mind of Pam. :) And I'm always a sucker for anything Scandinavian, as you already know. ;)

Thanks for making the blog-world fun to be a part of!

I am also new to your blog.

I am also new to your blog. I found you late in 2010 from Diane's blog, but I don't remember which post.

I enjoy reading your posts because they are so down to earth. (I agree with the others on long-ish posts. It doesn't deter me tho!!)

I also like the fact that you have made a point to personally connect with me. (Replying to a comment I made or sending me a little email note.) It makes us readers feel like part of your family. I also kinda feel a mom-ish vibe, which is comforting, especially since I lost my mom last year. I know she would have loved blogging if she had only been a little younger and healthier. Diane is really lucky to have you!! (I'm sure she knows this--oh and sooo funny that she pointed you out in your yearbook! Go Diane! )

Anyway I just want you to know that you are one of the very first blogs I go to in my reader on nearly a daily basis because I too am interested in what you will post about next. Dabble away, Pam--I'll be "listening"! xo

Pam, I think your blog is so

Pam, I think your blog is so perfect that there's no way to say how perfect it is. But here's why:

LOTS of inspiration, especially at holidays, when I am afraid I just can't take another 'happy holiday'--you make me want to make more and send more and give more!
LOTS of YOU! You aren't afraid to share who you are, the honest feelings you have, the honest sense of limitations, the honest sense of excitement, photos and stories from your life... it's FUN!
and you don't neglect your SIDEBAR! At least it doesn't look like it! Even if I happen to be up to date on reading your posts, there's a bunch of lovely stuff to see, not the least of which is your Flickr!
and: GREAT Tutorials!
and: you bring people together and make them feel appreciated.

Now. If I can possibly think of any way you can improve this blog, I'll let you know.

..but I doubt it.

You are the first person that

You are the first person that "befriended" me in the blogosphere. I think what I love about GS is that your generous, friendly personality comes through every post from tutorials to books you are reading. The content is so vast and detailed that it makes it easy for everyone to follow and do at home. The only thing that I sometimes struggle with is the lenght of the posts. I think I struggle with attention span and when they are too long I kinda skim, but it is ME not YOU. Even this post above could be easily split into 2: one about blogs providing a free content and another for spending Feb thanking. I feel bad about critiquing since there is really nothing bad about it, it is just my attention span. I love it the way it is, I really really really do.

As for free content I often decide not to publish things that I think could be sold. It is tough because you need to create more content but as you know once those creative flood waters get opened there are a lot of interesting, highly valuable things that can come out.

Pam, thank you for your blog!

Pam, thank you for your blog! I find it quite enjoyable. And to fulfill your request above, here are my answers to your questions:

1. Name two things you really like most about Gingerbread Snowflakes!

-- My favorite things about Gingerbread Snowflakes are its craftiness (I love the tutorials and even just the posts about your projects of the past) and your focus on the history and traditions behind the techniques, crafts, food, and everything!

2. Name two things I can improve or do more of (or less of), or name something you would like to see me add that is not already a part of the blog.

-- I'm not sure what to say about this. I do admit that I'm less likely to link off elsewhere than I am to read your full posts, but if the topic or the recommendation to the other site is particularly interesting to me, I will follow the trail. Really, I like it all, so I don't have a lot of suggestions for improvement. :)

I really enjoy the variety

I really enjoy the variety you offer on your blog, variety of projects, themes, inspiration, pictures... I always look forward to seeing what you will write about next!
I also love the way you explain your projects or tutorials in a such a personal and clear way; how-tos might seem difficult but you inspire me to give them a try. :)
Sometimes I don't have time to read all of the posts because they are long but I do make a point of coming back to one I'm interested in if I didn't have time to read it all.
I look forward to redaing about your course!

I found your blog last year

I found your blog last year and I love it! You are so down to earth and honest in your comments. I'm a dabbler too and I love seeing everything that you do. I look at the things that you do and it lets me know that I can be jack of all trades - master of none and still turn out some pretty decent things. Keep up the good blogs and thank you very much. Just keep doing what you do because you are so good at it!

I pretty much second

I pretty much second everything Donna said above.

Also, thank you kindly for adding my blog posts to your link round up. :)

Have a lovely day!

Mom, what a lovely idea -

Mom, what a lovely idea - spending February saying Thank You to those bloggers who've enriched your life. I think you'll end up creating more value than even your excellent tutorials are capable of.

...Why didn't you mention that YOUR picture is included in that yearbook page above? (Top left corner, for those interested!)

I was pretty sure that was

I was pretty sure that was her!!! Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Diane. :) You are the best, Pam. The. Best. xoxo!!

Boy o boy is sombody in

Boy o boy is sombody in soooooooo much trouble!

Payback for spilling the beans = one thank you post on Craftypod in February!

Much love and a huge thank you for your persistence in convincing me to blog.  You not only brought me back to my creative center, but you have brought me into a community of generous and inspiring people, many who have become treasured friends.

My comment will be all

My comment will be all encompassing to your questions.
I love the personalization of your blog and the way you allow all of your readers to be a part of your life. There is nothing more enjoyable for me than to be able to feel like we are together talking about the "stuff" in our daily lives. Pam, you and all the other bloggers who share their ideas and crafts and patterns and everything else, with the world should not in any way be under scrutiny by the money-hungry business machines.
Lastly, please keep your blog going....there will always be new people who just find your blog each day and they
will be faithful followers, just like me and the thousands of others!

I'm new to your blog, so you

I'm new to your blog, so you can take what I say lightly...

Two things I really like about your blog: 1. your photos 2. the underlying honesty of it

Two things I like to see you do: 1. It's OK to get personal (as in your dabbler post) as often as you wish. 2. I always enjoy "process" posts, not exactly a how-to tutorial, not just the technical steps, but also including your thoughts and design ideas, your experiments, your visions... like you did with the God's Eye Christmas ornaments, the ones with beads.

Congratulations on blogging for two whole years! That's awesome. Have you thought about making a book of your blog? I did it with mine (4 years = 2 books)and am sooooooo pleased to have it all hard copy! Thanks for being here!

Dear Pam, Commenting on both

Dear Pam,

Commenting on both posts in one place as I've been catching up this evening (hope that's okay!). First on dabbling: When was it determined that we all had to become specialists? I found blogging because I wanted to learn..learn how to be frugal (and how to get out of debt), learn how to cook from scratch, learn how to eat and source food that I could feel good about, and learn how to "do" things: "things" ranging from wood-working to sewing to card-making to repurposing items I have. Blogging has been amazing for me and I think it has filled a niche left vacant by our highly-mobile, fast-paced society. For me, it has helped me stay sane, reinforced the direction I've chosen for my life, and let me know I'm not the only one on this journey of life-long learning. So, I say again, who says we have to define ourselves by simply one thing? In a world where people are rapidly losing the ability to do anything for themselves, this mini-Renaissance is a joy to witness. As I evaluate the fate of my own blog, it is this community that I'm loathe to abandon.

As for charging for blog content, I think everyone has the right to do so, but my favorite blogs are the ones that clearly indicate the honor-system is in place: I show you how to make this for yourself, but I reserve the right to ask you not to sell what I have freely given you. I don't know how well it works, but it is one more thing that makes me feel like a member of a huge, joyful, giving community.

As for you in particular, I still remember "meeting" you when you posted pictures of your ornaments and I discovered another person who had "old" ornaments on her tree...we had some of the same ornaments from bygone days. YOu've astounded me with your creativity and talent and you've warmed my heart with your thoughtfulness. Thank you for generously giving me/us the gift of yourself.

I just wanted to say

I just wanted to say thanks... not much more to say really

Pam, I think your name needs

Pam, I think your name needs to be added to the long list of bloggers to thank for all that they do for us. Diane is the one that sent me over to your blog actually. I believe I had commented on one of her posts (Christmas related I'm sure) and she told me that I just had to come over and see your blog full of Christmas things. It is funny how she dragged you into blogging "for only 2 months a year". That didn't last very long.

I love the variety of topics you discuss on your blog. So many new crafts to try and new blogs to visit. Recipes, discussions and more! I honestly cannot think of a new topic for you to discuss. I would imagine many of your readers would love to hear more about your organizing and planning skills. I know I am a poor organizer and can always use some hints and ideas.

Pam, The comments you have


The comments you have left on my blog have, at times, nearly brought me to tears. Although I blog because I have alot of interests (dabbler? OH YES!!!) and I love to share them with others-- just the act of "putting it out there" is fun for me-- and yet when I get a comment, no matter how brief, I feel so grateful. Yours in particular have meant so much to me! Leaving positive comments is something I don't do enough-- I often start, get hung up on the wording, then decide to skip it. I am thankful that you are so generous with your "thanks"! Your blog is a non-stop celebration, and I love that. Your many talents and generous spirit are what drives your blog-- you do alot of neat crafts that you are passionate about, and you share them all selflessly (and often! I love how often you keep your blog updated!) and that makes for a unique and fun reading experience. If only microsoft or apple could come up with smell/taste-o-vision for computer, your baking posts and pics would be legendary! Well, they pretty much are already! Thanks for being you!