Thank you! The Beginning!


I couldn't resist using one of my favorite wedding photos from this past year to begin February.

At the moment this was taken, the handsome groom was thanking his beautiful bride for being a part of his life.

Appropriate why? Because I am devoting this entire month of February to saying thank you to as many people as possible who reside in my corner of the blogiverse and who have enriched my life by being a part of it.

This is going to be a huge undertaking for me! Not only does it coincide with my annual Valentine Cookie project, but I will be posting every single day.

However, there is a big plus in posting every day - the posts will be short and sweet so I won't be sending you all screaming into the blogiverse at the sight of a ten mile long link post once a week! THIS is absolutely the longest post I will write all month.

A lot of thought and time has gone into this project - a lot of brain wracking or should I say brain wrecking! I definitely don't want to leave anyone out but I am worried I will. So many lovely people have been a part of these first two+ years I have been writing Gingerbread Snowflakes.

A couple things to note.

1. I have a Pinterest  board just for this special group of people. So, there will be links in the post and links on Pinterest. New blogs will be added as the month progresses.

I hope you will visit and say hello, especially to those who are new to you.

2. When you see a little * next to a name you will know that this person has been leaving comments on my blog from the very beginning. I am especially grateful to have had their support and encouragement right from the start.


Star forming Region LH95 in Large Magellanic Cloud - HubbleSite

As I was researching and making preparations for the posts this month, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and excellent content found in the crafty blogiverse that I have been privileged to enjoy.

And in some cases I realized I had never stopped to say thank you! ARGH! If it weren't for Denise at Mom in Madison, I would have never learned about Imbolc! And I love celebrating Imbolc! Thank you Denise.

Sasha, Mermaid and Margit all have become treasured friends and are collectively responsible for me learning about Valbourg and Midsummer celebrations. Only having learned of these celebrations last year, I will be incorporating them into my life and the blog this year!

Christmas in July! I love that so many of you are celebrating! I don't care so much that the stores in town have adopted it but I love that so many of you have! Without all of you that do celebrate by posting and sharing, I would not have known I was in such good company!

There are people who I don't even know like Lindsay at the Cottage Home who saved my bacon last fall while crafting with Antonio with a post for making adorable cloth pumpkins. And people I have met in real life like Lee who inspire me constantly with their crafty genius.

There are generous souls like Sandra of Three Pumpkins Little who sent me a bottle of padding compound when I left a comment asking what exactly is padding compound. And a lovely friend, Nancy, who doesn't  have a blog who made me the most beautiful door chimes from hand made beads and bells just because she wanted me to know she appreciated my blog!

So much love, so much information, so much content flowing throughout the blogiverse. And this month I will devote every single day to saying Thank You.

Pam - you are just the

Pam - you are just the sweetest person to do these thank you posts - and so appropriate for the month of love - I wish you luck in this huge undertaking, and I will be checking in as much as I can! Xxx

You know, there are very few

You know, there are very few bloggers who can make me cry, but you do.

And I'm really kind of a bitch, so that's quite an accomplishment!



You are so right, I often say

You are so right, I often say it take three kinds of people to make the world go round. The givers and the takers and those that are a fine mix of both. So this month I too will make an effort to give thanks to all who are there for me.A good place to start is with you Pam. You give direction to many and you deserve a "big thank you" oh and lets throw in a hug while we're at it.

Pam, you are one of my

Pam, you are one of my biggest inspirations. It was a TREAT to send you something :)!!! (And I just adore the opening photo--how lovely).

That is a beautiful wedding

That is a beautiful wedding photo.

What a fun theme for the month. Sounds like lots of work. I appreciate all the work you will be doing to introduce us to old and new friends. I foresee lots of link following in my near future :)

Beautiful photo and great

Beautiful photo and great idea, posting every day... I will be here ;)

This is such a lovely thing

This is such a lovely thing to do Pam! I do try to thank people along the way via emails, but this would a fabulous way to do it and enable other people to meet them as well. Spread the word and the love! :) and there really are some wonderfully sharing bloggers out there.
I find it hard to post the times that I do, so commend you for being able to do it daily. I'll definitely try to come back as often as I can and see how it's all going for you. You deserve a huge thanks yourself for all that you share with us! Thank you Pam with a hug. x

What a wonderful idea! And

What a wonderful idea! And what a gorgeous wedding photo. You really captured the feeling of a special moment!

Thank YOU for sharing with

Thank YOU for sharing with everyone! :)

what a fantastic idea for a

what a fantastic idea for a blog series! I can't wait to explore all the links that you share this month. And your photo is beautiful! thank you for sharing!