How I learned to Knit Socks.


I imagine most of you are getting pretty tired of seeing my first pair of socks by now! But how else do I introduce three fantastic women who inspired me and kept me sane along the way!


*Bonny, a very advanced knitter who knits most of her Christmas gifts every year, decided the very best way to encourage me to learn was to send me irresistible yarn (Shibui sock yarn) and a book of yummy sock patterns.

And thanks to her thoughtfulness, I never wavered from the goal - even on those days when I had to return to the tutorial for casting on for the 20th time!

She regularly posts pictures of finished projects on her flicker page where you will also find lovely images taken during her worldwide travels. And one of them - can you believe it - a Christmas gift for me! I still can't believe she did this - she was making gifts for everyone on her list and preparing for a Christmas trip to Italy!


Mercedes, who sells her beautiful, hand dyed yarns through Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, developed a free online class last spring for learning the basics of sock knitting. The class includes a PDF pattern and several videos designed to take the student from beginning cast-on to finishing the toe!

And since she was giving the class away for free, she encouraged students to send the finished practice booties to Children in Common. I sent three pair!


Which brings me to Kimberly! While reading her blog, Lickety Split Craft one afternoon, I spied these fabulous socks! it was love at first site so I begged her to share the pattern. And being the lovely, generous person that she is, she did!

But that's not all! About half way through the first sock I got the feeling something was definitely not quite right so I sent her a photo. She promptly wrote back beginning her e-mail with "Oh bother"! I had managed to knit the sock wrong side out! But with Kim's help, I was able to save all the stitches already on the needles and get back on the right track!

What I really appreciated most was just knowing that she was there if I needed her - half way around the world, but there for me.

Thanks to these three amazing women, I am wearing my most beautiful hand knit socks right this minute! I wear them every chance I get. I used to read that it is a joy to wear hand knit socks! Now I know that is a true statement!

Thank you Bonny, Mercedes and Kimberly for your inspiration, help and guidance. I absolutely love knitting socks!

You can find everyone on my new Pinterest "Bloggers I am Grateful For".

Still catching up! And the

Still catching up! And the knitted socks are really cool! I have another friend who really was excited when she finally figured out her sock-knitting! I think there was something about 'turning'... I don't know--I'm not a knitter! or even a crochet-er! It's great to have friends who will help you along the way!!

Beautiful socks! It's great

Beautiful socks! It's great that you were able to learn and contribute pairs also - those are some fantastic free resources.
I made one pair, and have enjoyed wearing them so much, I need to mend them now! I've figured out how to mend, just need to do it and get pictures of it. Don't wear your handknit socks with dry, scratchy feet! I've learned my lesson.

Oh Pam you are lovely! It was

Oh Pam you are lovely! It was absolutely my pleasure to share my very limited knowledge with you and as I see it, it was only fair after I gained so much inspiration from all your holiday goodies (which have in turn been appropriated by my mother/sister etc). But the best thing for me is that I made a new friend far away in distance but always close by in spirit (love the socks, LOVE them!)

Socks are something that I've

Socks are something that I've always wanted to try. But I am terrified. I didn't realize they were a newish craft for you... you sound so confident making them! And now you have shared some of your secrets, so I may actually make some socks this year myself!

And thanks for sharing more cool blogs. My Google Reader is full of awesome craft blogs, and I look forward to reading them each day. I think that at least half of them came from reading your blog (and your daughters!) so I am thankful to you both for the hours of happy craft reading I've enjoyed.

I'm excited you have a Pinterest account too. Awesome!

How nice of you to write

How nice of you to write about my modest contribution to your knitting journey. I am pleased though - as I'm sure Mercedes and Kimberley are, too - that you persevered and mastered a new skill. I've said it before - your socks are gorgeous!!

Knitting is one of those things that once you learn it, you can keep on learning new techniques and experiment and try new ideas. ou can leave it for a while to pursue other interests and you can return to it with a renewed focus. Its sort of like learning to ride a bike, you never forget how to do it.

Happy knitting and crafting!!!

How fun... It has been a

How fun... It has been a while, or maybe never since I knitted anything but a scarf. It would be cute to do those winter booties around the house.