Inspiration and Eye Candy


*Joanie, my friend who you all know as the writer of Nini Makes and creator of lovely embroidery patterns has been a continuos source of inspiration... and she spoils me rotten!

Everything you see in this image was either a gift from Joanie or something I made as a result of her genius!

The beautiful, big hexie heart you see right in front came to me from across the pond soon after I began blogging. And it was wrapped in the little box you see in the background - her daughter Gracie stamped the paper. I keep my beautiful heart out somewhere in my home where I can see it every day. And... it inspired the mini-hexie tree skirt Gracie Doll is sitting on.

The bit of white fluff - an ornament she sent for my tree this past year.

Most of you have seen my Gracie Doll and the 'Shroom Canisters I made from patterns and instructions in her first  Stitch Village pattern collection.

After the photo shoot, the hexie heart I made that Gracie Doll is holding and the kitty and doggie hearts made using Gracie's very own embroidery patterns were hung on my Valentine tree.


Lovely path in English countryside by Joanie of Nini Makes

Joanie loves to take walks through the English countryside and often shares what excites her eyes or touches her heart. I have actually created a special bookmark named "Escape for a While" where I place these special posts (along with those shared by another friend). It is a place I can go and - well - escape! I highly recommend you make an 'escape' for YOURSELF!


Joanie's Mother's Day breakfast - image by Joanie, Nini Makes

And sometimes, I get to just sit quietly with Joanie in her home and virtually share a cup of tea and good conversation.


One lovely day, Joanie introduced me to Deb who was busy making real, from actual tree sap, Maple Syrup on her farm and sharing the process on her blog Pretty and Simple!

All I can say is it is a very good thing we are 'virtual' neighbors because if we all lived near each other, - well - lets just say at the very least our housekeeping would suffer!

Deb's pancakes are the best, best, best! I have made them at least 50 times since she shared the recipe!

And thanks to Deb, I have my first bottle of home made vanilla "brewing"!

But what I love most are her photographs. Her eye for a good image just gets better and better. Her posts are short and to the point and beautifully illustrated with her photography. I love visiting Deb and I just know you will too.

Joanie. Deb. In offering me your friendship, you have brightened my days and inspired my hands and my heart. My heart thanks you.  My hands thank you. My eyes thank you.  And my tummy thanks you!

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Ah shucks! You are too

Ah shucks! You are too kind... it is you my dear, that we just LOVE!

I just sent you an email and then while catching up on your blog I came across this post! I tell you... serendipidity at its finest!

Thank you for the sweet words. Every time I make pancakes I think of you. You and I love those pancakes more than anyone else in the whole world! They really are *that* good. :)

Oh, my goodness, those

Oh, my goodness, those pancakes!! And the picture of the English countryside... swoon! I wish I could embroider the way Joanie does--you introduced me to her site. She's a patience and creative genius! I love it that we all have different passions and expertise and that we can not only learn from each other, but marvel at each others' works. That's what keeps creativity a wonderful mystery.

What a wonderful post about

What a wonderful post about Joanie, but thanks to YOU for bringing attention to her loveliness. I love your "Escape for a While" - I'll think I'll be doing that with your blog too! : ) Have a lovely, lovely day!

Oh dear, reading these posts

Oh dear, reading these posts out of order is probably not sensible! I have now seen where you got the hexagon hearts, just to reiterate, they, and the skirt are really lovely!

Wonderful post! I would love

Wonderful post! I would love to take a walk through the English countryside in that picture. Beautiful.

Blueberry pancakes were (and still are) a favorite of mine.

I've had a crazy busy week

I've had a crazy busy week and I'm bushed but I thought I'd visit a few favourite people before I unplug for the night and look what I find!?! Pam you're the sweetest. Really, really, really you are. And I want you to know I would completely risk living in a pig sty and getting fat just to be your real life neighbour!

And I agree, Deb is brilliant.

Thanks for making me smile at the end of a long week, you're a star :)

I will check out your Pinterest and email you soon my friend.

Joanie x

What a fun group, makes me

What a fun group, makes me want to pack up my bags and move to the English countryside... of course make my own maple syrup too :) These women are trully amazing, glad you found them.