Danish Christmas and Walks on Bornholm


Image of Margit's 2011 Christmas Tree (taken with cell phone and I enlarged) but I had to share!

I met *Margit through Diane. Truth be told, I probably owe most of my online friendships to my daughter!

Margit lives on a tiny, Danish island in the Baltic Sea. I am convinced it holds many secrets from ancient times. But more about that in a moment.

Margit writes a blog that I enjoy very much - papirklip og aesker. What I love most that she shares - her paper designs and her walks on Bornholm.


Thanks to Margit, I am learning Danish paper cutting from a lovely book she sent me this past year. Instead of using white paper for this bird, I decided to use up scraps of colored paper. I love my bird! And I have discovered that I love playing with paper - who knew?


Image by Margit from her Santa and Sleigh post

The designs Margit creates are a delight and I have downloaded and assembled more than I can count. This is one I didn't get to this year but definitely will. All you have to do is to print and assemble with a bit of glue. She provides templates for the reindeer, the sleigh, the Santa and the gifts. Print, cut, glue and enjoy!

And since Easter is coming, you might enjoy adding her little eggs or red hen or white hen to your Easter decorations. I hang all of them (and their cousin clones) on my Easter Tree!


Image taken by Margit on one of "our walks".

Margit is another friend with whom I enjoy "virtual walks", and this is one of my favorite places we have visited - the Menhirs or Standing Stones. Apparently these stones are found all over Bornholm. They fascinate me - I would love to know their secrets. I would love to just touch them. I do believe Bornholm held special significance for the ancients.

Here is another walk among Menhirs. Aren't they wonderful? And don't miss visiting the remnants left from clashing continents. She takes you to the spot where two continents actually are colliding.


Margit knows I love Christmas and has generously shared Danish Christmas customs. This past year, she sent me images from a much loved Danish Christmas story "Peter's Christmas". My sweetie found an English translation printed in Denmark in 1961 on line and ordered it for me. Reading it will be part of every Christmas Eve and a lovely connection to her.

And she spent hours and hours and hours putting together the information for this post about Danish Christmas traditions and  Danish Christmas recipes so I could share them with all of you. English is not her first language, so this represents a great deal of effort on her part.  Especially translating the recipes!

Thank you, Margit, for sharing Bornholm, Danish Christmas, and your delightful paper designs. But most of all, thank you for your friendship.


I found Margit's page from

I found Margit's page from yours, and just this last Christmas used several of her patterns as gifts for my aunt. I was leery about using paper for a gift... would it crush or get ruined? But they were so adorable, and my aunt loved them. (And my mom, too.) I need to make more!

I should also get some pictures of my projects, and send her a thank you. Hehe.

I am sure margit would love

I am sure margit would love to see pictures!  She puts so much thought and effort into her paper creations, it would be a lovely gesture.

And I thought I didn't have

And I thought I didn't have time to go anywhere. Thanks Pam,the journey was refreshing and what a great job you're doing on your papercutting. Reindeer and sleigh! How cute is that.

Are you kidding?! Margit is

Are you kidding?! Margit is amazing! I must visit her more often. Every time I visit her through one of the links on your blog, I tell myself --you must go over there and spend a few hours or a day, seeing what that woman has going on! And you know I love the Scandinavian. I guess because I'm half Dutch. I don't know. Wouldn't it be groovy to go to Denmark?!

Thanks for more peeks at Margit's work.

I've always loved the look of

I've always loved the look of paper cutting but haven't gotten into it yet, how are you liking it? I'm not sure I would have the patience... :)

Love the red and white woven hearts on the tree too, so Scandinavian! :)