Learning How to Say Thank You and Make Daisies Too!


Just look at this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l felt star ornament! Look at how perfect it is! How does anyone do that? Perfect I mean.

Alice, our beloved Futuregirl does it! I mean the perfect thing!


The other side is perfect too! As you can see, this lovely gift from Alice is at present on my Valentine tree where it is quite happy because it stands out from the crowd! Just like Alice - right?

She wrote a post about how she made my little star.


Alice tucked my little treasure inside this amazing, fabulous, incredible bag she crocheted for Diane. The bag was sent to my house so I could be there when Diane opened it! (Alice must love me a lot - making me a part of this surprise.

When Diane arrived, I handed her the package and grabbed my camera! The full set of pictures of Diane opening Alice's gift is here on flicker! The pictures are a bit out of order - start at the end - but - hey guys - I made a flicker set! It is a miracle!

These were taken for Alice and with available light so not perfect but they show the emotion of the moment. I don't think Diane will ever recover. This is truly an amazing gift.


Alice is big time into crochet and knitting right now, but I still love her fabulous felt creatures like her octopus and her sea creatures. The patterns and instructions appear in her free downloads tab.

If you aren't into felt creatures, you might like making her fabulous Starling Bag - also under free downloads.

I am definitely making an octopus for my tree this year. It is on the list. And, I am making a pink one for Sophia and a yellow one for Antonio. I just think her little octopus is about the cutest thing on the planet!


Alice is the inspiration behind my little Daisy heart ornament. When I saw this tutorial for making a daisy, I had to make one. HAD to. OMG it is easy! She is brilliant I tell you!

But what I am most grateful to Alice for is a post she wrote for Make and Meaning and just re-posted on her blog a few days ago.

Her words completely changed how I relate to my readers. She suggested we might want to think of the people who take the time to comment in the same way we would think of a guest sitting in our living room. Would we ignore them and go about our day or would we greet them and sit and chat.

That analogy was especially powerful for me and left a huge impression. And although I admit I don't always get to greet and thank every person who "drops by" (especially on giveaways) I make a huge effort to get to most.

It takes time - often lots. But the rewards have made every minute worth it. For one thing, I love letting people know I appreciate them. And for another - you just wouldn't believe the lovely people I have met. Through these connections, my life is enriched, in one way or another, every single day - seriously.

Alice, through your thoughts and words, you have actually been the inspiration for this series of thank you posts. As you will see as we continue through the month, your words have brought an enormous amount of good into my life and how in the world can "thank you" be enough for that.

I just fell in love with an

I just fell in love with an octopus...
You have some truly amazing friends- and you ARE a truly amazing friend. It is great to be introduced to all those lovely people, my reader just gets fatter and fatter :)

Oh, man. This is so great.

Oh, man. This is so great. THE STAR! That octopus! serously! And her remarks about the comments is genius. And timing the gift so that Diane opens it in front ofyou! Come ON!

I must make friends with Alice and give her my mailing address!!


I think I just have to have a

I think I just have to have a Valentine's tree, too. Thanks for reminding me about that! And I love the little felt ornaments. Your blog is warm and inviting and makes me want to craft even more.

My studio sisters and I are having a Valentine's making party on Wednesday. Hop over to Romancing the Everyday (sylvanavintagedesigns.wordpress.com) on Thursday for a visit so you can see what we came up with. Who knows? Maybe I'll drag out the felt, too!

When I saw the word 'daisy'

When I saw the word 'daisy' in your title I just had to stop over and see. Of course you have so much beauty here to enjoy. You are th craft queen!! LOVE that daisy and it gave me daisy inspiration.

I'm not sure if there is

I'm not sure if there is anything I can say to truly thank you for this post. Maybe, "Thank you!" It doesn't seem like enough for the warmth, joy, and friendship you have brought to my life.

I love seeing the star on the Valentine's Tree. However much it sparkles, it is no match to the bright light that radiates from you, sweet Pam.

Oh! I love this! What a treat

Oh! I love this! What a treat to see such a beautiful pictures of Diane, and I love seeing these treats from Alice. Her work is so gorgeous. That bag she made for Diane is spectacular, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. LOVE!

So wonderful - thanks for sharing! :)

That star is amazing. It

That star is amazing. It seems so simple and innocent until you take the time to really look at it. Then you can see the sparkle and all the beads and perfect little stitches. Wonderful!

There's just something about those little octopuses. They are darling.

It's been fun meeting and connecting to all these different people through your blog. Some I have visited before and others are new to me. It's a fun adventure.

I try to reply to everyone's comments but sometimes a comment or two will get buried in my inbox. I feel so bad when I come across them a week later. Of course giveaways are different. It's nearly impossible to reply to all those comments.

What a lovely bag, I only

What a lovely bag, I only wish I could crochet like her - wow!

Ooh ooh, I've just seen that

Ooh ooh, I've just seen that brilliant heart with the hexagon patchwork on it nestling at the back of the tree - did you make that too? If so I must request a tutorial!

I love that you have a

I love that you have a valentine's tree - I wonder if I could sneak that one past in this house? Somehow I doubt it... That crochet bag is amazing, thanks for sharing Pam xx

What sweet pictures of Diane

What sweet pictures of Diane and that bag is amazing. Alice is inspirational in many ways. Her beaded bracelet was the first crochet pattern I ever followed and led me to try more and more crochet, she's a great teacher.

You are always a fine hostess Pam, and we too are thankful for having connected with you!