It Is Good To Have An Artistic Friend!


Almost exactly one year ago today these beautiful polymer clay tiles arrived in the mail - a gift from my friend *Chris. I keep them out on display in a lovely pottery tray so I can touch them and enjoy them daily. Their colors make my eyes happy and the texture makes my fingers happy!

I bet you are wondering about me by now! I keep mentioning that this gift or that is displayed year round! Well - it is true! Just ask Diane. My house is turning into an art gallery.


One of Chris' canvases - Image by Chris

Chris used to write a blog called Prism Trail but she retired that one and now you can find her at Parabolic Muse. (She is on break right now, but she will be back!)

Chris has been one of my most loyal and responsive readers since almost day one. Anyone reading knows the importance of those early comments and words of encouragement when just starting a blog. And Chris was there for me - she hardly missed a post.

She is a huge supporter of the blogiverse - trying to read and comment on well over 75 blogs. I decided long ago that the best way to thank her was simply to offer that same support to other new bloggers whenever I could. I can not match her consistency, but I do my best.


We have developed a friendship beyond the Gingerbread Snowflake galaxy! Which has lead to inquires - have you tried this product? - have you ever done this? - did you hear about...?

That is how I discovered Setacolor and sun painting on fabrics! Chris wrote to ask if I had ever played with it. I did some research and I was totally hooked. Ordered some, told her to order some and we had a sun painting party - 1800 miles apart! Here is mine and here's hers!


Chris is much more of an artist than I am and is constantly trying out new techniques! Stuff I am totally unfamiliar with like paints, gesso, gels, coffee filters, canvas, art journaling....

And I am the lucky recipient of some of these days at play! Like the ATC's above - I built tiny tin frames for them so I could display them on the wall and the Christmas tree!


Image of bookmarks by Chris

Some of these bookmarks are marking pages in my knitting books that I find myself returning to often - like increases and decreases! Why are there so many ways to to that anyway!


Image of little birdhouses by Chris

And look at what she sent me in December! Two for me, two for Diane. Honestly, the picture just doesn't show how adorable these are on a Christmas tree. They are about 2" tall and cute, cute, cute!

Chris, every gift you have sent to me has found a very good home. I love them to pieces and I will take very good care of them. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me support and encouragement from the earliest days of Gingerbread Snowflakes. I do my best to pass along that gift.

Chris is very talented! I

Chris is very talented! I just took a little tour of her recent blog posts and I was amazed by all the colors and wonderful projects she works on.

On your post I love the pictures of the bookmarks and the sun painting. Ferns work so well for sun painting, don't they? They have such a stunning result on the fabric. Doesn't hurt that the fabric is purple and pink either.

Wow-- Chris is so talented!

Wow-- Chris is so talented! What a great friend to have!

Oh, Pam... --this post!-- I'm

Oh, Pam...
--this post!--

I'm humbled. It was so much work to get this done, all the links and photos! Thank you so much for the kind and loving shout-out! Even while Scout and I have been so quiet!

You must know how much support and inspiration you've given me! I hold you up as a font of information, a stunning tutorial resource, beauty for the eye, inspiration for the artist's spirit, and all of this in an atmosphere of fun and excitement! I have loved every minute of our friendship and continually return here for more. I'm not even reading blogs right now, but I MUST have the G.S. fix! Sometimes (like now) I need it even more than usual... to rev me back up and motivate my creativity.

I'm catching up on your blog now, and I'm still behind, but I saw the photo up top and suddenly had to jump ahead to this post! Thanks again for thinking of me and for your friendship!


I love how you inspire each

I love how you inspire each other creatively, wonderful friend. I love the sun prints in both the flower and butterfly version and the bird houses are just too cute.