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Once I pulled the images together for this post I didn't know what to start with! But settled on this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous curled wood rooster Kathy sent me this past summer. It is one of three! Her cousin brought them for me all the way from Poland!

I put out a plea last year for help in finding either the material for making curled wood ornaments or a resource for buying them. Knowing her cousin was planning a visit soon, Kathy asked her to bring the roosters - which by the way are actually enjoyed at Easter in Poland.

Mine? They have been hanging since I received them!! Can you believe she did this? I still can't believe it!


Image from Polwig.com - Valentine Treat

I don't remember how I originally connected with Kathy. I am just awfully glad I did! She writes a blog called Polwig.com. But it is actually three blogs in one!

Personally, my most favorite is the food blog. Kathy is devoted to making healthy, toddler friendly , "adult" food! And by doing so her children benefit from a very healthy diet and learn to eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods.


Image from Polwig.com

These Chinese meatballs are delicious! And kids would love them!

 Kathy makes hers with chicken, but I made a batch with ground pork once. Delicious either way! But the chicken is probably healthier.

I doubt very much junk food or fast food or prepared foods get into her home. Take a little time to go through her food blog and you will see what I mean. Good food and toddler friendly! A fabulous resource for mom's wanting to reverse the trends and feed their children a more healthful diet.



Image from Polwig.com

I also get a huge kick out of reading her "Kids" blog. Don't miss this recent post in which Kathy teaches her daughter how to bread shrimp. I totally love that Kathy lets her kids help cook at age three! (Diane resembled Kathy's daughter when she was the same age BTW)! Like Kathy, I had both my kids in the kitchen helping me cook as early as possible.

Not only do kids love playing with Mommy, but they can learn to do lots of food prep tasks. Diane and Mike both loved tearing up lettuce for a salad. Young children might not be quite ready to cut up veggies, but they sure can add them to the lettuce and mix them together. With a little thought, you might be surprised at how many ways your children can "help".

They become more interested in food and they get to spend shared time with Mom - a win win.

The "Kids" blog is not all about cooking with kids - don't want to mislead you.A recent post features a game she taught her toddlers using simple kitchen tools.


Image from Polwig.com

So, Kathy has a lot to offer young families! But if you are like me, and all you have left at home is an all grown up, "kid", you will still love the food blog! My sweetie is a huge Kathy fan! Her Adobo Chicken with Mango and Avacado is one reason! This recipe is delicious! My sweetie, and apparently her sweetie, would not mind it if Adobo Chicken with Mango Avacado Salsa were on the menu three times a week!

She makes hers with chicken tenders - we make ours with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. You have GOT to try this one!


Image from Polwig.com

Marinara Sauce. OMG. I have never, ever given the slightest thought to making it from scratch - I still remember my grandmother's famous spaghetti sauce that simmered 8 long hours.

Seriously - this recipe is quick, easy, delicious, and makes enough to freeze some for future meals - and you all know how I love that! Capitalize DELICIOUS! Another big hit with my sweetie!

And this is another recipe your kids can help with because they will be all over squishing the tomatoes!

Thank you, Kathy for all the yummy meals we have had in this house since I met you! I can't wait to try the Hungarian Goulash and Moroccan Bean Soup and Pork Stew with Sweet Potato and Prunes! Prunes!? Who knew they are a secret most delicious ingredient?

Thank you for sending me my beautiful roosters. They seem very happy here, and I am VERY happy to have them.

And thank you for sharing a message that is very important to me - kids food preferences are largely influenced by the food choices we give them in the first place. You are providing a wonderful service to Mothers who are trying to prepare meals that are healthy, simple to prepare, and that both Dad's and toddlers will enjoy.

Kathy is on my Pinterest!

The rooster is fun! Love the

The rooster is fun! Love the colors.

I just popped over to see what Kathy has been up to and found many fun things to look at. Those recipes look delicious and simple. I like simple.

Our youngest is a picky eater. We had a hard time with him until I realized he was just scared of the unknown. Once he started helping in kitchen he knew what was in the meals and then he was more willing to try them. He is even requesting meals that he used to refuse to eat not too long ago.

Thank you so much for a

Thank you so much for a wonderful post. To be honest there a ton junk food in our house, my husband is a huge junkoholic and my tween would choose to eat prepackaged foods before anything else.
That is why I try to start young. But you can't drive yourself crazy, we still do McDonald runs on the days we are super busy conquering the playgrounds, orchards or world.
I am glad you still love the roosters and will try to find more "interesting" things on our next trip to Poland.

Yuuuum, my mouth is watering

Yuuuum, my mouth is watering looking at all of those delicious meals - especially that adobo chicken with mango and avacado, woah!