A Surprise From Norway!


This lovely surprise arrived just in the big middle of my thank you posts! Just half an hour ago. From Norway!

You do know what this is right? The real stuff to make curled wood ornaments just like the ones in yesterday's post - the roosters from Poland and the German ornaments I have had on my tree since the 70's!

I still can't believe I have six rolls of hobby-spaan or hobby chip sitting right next to me in my own house as I write this!

I am so excited I can't stand it.


And in addition to the hobby-spaan, the package contained a gorgeous Madonna and Child ornament and Father Christmas stickers made in Germany and a lovely catalogue of Norwegian Advent items.All nestled in a lovely basket!

This amazing package was sent to me by a lovely lady I have met on line from Norway. She does not blog, but she reads my blog, and when I reached out last spring for information to help me locate the curled wood product, she sent me the name of a company in Germany that supplies craft shops in several Northern European countries. They definitely carried the hobby-spaan - it was right there in their catalogue. But they were unwilling to reply to my requests.

So my friend, Gill, purchased several rolls for me in Norway and sent them.

Gill also sent a recipe for the cookie swap! Sandkaker. She wrote it out and e-mailed it to me and I posted it in my blog so it could be included. It is her MIL's recipe. You might remember that her MIL makes so many cookies at Christmas that they last until Easter. My idea of the perfect MIL!

Gill, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still can't believe it. It really is the "real stuff"! It is beautiful! I can't wait to learn.

I deeply appreciate you taking time to purchase the hobby-spaan for me and then wrapping and shipping it to me. And then to add your beautiful little gifts. The Madonna and Child is already hanging next to my Polish roosters!

Oh, yeah! This is wonderful.

Oh, yeah! This is wonderful. How thoughtful is Gill and how deserving are YOU!

I am so glad that they

I am so glad that they reached you safely and that you liked everything :) Happy Valentine's Day, Pam.

Snowy greetings from Norway, Gill.

I can't wait to see what you

I can't wait to see what you make out of these! This reminded me that I have an ornament hanging here made of this wood, too - so I added a picture to my flickr page if you want to see - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tamdoll. I've always been fascinated by how it was made - I'm guessing it's soaked to be flexible like in basket making.

That is so great... So it is

That is so great... So it is wood after all not some grass which I thought for a few minutes. I love that it comes in nifty rolls. Can't wait to see what you do with it

At last! How wonderful you

At last! How wonderful you got the material you needed, it is so nice to hear.

I can't wait to see what

I can't wait to see what you'll make with the hobby spaan. The madonna and child are stunning.

How fantastic is that! The

How fantastic is that! The power of blogging and kindness has no bounds.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend my friend.


You must have made some

You must have made some amazing friends, this is one helluva gift!
Can you believe some silly girls out there get excited over perfume, handbags and diamonds? Gosh, they so miss out.
Sandkaker sounds like Sandkuchen, a very basic cake my granny would bake pretty much every week. You'd best not be a smoker in order to appreciate the finer (simple!) flavours, but it's really nice and soft.
I'll try and find a recipe, since I don't think Granny will volunteer hers ;)
Darn... I just remembered that she would use leftover dough to bake my own little cake in a wee tin dish. I might not like her very much, but my Kleiner Kuchen (little cake) sure got stuck in my memories, as it seems!

That was so wonderful of

That was so wonderful of Gill. It is so special when a friend goes out of their way to find something that you have been unable to find and then mail it to you.

The Madonna and baby are amazing. I'm guessing we will be seeing some new ornaments soon?