Happy Valentine's Day to my Daughter


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading and most especially to you Diane!

A perfect day to say thank you to the person who is completely responsible for all the bloggy goodness that has come my way these past two plus years because she first taught me to use a computer (starting with how to turn it on), then coerced me into becoming a blogger, and has continued to be there for me, guiding me through this labyrinth of technical bewilderment!

I have said it many times before, I know, but I am saying it once again - Diane brought me back to myself. The part of me that needs to create. And she somehow knew, even when I had no clue, that I would love writing and making posts.

It has been a fantastic adventure joining her in the blogiverse. As you have seen already this month, this magical voyage has been hugely rewarding - and I still have a whole bunch more to share during the thank you series!

  Diane and I don't share everything of course!


I will never understand her passion for buttons!


And she will never understand my passion for hiking and back packing! (I told you she had long blond hair once!)


But we do share a love for making and creating. And that has led us on many crafty adventures together.


She invited me to do the process photography for her first book, Kanzashi in Bloom. As a mother and photographer it was a double treat - this privilege to share this experience.

One - I got to spend several days in a row playing and working with her! I mean, THAT is about as perfect as a day can get in my world - spending it with my daughter..

Two - As a pro photographer, I was awed and amazed at the level of organization, attention to detail and careful thought that Diane put into preparing for the photography sessions.

And it helps that when working together, we can pretty much read each others thoughts and anticipate each others moves. We do make a great team. She being the genius of course and me the happy and willing follower!


Another really cool thing resulting from the Kanzashi in Bloom project is that I learned to make Kanzashi! And this December, I made 24 lovely little 1 1/2 inch Kanzashi to replace those horrid little green plastic bows I was using for placeholders on my Advent Calendar.

Big improvement - Yes?


Slowly but surely, Diane is upgrading my technical skills. She knows I will never have the desire to become a computer wizard, but she is teaching me a few basics as I want or need them!

So - I was able to make my very first PDF tutorial for making my woven paper trees which was available to anyone who ordered an e-book from Diane's store during the Christmas season.


And I was able to write an e-book (Not So) Sweet. Admittedly it has a very limited audience, but I learned tons about what goes into writing one.

What I loved is that Diane easily moved from adoring daughter mode to critical publisher mode. The goal was to publish a well written, well illustrated, and useful little book for people on sugar restricted diets. And with Diane's help and guidance it became a reality.

When something was done well, I heard about it! And when something needed to be completely redone - I heard about that to! I got no "Mom breaks" here.  She was all business.


Besides the obvious - that I am grateful Diane is a loving and generous daughter, I am grateful to her for sharing with me so much of what she has learned.

As many of you know, she is a gifted teacher, putting the same amount of thought, preparation and attention to detail into what ever she is teaching as she did when she was preparing the photo shoots for her book.

If you get the chance to sign up for a "one on one" session or take an on-line class, you will see what I mean.

Being a part of her on-line classes and her "real life" classes leaves me stunned at her ability to take almost any subject or craft and break it down into it's simplest parts. To set the record straight right now - she did not get it from me! But I have benefited many, many times over.


Thank you, Diane, for every single thing you have taught to me and the time and patience that went into that teaching.

Thank you for all the many glorious, happy hours we have spent at the craft table together, planning, dreaming, creating, learning or scratching our heads wondering what we were thinking!.

Thank you for every single experience we have shared in our journey together on this planet.

And most of all thank you for your love.

Don't miss some of my favorite "Diane" tutorials on Pinterest!

Oh, I'm tickled as I can

Oh, I'm tickled as I can possibly be. What great pictures and secrets to share!


Let's talk about buttons...

You're such a wonderful

You're such a wonderful writer Pam. This post is so full of love and pride it's beautiful, like both of you. I love seeing the picture of you and Diane together. Your huge smiles are infectious and gave me a great big smile too.
This was a very sweet post to find on a very dark and cold morning this morning, it's already brightened my day. Thanks, Jx

PS, Happy belated Valentine's Day!

What a sweet post, thank you

What a sweet post, thank you for sharing it with us! Also, I love the photos and completely understand Diane's passion for buttons! :)

What a lovely tribute to your

What a lovely tribute to your daughter! You are both so lucky to have such a close, loving relationship. Not every mother and daughter get to experience a genuine friendship - the kind where you'd be friends even if you weren't mother and daughter!

I am grateful to Diane for many things, including getting you into blogging which has allowed me to meet you! Happy Valentines day to you both!

That definitely was one of

That definitely was one of the loveliest posts I've read in a long, long time Pam. I found it very moving and could feel the love that you've written it with. How very, very lucky you both are to have each other. You both seem such lovely and beautiful people, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know both of you. Happy Valentine's Day back at you. Both of you! :)) x

Oh, man, you two are so

Oh, man, you two are so adorable! Diane is a wonderful teacher, the best cheerleader, and an all-around great person. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

So Beautiful !!!! Thank You

So Beautiful !!!! Thank You Diane !!! I love the end picture. You are both Gorgeous,Amazing and Beautiful inside and out.

What an absolutely lovely

What an absolutely lovely Valentine post! Diane truly is gifted with creativity and I bet we all know where she got it from! :)

Oh, I'm all teary eyed over

Oh, I'm all teary eyed over here. You all are two of my most favorite people on the planet, and it brings me such joy to read about your crafty adventures together. And that last picture just makes me smile like crazy. Much love to you both! XOXOXO

Beautiful post! I completely

Beautiful post! I completely understand Diane's love of buttons. I think it was my Grandmother who passed that down to me. That and how to be a pack rat.

Sounds like you and Diane have a good time when you are crafting together. That's wonderful and something you both will remember.

It's wonderful that she brought you into this wonderful world of blogging. Imagine all the things we would have missed out if you hadn't started blogging.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This might just be one of

This might just be one of your most beautiful posts ever. I am totally overwhelmed by that first photo, I would LOVE to have this as a print. It's topped only by the very last photo, two beautiful ladies bursting with joy to be with each other. Help me Rhonda!
Ther is nothing like the love between a mother and her daughter- I should know, I have the best Mum I could ever wish for.
How lucky you guys are to have each other, I am on the verge of bursting into tears here.

THE sweetest valentine post -

THE sweetest valentine post - every!