Childhood, Adventures and Sweden


A cinderella carriage! Knights and fair demoiselles! Magic! Fairy Tales! Castles! Treasures! All the stuff of of childhood dreams and more - and just one of the adventures Sasha invites us to share with her family on Squashed Tomatoes.

But - unlike most of us who - write to and for the blogiverse - she is writing her "web log" so that her children (and their children) will have a fantastic journal of all their childhood adventures growing up in Sweden - which from my perspective must be one of the most child oriented countries on earth!

I absolutely love tagging along whether to museums, outings to local parks or hanging out with other Swedish families as they mark special holidays.

The carriage above is found at Livrustkammaren or The Royal Armoury which is filled with carriages, suits of armour, and the stuff of fairy tales and days gone by. But best of all, a whole play area where wearing crowns and riding in carriages brings the whole experience into interactive, hands on play for children.

I would so be riding in that carriage! You would too - right? You know you would!


Last year - my most favorite museum trip so far - the Music Museum in Stockholm. If you only follow one link in this post - make it this one! The child in every one of us would be enchanted spending an afternoon in this very magical and musical space surrounded by instruments we could not only touch but play.


And then there are adventures waiting in numerous playgrounds, farms, and parks. OMG - you have to link to this too! Don't miss this! Paltorps Hage! A non-profit playground created by the owners of the farm - and most of the play equipment was made using recycled items!

Oh but the pigs! Go see the pigs! They are made of... no - you have to go see!

Many, many farms and public parks are available to families for free or next to nothing and offer afternoon adventures for families.

The surrounding countryside is not only stunningly beautiful, but there are wondrous adventures waiting there too! This outing to enjoy the aftermath of the ice storm is a good example. Just look at the fun the children are having just playing on the ice! And building a camp fire! And roasting sausages!


Crafty fun at home! These remind me of tinker toys! Brilliant fun for parents, grandparents and kids! Just have to do something with this idea. Pop over to see the really big construction!

And check out this construction designed during play with fire trucks. As I was reading this post, my sweetie spotted this from across the room and immediately jumped out of his chair and came across the room to get a better look! He got a huge kick out of it - as would any boy!


And the CAMP! Is this not the coolest idea ever? What kid would not want a space like this? I want a space like this! It would be second only to a tree house of my very own! Perfect for meditation or curling up with knitting or a good book.

It is brilliant!  And they buildt it themselves - Sasha and her sweetie.


And the celebrations! It seems like there are a lot of celebrations going on in Sweden! Huge community celebrations! I appreciate Sasha sharing as many as she does because through her generosity I have discovered celebrations and "holidays" that I didn't know existed.

Valborg! Celebrated the end of April and a great way for friends and neighbors to gather together to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.

Midsummer! Celebrated near the summer solstice with dancing and flowers. Another lovely community celebration.

Fat Tuesday!   Celebrated the same day as Mardi Gras. Eating pancakes seems to be a favorite way to mark the day!

Skortorsdagen!  The day children dress as Easter Witches and visit neighbors for treats.

Thank you, Sasha for sharing your family with all of us. I can't even imagine how you manage to do it while mothering four lovely- and lively -  children. I never miss a post - even if I am ten behind (which is easy to do because you do post often!)

What I appreciate and cherish most about your gift is that you awaken the child in me and take her on delightful and exciting new adventures. And I get to visit beautiful Sweden.

All images in this post were taken by Sasha and shared on Squashed Tomatoes.  Thank you, Sasha, for allowing me to include them here.

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what a great recommendation.

what a great recommendation. This sounds so charming but also informative. I love me a slice of Scandinavia! Thanks, Pam.

How fun makes me want to move

How fun makes me want to move to sweden, beautiful. On another note I am going to Poland in the next day or two ;(

...And thank you sweet sweet

...And thank you sweet sweet Pam for your kind kind words! xxx

What a wonderful looking post

What a wonderful looking post and family. I love everything Swedish (well almost, I'm not a meatball lover :)
I can't wait to return to this post when I have more time to go to every link. Thanks for sharing this lovely family and more of Sweden with us.

Looks like Sweden is lots of

Looks like Sweden is lots of fun! I love how Sasha is using her blog so her kids will have a scrapbook of their childhood. Wonderful idea!

I think you sent us over to see the playground before. I remember thinking how much fun that must of been for the kids (and adults). Those little piggies still make me smile.